Darkest Heart part 8

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"Yea...looks like you just found out what happened..."
...Wrong questions...I need someone to ask what he's talking about with his explination to Graal, some one who was awake that is.
Looking around I see Zarrath pinning the Balancer to the wall;
"Ah... would someone mind explaining to me what's going on here?.."
"It's time these scum answered for what they did." He had drawn Andilite and now the Balancer was laughing.

"Killing me won't do anything more then put you and the Helsings at risk. You know where the Balancer's stand on you retaining your powers." Zarrath growls and hurls the Balancer into a wall, knocking him out.

"Sure as hell make me feel better though."
I spoke out. "And you know what...killing the Balancer wont do jack !@#$! And technically I'm bound to them and only to them so if you do anything to them then they might make me retaliate okay?"
Looking around at the group, I say;
"Could someone please explain to me what the heck going here?!"
Zarrath glances at Seraphim. "You've been given your true calling. Now I'm dealing with a Balancer."

OOC: Still not the right questions...Ask what he means by the first God or something.
Ravener watches, faintly amused. As an Ancient Evil he learned to love the sight of angels quarreling. Of course, now he's technically on their side...
"Trust me, your guess is as good as mine, Seraphim. Someone claiming to be a Twilight Councilor decided to zap you full of energy, and those two," I say, pointing at the balancer and Zarrath, "have all but tried to kill each other. And I have no clue why."
"Brilliant... wait, let me think..."
I say, and cast my mind back over the memories I'd.. gained.
After a moment, I sputter;
"What do you mean, I'm not allowed access?!?!"
Altun drives his sword through the last demon and turned to the last demon and turned to the patrol.

"I believed myself to be the only Angel assigned to this sector. What has changed?"
I turn to Zarrath, my eyes hard and with Avenger suddenly in my hand;
"Alright Zarrath, just what happened when you fell?"
I looked again. "All I know is that the all high mighty can kiss my !@# for all I care. All of this random bull$%^- and this!" Points at Seraphim. "No offense..."
Despite everything, I grin;
"None taken, in fact I really didn't have this in mind myself..."
"I'm just standing here, trying to take in what happened..."
Zarrath sighs, sheathing Andilite and sitting down. "I didn't exactly fall. You see, back about two or three millennia, God and Satan agreed to have a meeting to determine certain things. I'm not at liberty to disclose the information concerning those things. I was a True Archangel, and Captain of His Guard. We found out that Satan was setting God up to be killed and took steps to ensure that he didn't follow through. It didn't quite work. The ensuing battle resulted in a grievous wound inflicted by me to Satan and my being given a choice. Retain my power and lose my status, or lose my status and and power and be forced to become a lesser angel. The punishment for me was suggested by , and the trap known of by the Balancers of the time, and my removal and the original God's death is considered one of their finest moments by them. After I'd chosen, I was sent away and God went to the meeting. Satan's plan worked and a Balancer puppet was put in his place. Now you know why I'm here." He sighs. "The Balancers have their own agenda, though they aren't all bad. The Twilight Council is working with me to have them removed, if I can get them to own up that they knew he was gonna die." He sighs. "You should also know I was chosen because I was the Right hand of Gabriel, who is God's Left Hand. That is why I'm so strong. I was actually in line for God hood of my own and had been most of the powers before the meeting."
"I am not assigned to this region, ordinarily. My presence here is but temporary, brother. I am of the Patrol, and I have been called to this dimension to respond to the disappearance of a great evil. This Ancient Evil was controlled within its own world, but a being of great power banished it from that realm, not comprehending the consequences. The being came to this realm.
"I have come to warn you, for the creature possesses a power of hunger and devouring. It is a Spirit of Hunger bound in the form of a mortal being... but a powerful one. The being was on the verge of Redemption, perhaps even rejoining the Ranks, but..."

The Angel hesitates.

"We have decided that this creature must not be Redeemed. Not yet. If it finds its way back to the Ranks, the evil power within it may seek out a mortal host or worse. Such a host might not be able to resist the sudden Hunger, or may even embrace it."
"I can see why I wasn't able to 'read' that memory now... Having me kill that piece of scum probably would not be the best thing to do first day on the job..."

BTW oBs, aren't you the least bit curious about the final thing the 4th entity said? (bottom of page 1)
Zarrath sighs. "I shouldn't blame the later Generation of Balancers, but most of them feel that refraining from sharing the information was beneficial and only a choice few, me among them, know the truth. The inner circle of Balancers knows it and feels that the Balancers of then did the right thing...They have no idea what it's caused."
Oh crap... gone for six hours and there is 5 pages I missed. I will also be AFK until sunday... most likely... so... yeah I will want a summary to continue XD Sorry -_-

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