Darkest Heart part 8

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Nothing pertaining you has happened other then Linnzie is ready to rip into your chest.
@Seraphim "By the way...i wonder what that thing meant by pact-brother?"
Ravener blanches at the obvious lie as Zarrath speaks. Surely the others will not believe him? For even the most arrogant demon knows that the Supreme Being is not able to die. For death is a change, and the One cannot change. Perhaps this God Zarrath refers to was a lesser being, not the one that commanded beings like the Warden.
I then remembered something...the child. "Tobi, we need to talk in private once we get back. It's more important than you think but it's a very private matter."
Zarrath could feel the disbelief coming from Ravener and the former Evil being finds Andilite at his throat. "Change comes for all. You above all should know this, Devourer. If God would not trust a lesser being with such things, and even God can die. You've been mortal too long."
"Do you wish it destroyed? If so, then I shall... but I shall not hinder redemption merely for fear of what may happen."
"What you didn't know?.. that's right you wouldn't..."
I shake my head and continue;
"It's a bit on the awkward side.. but when your father came to my family's aid and gave us somewhere to stay, dad was kinda insistent of repaying the debt, so he formed a loyalty pact between our families. Since the Warden said we were pact-brothers, I guess its been passed down to us. I've got the whole thing on me somewhere, probably in my notebook.."
Ravener laughs, a nasty sound.

"I served the Supreme Being during the first Eternity, before weaklings like you walked this world. I fought against Him in the Rebellion, and watched as His servant crushed my hold over a primitive world. I know how He is. His strategies never change; always the same, always successful. His principles never change. He experiences all time in an instant, and He cannot be defeated. Beings like myself could only ever hope to hurt him by destroying what he loves, while our time lasts.
"And Satan, hah! He thinks just because he instigated the Rebellion that we all answer to him. Trust me, he is no threat to the One. The One is constant, unchanging, throughout all worlds. Worlds beyond the reckoning of a single-world Fallen such as yourself."

The Angel hesitates. "We do not wish it destroyed... and it cannot be permanently destroyed any more than you or I. It has defied destruction repeatedly in its own world. Whe defeated, it always returns, and we can never be certain of the nature of its return. Better to have it in plain sight where we can watch it."

The Angel of the Patrol sighs. "To hinder Redemption is unconventional, even... wrong. But it is necessary. The Council of the Patrol has ordered it, and I must relay these orders to you. You are not of our Patrol, but this affects your assignment closely."
Zarrath glowed with an energy that burned Ravener. "You do not know what transpired that day, nor do you have even the slightest hope understanding the life of a god. So long as another god does not challenge him, a god can live forever. Satan is a God of Hell, therefore equal in power, but without a proper time. The meeting was on his terms, and therefore a perfect time to strike. You aren't from this dimension however. I can feel it in the energy you radiate." The energy had slowly increased, to the point were Ravener was cringing. "DO NOT SPEAK OF THINGS YOU CANNOT GRASP, GLUTTONY!"
Altun turns towards the cavern. His voice becomes venomous.
"What do you suggest? Feeding him innocents?"
I wonder if Knarled is talking about the...child.
"I was an Archangel of no match! Only Lucifer himself was greater than me among the Angels, and that was due to his beauty. Don't speak to me of comprehension, guard! I have fought with Lucifer before, and he knows my might. I nearly defeated him during the Rebellion, but curse him, he swayed me against the One! I joined his foolish Rebellion, and I payed. Now I am cursed with this wretched hunger."
Knarled am I right about the child and the demon thing you're talking about?
Zarrath slammed Ravener against the wall, clearly stronger then any Angel had a right to be. "The God you fought is dead, lulled into a false sense of security by his power. Power easily challenged once Evil God status is achieved. I was meant to be come a new generation of gods, proving I was worthy by keeping him safe." He lets Ravener down, letting him slide down the wall. "What you were doesn't matter. It's what you are that matters. You made a choice that you'd refused once and then changed your mind. Live with it." He exits the Cave and Altun can see the blue energy surrounding him as he takes off the into the sky. I sigh.

"Let it go, Ravener. He really is considerably stronger then he lets on."

OOC: I hate self nerfing. Zarrath is so much stronger then I make him in this RP.
OOC: Same here with Ravener/Gluttons.


Ravener laughs. "That Angel is no better off than I. He deceives even himself. Yet... at the least he has comfort in his self-righteousness."

The Angel hangs his head. "I understand, even share, your anger. But it must be done. The Patrol trusts in your skills, Altun. They know you can find a way. The consequences would be too great."
Answer my question Knarled...or is this going to be a big secret?
Depends on whether Altun lets Ravener be Redeemed.
Looking around, I realize just how tired I am;
"Ah, Tobi? Can we get going? I'm about ready to pass out here..."
"I would agree...killing demons nonstop for about an hour or so takes it out of you."

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