Darkest Heart part 8

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I nod. "We'll head back to the transport. Alistair went to pick it up." The sound of the transport's engines can be heard outside the cave. "There he is." I lead the way out, with Valencia making sure the bodies stay bodies.
"Well, thats good. Lets get on. And maybe we should greet the newcomer..."

OOC: Last post for the night
I grunt in acknowledgment and board the transport, strapping myself into a chair. I'm asleep before we take off.
I sigh. "Ill take him to his room when we get back..."
I shake my head. "Gotta make a detour to Granit for some more medical blood, so he can sleep. It's a good 2 hour flight off course, then 4 hours from there back to the Manor. He should be fine by the time we get back." Alistair takes off and we head west, towards Granit.
"Alright then." I grab out a tome from my satchel and begin reading it.
What? And for who? If you're talking about Seraphim, why would he need it?

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"Gotta make a detour to Granit for some more medical blood, so he can sleep.
OOC: For you i think...
Medical blood is what Alistair and Toria drink so that they aren't killing random people to feed.
OOC: Oh alright :D
I let out a stiff laugh. "Its less than half an hour via the ways, you know. Its much faster!" With a quick swing of my scythe, I open a dark rip in the air, and begin off into it. "Or do you guys want me to come with you to Granit...?"
I glared at Noct once again. "No we will not! You are over using your powers and it's starting to get ridiculous. AND SHUT UP ABOUT THE GOD DAMN WAYS!"
I sigh, and hit a button that hits everyone sitting down with a knockout gas. "Do your thing Noct, Granit is a run of the mill stop."
I let out a woop of joy. "Thanks, Tobi. I hate long, boring routes!" I hop through the portal, and set off on a much quicker route back to the mansion.
As the knockout gas hits me, i nearly fall asleep but manage to cling on to consciousness. Eventually, the grogginess wears off. "That...was some strong gas..."
As I close my eyes, I feel myself leaving my body.

I open my eyes to find myself floating in an endless expanse of energized space. Bolts of lightning like energy flit through the 'air' around me. Everything is colorless, and yet hauntingly beautiful. No mortal words could ever truly describe this.

Looking around I see the Warden floating a good twenty something feet to my left.
"Welcome to the ether, Seraphim Dante. Do you know I am?"
I think back over the memories given to me;
"Yes, Warden. Am I to begin my training now?"
He nods;
"Good. I'm glad the transfer was successful. Now to business."
He begins floating back and forth in front of me, as if pacing, as he begins...

more to come.. maybe.
IF I feel like giving anymore away... :P
OOC: Just waiting on Markus to be here. Now that the fight's over...

I don't know about that...but Chris is about to get eaten by Linnzie if he doesn't show up.

I stared out the window, slightly troubled. The fact that I could summon a scion I wasn't directly opposed to was troubling. Only a tool of Mitron should be able to do that...could it be that I was no longer needed by Deudalephon?
Remember? He said he wasn't going to be on until sunday?

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