Darkest Heart part 8

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I glance at the figure. "Noct, that you?"
"Ugh... What the hell happened?" Noct tries to get up, but finds himself wrapped in chains. His eyes widen comically.

Zarrath facepalms and removes the chains. "Sorry."
"S'allright." Noct gets to his feet, swaying a little.

"That must have been one hell of a party..."
"You could call it that. You have Zarrath and Seraphim for getting your body back." I had sheathed Argost a while ago and was now looking at the damage. Two broken windows and a hole in a wall. Suppose it could have been worse. "Where's Solaris?"
"Yeah, I suppose so." With a gentle motion, he fishes the flask filled with golden blood out from under his shirt, and taps it. "Well, we won't have to put up with his brand of perverted shenanigans for a while, at least."
OOC: Permission for time skip Zarkun since nobody seems to be doing anything?
Not sure what there is to time skip to. Have one more tourney match and War is gonna need a DA for it.
There is still a lot of things that we can do...without a time skip. I swear, a time skip is the first thing to do because you can miss out on development.


I stumbled next to them. "Since everything is back to normal...again. When shall we set up the date for the...summoning?"
Right... what's involved in getting a DA account?
Just an E-mail and password right?
Noct raises a curious eyebrow. "Summoning? Summoning what in particular?" He asks, before noticing the leftover orb sitting nearby. "Ahm, how long has that been sitting there for...?" he says, eyes widening in fear.
I shrug. "He left it when he...vanished. Why?" I think for a moment before deciding on a time. "Right now since this is the calmest it will get for a bit. I have a hunt lined out that can wait to start til afterwords."
Noct lets out a panicked laugh, and quickly dashes over to the orb. Carefully lifting it with a small shard shattered into sparks, he picks up his scythe. Pausing only to wonder as to why it had suddenly changed appearance, he swiftly cuts a portal into the ways, chucking the small sphere inside.

Working quickly, he summons a shard and quickly snaps his fingers twice. In response, the shard streaks into the portal, following a similar trajectory as the odd sphere, and Noct quickly tries to close the portal. Before he completely closes it, a house-rocking explosion issued forth, hurtling the poor Wanderer though a nearby wall. A small amount of dust was drawn into the portal before it snapped shut, cutting off the fresh suction noise briefly emitted from the rip between worlds.

With a groan, Noct tries to pull himself out of the wall, but fails. With a sigh, he speaks up. "I have this odd habit of being embedded in walls, don't I?" he jokes, before his head falls back and he passes out.

OOC: Why is it I can only find my grammar artifacts and little mistakes after I've posted?!
No idea.

IC: I sigh. Make that two holes. "Alistair." He nods and helps Noct out of the rubble, taking him to his room while I look around. Too long a night. I needed a drink.
Chris rushed down the stairs and met up with Tobi, "What is going on!? Is it too much to get a little sleep around here?"
I chuckle. "The problems been dealt with, go ahead and rest. You'll be going on your next hunt soon. Well, your first, but the others second."
Chris laughed and shook his head. He then went back upstairs, sheithed Zues, and collapsed on his bed.
OOC: Looks like everybody is asleep or something. Time skip to morning?
No cause it isn't gonna speed things up. School weeks are slow. Just be patient.

IC: Having appraised the damage, I lead Zarrath to the armory, beckoning Graal to follow. "Are we ready?"

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