Darkest Heart part 8

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...He isn't weak! He's got an interesting story that if someone would ask about you'll find out about.
Sorry. I really would, but my char just isn't the kind to ask those questions.
Answer my question from my post please...
What question...
10/05/2012 02:27 AMPosted by CrymsonRaven
I watched the changes. "Yep...more random bull!@#$ happened to us, and if that makes him in charge of my life because of what happened then I'm going to kill somebody and I'm not joking."
I thought that was a statement.
I turned around again. "If he has balance as well and if he's a part of them does that mean that I'm affected by him!?" The gun was already pointed at someone. "I ain't afraid to shoot because I doubt they will even die from it.."
I shake my head. "All I know for sure is that he isn't part of the Balance as you understand it. Outside of that, no idea. Zarrath might have some answers."
I sigh and lower the gun. "Damn...this is some day so far eh? I wonder how Linnzie is doing right now by herself?"
I shrug. "Should be fine." Alistair perks up and vanishes for a moment through a portal, then pokes his head back out. "Chris has arrived." I sigh. Another new hunter.
"I wonder what took him so long?"

OOC: Got back from school :D
Alistair sighs. "It's feeding night for the Brutus pack is what..."

OOC: /beginragemode WHY YOU NO ASK ZARRATH QUESTIONS?! /endragemode.
I ask Zarrath a question about what happened. "How will this affect me? I'm just asking because I'm already connected to them and ya..."
"It won't. The Twilight Council has been around along time, since before the Balancers. You could say it was their job before to maintain the Balance, til the early Balancers convinced the God who chose me as Captain of His guard, a True Angel, to create the Balancer sect of the angels. It was their idea to give me the options I had after the incident. I respect the Twilight Council, but not these posers." He continued to glare the Balancer down.
I wish Zanon would post so I can bring in the Patrol sect of angels.
I'm on for a bit, trying to figure out what to do next...

with a small moan, I came around. With my eyes closed, I thought;
...what the... I'm still alive?...
...not for long...


IC: Ravener steps back slightly in disappointment as Seraphim awakens.
"Well, looks like Seraphim is awake."
Rolling over, I slowly climb to my feet. As I open my eyes, everyone can see that they're a deep translucent purple, flecked with silver. Looking over myself, I take stock of the changes;
"what.. but, how?..."
I say, before staggering backwards as a wave of memories not of my own, sweep through my mind.
"Well, then..."

OOC: NOT Noct's memories.

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