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What can I say, I prowl the forums all day. But seriously, please change your pic. It saves on confusion.
Okay, I guess you're right. UED part is fine, I will edit.

Zarkun, I dont think he can change his picture either, check his match history.
Name: Paul Airson
Age: 27
Classification: Survivor
Profession: Co-owned a store with his brother, Jack.
Backstory: Was just another friendly face in town, when the outbreak happened he and his brother Jack got into the compound together, recently found his brother dead in Javier's room.\
Defining Characteristics: Wears casual clothes, Dark brown eyes, muscular, long, curly brown hair, rather big.

My name is Zanon. I am a regular at Joeyray's and the unofficial forum sheriff of Joeyray's.
My (unofficial) job is to give a brief orientation to new RPers at Joeyray's Bar. This includes relevant facts about myself and others.

The first and most important thing is: BLIZZARD'S CODE OF CONDUCT.
You can find this on the bottom of any page on the forum. In them you will find all the things that they can ban you for.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Thundercrash (He isn't here right now) knows what he is talking about, but really any of the people here can be counted on to answer a serious question.

As a courtesy to others, do not kill their characters. Also try to keep your punctuation in top form. We have a lot of perfectionists here, as this is primarily a story forum.

Have fun.

More information is available on:

----------IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT ME----------
I am an easy going person but, if you post something that contains x-rated or downright disgusting material I WILL REPORT YOU.
I have reported two people for this, and they were both PERMANENTLY banned.
----------End note----------
i has returned (the bad spelling is on purpose)
The post above yours if for you :)

All you missed is more hardship and depression. The attacks are getting more frequent and the enemy is beginning to swarm them like nobodies buisness.
has the apperition crashed yet?
No, it is still in orbit. Mike is planning to board it and send a distress signel through its communications.
is what ever ship theyre on still getting ready to leave or has it already left? btw im still reading the rp from where i left
Still preping. However, the mess hall is now a human free zone.
ok did mark 'take-over' and have her move to where ever is now safe im still only about page 12-13
I did not, I was going to but then you showed up. So do whatever you'd like.

Kit is in the Sinister outpost with everyone else. The ship they're going to board the Apparition with has not departed.
kk i might just post even without reading the last 15 or so pages less i really need to
No, you dont. Go ahead and jump right in without reading the last 15 pages XD It's mostly stuff that doesn't relate to Kit anyways.
i guess its a hangar that the survivors are hanging out in right?
I honestly dont know, it doesn't really matter though. Mike is talking to you by the way.
Aaaw Zarkum I'm touched by your consideration xD Sorry dude I can't change it I can't log in to the game right now.

And yes let me clarify. According to the game lore, there are a few groups from the UED that remained hidden in the nearby systems when the Zerg were chasing them while going back to Earth. Some of them became mercenaries, and thus we have the Spartan Company in SC2! Well im not sure which mercenary group but one of them is from the UED. Again sorry for not knowing how to play along with this haha. Are we supposed to just make up the story as it goes or what? thx anyways for letting me join.
It is sorta revealed as you go. Most of the story so far is hard times and sad ness, so join right in.
Yeah! I can put you in the strike team. How much of it have you read? Have you read the story so far and the Sinister outpost backstory?

To answer your question just go to the thread and start reading what other people post. It should become kinda obvious what to do and if not, dont worry! We can help you.
I must say, this RP is really fun, especially when RPing as Garret.

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