Darkest Heart part 8

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Damnit. Oh well, I suppose it can wait for later, then.
...Damn you Markus... Quick, someone mini subplot!
10/06/2012 06:31 PMPosted by Zarkun
...Damn you Markus... Quick, someone mini subplot!
OOH ME! Chris gets eaten by Linnzie! Oh wait...that's already happening and he needs to respond. Let us see...
I know! Me, me!! Let's get shot down!!! Crash landings are always sooooo much fun!!! :D
I know! Me, me!! Let's get shot down!!! Crash landings are always sooooo much fun!!! :D

But so overdone. I mean, come on, it's only in every major movie ever. XD
wfawwer to the rescue:

Troubled, I looked out the window, thinking about how much longer I would last on this world-The breaking of the elemental bonds was a sure sign of that. Looking at my arm, the seal of Deudalephon still remained. My mind, still on the Scion I had summoned, I scanned the horizon, then jumped up, swearing loudly. Headed towards us was the Scion itself, looking very angry. Already 4 multicolored swords spun around him, and as I watched one detached itself and shot towards our plane.
As i read on in the tome, it speaks of hidden powers that can only be unlocked by passing a test. "Huh. Interesting..."

Altun sighed.
"So be it... I have a plan."
Altun rounds on the patrol's angels. "You do realize that my actions to prevent his rise may result in many hundreds of deaths? For he may once again seek the darkness if he feels spurned by the light."
We have considered the outcomes of all courses of action. It has been our duty to watch against interdimensional threats since the Rebellion, and we do not take such actions as this lightly.
I had finally woken up and I was staring out of the transport already. "Was that really necessary! You know the gas?" That was when the blade hit the engine of the transport and I was thrown into the air and onto the ground from the sudden change. "WHAT WAS THAT!?"
The Shuttle sputters as it starts to loose altitude. Fortunately we were almost to the landing pad and Alistair made it to the pad. "I have not idea. That shouldn't have happened."
"What the hell happened?"

OOC: Fixed
...We landed already...

IC: "No idea. It doesn't bode well though. We'll be stuck here in Granit til we can finish repairs."
We finally came to a stop and the Warden turned to look at me;
"I feel that this is enough for now, and you are needed back in the realm of the living. I believe that your transport has taken some damage."
Before I could ask what had happened, I felt myself 'falling' back to reality.
Opening my eyes, I find myself completely refreshed, despite everything I'd done in the ether.
Help me out here, I read pages 4-7 but cant find the post where Linnzie is eating my chest... I will be one today :)
Linnzie looked up, snarling and teeth showing. "What did you say!?" She was ready to pounce and tear into his chest.

Chris took a step back, then evaluated his surroundings. He cocked his rifle and prepared for the worst.

"Whoa, there..."

here you go.
Easy, she's on top on you about to rip into your flesh.
Thank -_- It sounds like we are actually waiting on CR to pounce? Or am I expected to shoot her face first?
I already pounced on you...but you weren't here to respond and you're going to be a tasty snack.
Is there a post # or something?

10/05/2012 02:27 AMPosted by CrymsonRaven
Linnzie pounced atop of Chris and raised her teeth and claws to his chest. She couldn't resist herself.

Found it. Thanks :P

IC: Chris just about pee'd himself. He let off one shot at her before she made contact with his flesh, knocking him down, but it missed. Now the only thing keeping Linnzie from his heart or neck, was his rifle.

He was holding it like you would Handlebars, enabling him to keep just that much distance between her powerful Jaws, and his vital organs. Chris focused all his strength in pushing the rifle upward, thus pushing linnzie's upperbody upward.

He grunted in stress(Physical stress, not mental) attempting to Roll Linzzie off for just enough time for him to get a clear shot.

"What... ar-.."

Thats all he could mutter under the stress.

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