Darkest Heart part 8

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Zarrath steps forward, placing a hand through the rift the Balancer had created and jerks him back. "I said we needed to talk." I approach Seraphim and check his pulse. He was fine, just tired.

Proposed changes:

Seraphim Dante (120 HP)
- Avenger {melee, 40 damage [+55 v monsters]}
- Soul-storm Revolvers {range 7, rapid-fire, damage 20 [+15 vs monsters]}
- Rift Warden Gauntlets {melee, charged, 5-30 damage [+15 vs monsters]} {ranged 12, charged, 5-30 damage [+15 vs monsters]}
Medical Kit
Hood of the Stranger (stealth)
Abilities: Psi Boost, Advanced Training(Passive), Psi Mastery LV1, Twilight Warden

The explanations:
rapid-fire: high rate of fire, what else?

charged: must be charged for higher damage (short buildup time)

Twilight Warden: good resistance to BOTH hostile and friendly powers/affects with holy and/or demonic bonuses

stealth: When the hood is up, the wearer is unnoticed by all except for those who saw him/her put the hood up and the very powerful (won't fool bosses)

changed. anything else?
Hmmm...Sorry, but I gotta nerf the immunity to high resistance. Otherwise you'd win every tourney and could solo missions. And I'll do more in the morning. Going to bed soon, night.
A haunting chorus of disembodied voices begins to chant:

So many dark arts to choose
You can focus to the phobias involved in forty hues
Whether you levitate or bend spoons
Tune into the prudence of the
Dark Heart News!

An excuse for not being there.

Altun was not so far behind when he was ambushed by the Demons. The trap had been set to keep angels from entering and disrupting the ritual. This specialty trap was likely made because the demon believed only an angel actually posed a threat to it once the summoning was complete.

It had not counted on the group of young hunters to come barging in. And understandably, Zarrath did not count as an angel (at least as far as the demons were concerned).

The 'normal' demons had been concealed expertly. Altun would have sensed them anyway, had he not been in such a hurry to stop the summoning. The demons crashed into him from all sides and drove him strait to the ground with their combined momentum.

The entire group hit the ground with a momentous thud. Altun was not overly inconvenienced by this and a snap of his wings sent most of the Demons flying off of him. The two unfortunate enough to hold on met the archangel's unyielding blade.

Altun stood and took stalk of the circle of Demon's surrounding him. Most had some sort of demonic or cursed weaponry in their possession. So they were all dangerous.

"I have not the time to deal with you. Yet I must. Die."

And the battle was joined.
Linnzie pounced atop of Chris and raised her teeth and claws to his chest. She couldn't resist herself.

I watched the changes. "Yep...more random bull!@#$ happened to us, and if that makes him in charge of my life because of what happened then I'm going to kill somebody and I'm not joking."
Ravener slowly approaches Seraphim. He's so vulnerable, so deliciously energized...

As Altun battles the demons, he becomes aware of another being fighting alongside him. Not entirely surprising, as reinforcements are not unheard of. As the demons fall, the other draws nearer. This is an angelm but a different sect...

The Patrol.

Greetings, Archangel. I have urgent matters to discuss with you.
I see Ravener stepping towards Seraphim with a hungry look on his eyes. "One more step, and ill blast you into oblivion..."

OOC: Will be back at 2:30 PDT
Zarrath looked at Seraphim and sighed. D@mn Twilight Councillors and their ways. He then faced the Balancer. "You have a lot to answer for." The Balancer chuckled.

"You're brave indeed to accuse us of causing your downfall. You had orders, and you failed to follow them." Zarrath growled and slammed the Balancer against the wall, grabbing everyone's attention.


OOC: This is the part where you all ask what the hell he's talking about.
I sigh, and walk over to Tobi, and whisper: "I'm no expert, but what the heck is with the crazy amount of hate between these two? Is it some sort of angel-esque political hate or something?"
I shake my head. "Not sure, you're going to have to ask him. There's a reason he's called the Returned, though he never truly fell."
"What, and walk up to an angry nuclear bomb ready to blow? I'd rather get the hell out of ground zero first!"
I chuckle. "He knows how to direct his anger. You won't get caught in the crossfire." Zarrath was still staring into the Balancer's eyes, and a strange blueish energy was surrounding the hand holding the Balancer. Fear was all that registered on the Balancer's face and a desperation to get a hold of his spear on his back.
"Feh. Perhaps now wouldn't be the best time to bug him, maybe later? I have a funny feeling yet another fight is about to break out... and the angel won't be the one to cause it."
Damn no one else being on...
OOC: Sorry. Don't have a clue how to phrase it. I can retro-edit if you want, and work on it later...
No, you're fine. Just need someone else to ask some damned questions, mainly to Zarrath.
Ravener rolls his eyes. An Angel willing to use that kind of profanity (borderline blasphemy) was foolish to blame others for his fall. He takes advantage of the others' distraction to inspect Seraphim more closely...
Hehehe...Wait til someone asks that crucial question...

IC: A blast of energy strikes the ground between Ravener and Seraphim. "You will not touch him, Devourer." Zarrath hadn't looked away from the Balancer, but his free hand was aimed in Ravener's direction.
Ravener gives Zarrath a Look. In the olden days, that Look would have been enough to incinerate a mortal on the spot and hit the angel a painful blow. However, bound in mortal form the Spirit of Hunger had lost a little of its power.

"One day..." he hisses angrily to himself. "One day..." However, Ravener was genuinely trying. Still, he would desperately love to destroy that weakling that called itself a Fallen.

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