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Name: Michael Dare
Age: 18
Race: Terran
Class: Drone Specialist
Primary Weapon: Modded C-10 Canister Rifle
Secondary Weapon: Drone Remote
Backstory: Michael was hired to the Mobius foundation for a time, due to his skills in both hacking and just around anything high-tech in general, but held a particular interest for small robots. With a quick mind, he's more suited for tactical overview and analysis of situations than upfront combat, scouting with drones and using them to thin up enemy numbers through harassment. Can pick off larger targets with a customized, high caliber C-10 canister rifle, though he isn't a very good shot.
Defining Characteristics: Approximately six-foot four, very thin. Carries a small handheld with him used for controlling drones, and prefers long-range combat to short range scuffles.

STATUS: Landed aboard the Planet in question, unknowingly near the escape pod landing site.

Name: "Noctalus" Dare
Age: 17
Classification: Rescue/Lab Rat
Profession: Heavy Ordinance
Backstory:An adopted son of Michael's, Noctalus was an orphan on the run from a special ghost program by the project's codename: 'Nightmare'. Noctalus has been his assistant as well as a prime candidate for research into psionic research, due to unusual readings. Upon hearing the ship his father was told to investigate had crashed into a planet, he quickly ran from the Mobius foundation, determined to find his 'father' and only line of defense against the Dominion and Mobius, before the scientists decide to strap him onto a dissection table, or worse...
Defining Characteristics: Approximately six-foot three, is fairly thin, but ports advanced, prototyped armor with a heavy-duty nanite generator, as well as a plasmite-chaingun, designed to shred through tanks without much difficulty. His suit's energy well allows him to mitigate physical damage at the expense of energy, giving him inhuman endurance, though his mobility suffers significantly.

STATUS: Currently flying towards the crash site in a stolen and outdated Terran Valkyrie, thanking Mobius for the micro-sized warp drives.

Is this better? Copied and Pasted for convenience. Also, I have no clue where to begin in the story. Mind giving me an intro point?
this is the first time i have rped in a forum like this but i have been rping 'in-game' since brood war. also i might be a little slow with responding to the rp as i am largly busy with other ... tasks. im going out on a limb somewhat here in thinking that i can use lore from the games and books that come before this rp. is this correct? and yes im wordy

Name: Kit
Age: unknown. speculated to be 20-30 judging by facial features
Armour:Nano Replication Reflex (NRR) (this is very difficult to get past but not imposible also can function as an almost impossible to detect (by terran standards) cloak this was the only prototype in the dominion facility and she made the place go boom as she left) currently has a nyx class ghost suit as she left her main armour in the apperition
Weapon:Modified Proton Rifle that also works with normal C-10 or C-20a rounds
Secondary Weapon:Gauss Pistol
Profession:ex special/black ops agent turned merc
Backstory: shortly before the events that took place during the original starcraft a young girl named Tari Kitanaka was recruited into the ghost program becuase she displayed exceptional psionic powers close to rivaling those of Sarah Kerrigan. after the fall of tarsonis in the turmoil the ghost programe was in she managed to escape and completely recover from the nueral wipes that the Confederacy had imposed on her. once she recovered she raided a dominion research facility and stole some advanced experimental armour and weapons. during the brood war and the intervening years she took on the name Kit and made a name for herself as a mercenary tackling even jobs against high ranking dominion officals. eventually she is highered by mike to be a well paid supervisor of the colony.
Defining Characteristics:snow-white/pure silver hair, likes to spend as much time alone as possible
apperance: shoulder length hair, leather duster that reachs about her ankles and conceals her rifle, silver-white ghost outfit
All good, just keep the RP lore in mind as well. Rarely will game lore be applicable.
Looking good Morph! How about we say she left her armor in the apparition because she had to be in uniform or something. I want the armor to be achievable, but I don't want her to start out with it, is that okay?

Aside from all that IC stuff, Welcome to JoeyRays! Visit Zanon's PRP bar and you shall be warmly welcomed!
ok the game lore was mostly for backstory anyway :P
ya thats fine though can she atleast have basic ghost armor that she wears even underneath her uniform?
She can't wear anything underneath the uniform. But after the necromorphs broke out, it is reasonable to say that she took off her uniform and equipped her ghost armor.

She is currently in the Mess Hall of the Mining Compound. The mess hall is what the survivors are substituting for a hospital because the necromorphs have overrun the hospital.

Just jump right in! Create your own plot twists, or venture out on your own! Go Necromorph killing, or whatever you want!
Markus, you still have yet to respond to Javier, and feel free to go visit Garret whenever.
I DO!? Thanks for telling me XD

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Markus, you still have yet to respond to Javier, and feel free to go visit Garret whenever.

Responded, thanks! You'll have to be patient with me, I seemed to miss that, not sure how though...

I might have to appoint more DM's in order to maintain this pace :S
Mark, delete your post on World's End II
10/09/2012 04:56 PMPosted by Dacder
Markus, you still have yet to respond to Javier, and feel free to go visit Garret whenever.

sorry, you'll have to be patient with me at times, I cant keep up :S

I might have to appoint another DM!

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Mark, delete your post on World's End II

10/09/2012 04:15 PMPosted by morrjo
Is this better? Copied and Pasted for convenience. Also, I have no clue where to begin in the story. Mind giving me an intro point?

Might take me a little bit, but yes.
congratulations fella's! Ten pages in one day, thats... a lot.
Morrjo, I want you to write your own entry, although it should be something like this, but with more detail and include more thoughts, etc.

I also want you to crash land just like I wrote it here:

Noctalus's Valkyrie couldn't take the rough climate of this uncharted planet. The fact that it was so out of date combined with the fact that Noctalus isn't a superb pilot caused the craft to spin out of control towards the planet. Noctalus could barely control where the landing zone was to be.

Noct then realized that nobody could survive this crash, so he pulled the eject lever and was blasted into the air. Soon after, he pulled his parachute and landed safely on the ground. The Valkyre smashed into the ground with a large explosion.

Not far from where he landed, he noticed two escape pods half buried into the ground, and one man laying on his back as if he had just ran into it.
Uh Markus? We capped a thread in a couple of hours before, and it's not wise to tell people how to do their entry. This wouldn't make it very creative towards him and how does he know it's a Valkyrie?
Uh CR? Morrjo wanted me to insert him, I said no, then gave him a little thing on how to insert himself.

10/10/2012 03:33 AMPosted by CrymsonRaven
We capped a thread in a couple of hours before

I stand humbled
I hope I'm not too late for this. And I'm not sure how to play along with this, but I have a character if it helps.

Name: Jack Paltroski
Age: 30
Classification: Survivor
Profession:UED Veteran: Personal Defense Specialist/Apparition's Main Cook Chef (I thought something different would be nice so I put this. If this is a bad idea please tell me lol).
Backstory: After fighting in the Brood Wars as one of the best soldiers in the UED, he finds himself having to start a new life to get away from his past, and the many things he has seen that still haunt him. He decides to take it easy and becomes a Chef. After working at Dead Man's Rock in a bar, someone came and made him an offer to be the main Chef in the Apparition. Clearly, all the expedition goes wrong, and he is forced to relive his life as a soldier fighting for survival.
Appearance: Slightly tanned skin, muscular build. He is 6'1",230 pounds of mostly muscle, short dark brown hair.
Defining characteristics: Very strong grey eyed look. Usually friendly but could kill anyone within seconds if trouble came. Knows how to handle knifes well.
Not to sound rude, but if you could select a different pic, it would be appreciated. I can't change mine due to a lack of being able to run patch 1.5 and up. Also, you look good. I'm gonna say Mark will take you.
No, its not too late for you to join :D Im glad you asked.

I suggest you visit Zanon's PRP bar, you will receive a warm welcome.


Zarkun... lol. You are always five seconds faster at hitting that !@#$ing submit button.
10/10/2012 06:29 PMPosted by MarkusDaWise
Uuh, the UED part might not fit into the story though.
And why not? It's telling you about his past history and his experience in fighting. If you look at many things, the survivors of the failed expedition hid themselves and became mercs, soldiers in the Dominion and etc.

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