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Thanks Dacder! I am enjoying having you in it! I love Garret. He really makes a good insane old guy XD
Trying to call on the Dominion will push Stefan over the edge. (trying to kill anyone that tries to send the message, etc.) I'm not really up for having him snap. Ya know what I mean?

Well, we'll see how it play's out but whatever happens, happens. Obviously, Stefan is welcome to speak his mind IC, but it just might not happen that way Y'know?
Yep, lets just say that Stefan has a bit of an.. unpleasant history with the Dominion and is willing to do anything to avoid their scrutiny.
Umoja is an option, but I doubt they'd react differently then the Dominion. However, if you go with the Lorians, I have a way to help Mark out figured out.
What do you mean you have a way to help Mark out figured out?
With a ship and such. He needs a new crew and ship, or repairs to his old one, and all that and there are plenty of Lorians willing to become Mercs.
Don't forget about Michael, currently situated in that pit on the hill, and his wish to destroy the Artifact. And Noctalus, who wants to meet up with him and escape. He really doesn't want to be cut up...
Morrjo, but how did Michael get there again? Right, right, Daalis, okay. Why hasn't he come to the outpost?
The words 'Currently roughed up to hell and back' seem to fit his situation. He's also a fair distance away from it, and is currently trying to reach the Apparition's wreck. He didn't make it far before he got attacked and wounded...
The Apparition is still in orbit

10/11/2012 06:57 PMPosted by morrjo
Currently roughed up to hell and back

Yeah, same with all survivors of the Apparition.
Ah, so it never crashed? Well, he did get dumped on the planet by Daalis, and so he's now trying to reach the ship and destroy it by any means possible. Only problem: can't walk...
Yeah, that could prove a problem. Well however you want to get him in, scout drone works fine but you cant go AFK while luring someone ya'know?
Just have them return with the little thing, curious as to what it wanted to lead them to. When they get near it, it will hop out into the pit, and sink through the sand. Michael made a net-like cover with wires, and people would be able to see him in it. I can react for him, but I'm on EST, so its somewhat difficult to stay up for long on non-weekends/Fridays...
i will return around 3pm est tommorrow bye for naow
Well, I dont know how realistic that is as they're about to leave the outpost. Why doesn't Michael just send the scout drone to once again find Sean and Kyle, that would be a little more lore friendly.

Ta ta, Morph!
One's already with them, and he can control it later to lead them to him. He's also got a very limited supply of them at most one or two in spare, in simmilar shape as he can't go out and simply retrieve them again... Why do you think it was so beaten up?
Not necessarily, but isn't he the one remote controlling them?
i will return after 10pm EST work :(
Gotta go to a family meeting, be back in 8-12 hours.
Morrjo, have you given up trying to get Michael in the RP? If he just reaches the outpost he can immediately be plunged into the story.

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