Sinister Outpost, II

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{Stefan? Stefan!} "Sh!t. Do it."

Damn ninjas. But for the record I already stated we reached the ship
Garret followed Kyle and started killing the necromorphs.
"God, how many are there?!"
There's an agonizing moment of silence over the coms before Stefan voice is heard again.
{Well... that certainly cleaned this place up a bit.. if you're cool with blood red walls, that is... Be back as soon as I can.. ETA 7 minutes. Hawkeye over.}
I sigh in relief. {Roger that, Stefan.} I stop Sean. "Stay here." I check the camera feeds and see the necros charging out of the vents. I activate the traps and both kill some off and prevent the usage of those vents. I then get ready for any unexpected surprises.
Sean ran off back into the corridor. He could hear Stefan fighting the necro's in the other room. Sean approached the door and took a deep breath. He checked his systems on his HUD. Most read 100% some in the 90ies.

Good enough

Sean pushed the button and the door opened. Sean leveled his pulse rifle and let em have it. Limbs and blood were flying everywhere. Sean didn't notice it but he, too, let out a war cry. He could hear Torvus' traps going off which means they were coming from there too.

About half of the necro's attacking Stefan turned their attention to Sean. Sean's rifle clicked empty. Sean glanced up to see way more Necro's then he expected coming from all sides.

I think I got their attention.

Sean turned to run away only to find more necro's in his way that somehow got behind him. Sean turned back around to see how close they were getting... too close...

Sean swore, he was surrounded. But this isn't how he was going to go down. Sean turned towards the flight deck and ran right through the necro's. Many slowed him down, many tore his clothing and armor, but he pressed on.

Eventually he made it to the door. He pushed the button and the door opened, revealing Sean and over 50+ necro's chasing him.


Ah... as far as I know, Sean and Torvus are in a completely different part of the ship from Stefan... just saying.
"MOVE!" I opened fire with the minigun, the auto turrets getting any I don't. It was difficult to keep them off us, We had 360 degree security and a limitless supply of bullets. Occasionally the cleansers in the vents go off, killing the necros who slipped past the bullets.

Heading to bed, getting late for me. Night ya'll.
{Ah... Torvus? Does your ship have an airlock?...}
Stefan's voice came in sounding somewhat nervous.

G'night. I most likely won't be on until about 3:30-4:30 tomorrow, PST.
OOC: Night everyone!
Somebody catch me up.
Relasta grunted as the veritable flood of Necro's charged after the man. She didn't know who he was, and frankly she didn't care. Right now, what was important was the fact that he was one of the view things on the ship that wasn't a Necro, which meant that he should probably live to continue being so.

She slid her father's rifle behind her and drew Andl'at. "Thirsty, girl?"

Extremely. And it was true. Relasta could feel a powerful desire to kill something, bordering on all-consuming. She grinned. "Well, who am I to refuse such a feast?"

She charged forward, holding the black blade in a two handed grip. A dark smile was on her face, and as she began slicing through the snarling ranks, she wondered briefly if maybe her other daughter had made some changes that she shouldn't have. Her thoughts ceased when she became to preoccupied with the Necro's clawing at her from all sides.
I almost cursed, but thought better of it. Cassi would help make sure she didn't get clipped. I kept up the barrage of bullets, tearing anything apart that got too close to her or Sean. Then I noticed the strange necro on the ceiling, moving towards Relasta at an angle neither I nor the auto turrets could hit. "Relsasta, above you!"

OOC: It's a lurker, used to be a baby but is now a clawed tentacled beast that latches on and stabs you in the back. The tentacles protrude from it's back.
OOC: I stopped posting on page 9 lol somebody tell me really fast what has happened so far. Are we simply fighting monsters or is there a mission or something? thx
Your character was jumped to the ship, so you're there recovering.
The words barely reached her ears, but she heard them. At this point, her thoughts were moving on auto-pilot, her body becoming a conduit for death itself.

She slashed the legs out from beneath a Necro and rolled onto her back, pulling her father's rifle around to her side as she did so. She was too close to the others for her to use Fyst. Taking a brief moment, she looked through the scope at the ugly creature. It vaguely resembled a spider, which she wasn't too fond of in the first place.

"Time to drop off, moron." she muttered, and pulled the trigger.

The echoing crack of the FN92 rang in her ears, the bright muzzle flash lighting up like a flare. The heavy bullet shot towards the ceiling, burying itself in the creature's back. A loud screech rang out, and for good measure Relasta sent another two bullets burrowing into its body.

She rolled to the side as the creature fell from the ceiling, sliding the rifle behind her again as she scrambled to her feet. She held Andl'at in one hand, and raised her eyebrows in surprise as the creature also rolled to its feet.

"Tough guy, aren't you?" She frowned, her voice sounding distant to her.

Your hearing was likely impaired from using your father's weapon.

"Right." She rotated the blade in a lazy circle in her hand. "Okay, big boy, show me whatcha got."
OOC: Fine T.T xD By the way, I had found a light version of a firebat suit and had used it before being in the ship recovering.

Jack slowly wakes up. That wasn't a good move. He thought he would be able to take on all of them upfront with his flamethrowers, but there were just too many. "I think I'm fine now. I should be going back." And this time don't get cocky you idiot...
Jack, Garret, Rebecca, Markus, Salem, Kit, Stefan, Kyle, Sean, Torvus, Graal, Relesta, Jackson and Noct.

This list is everyone on the strike team.

Jack, Garret, Rebecca, Salem, Kit, Kyle, Graal, Jackson and Noct are being led by Markus to the Com tower, they just got off the tram.

They also just opened a door to reveal tons of Necro's. They are now all fighting for their lives

Stefan stayed behind in the tram to pick up Torvus and Sean. He also got attacked by tons of necro's.

Torvus, Relesta and Sean are back at the Bladerunner using it's firepower to kill of 50+ necro's
I shake my head. "You stay put. There are too many between us and the tram. Not to mention you're hurt." I was chewing them up but I couldn't close off the holes until Sean and Relasta were clear. {We have one, Stefan, why?}
Sean was obviously injured on the ground. He stood up and limped behind a bunch of crates. That is where he continued firing on the necromorphs.

The necromorphs finally started to die down and retreat after the attempted surround didn't work.

They whimpered and howled and ran back into their vents.
I sigh and stop firing, but the auto turrets kept up their vigil. I walked over the Sean and helped him to the ship, sitting him down inside. {Mark, we got wounded back here.}

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