Sinister Outpost, II

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Yeaah, sorry. :(
I need this planet for future use C'mon its a great planet to RP on I dont want it incinerated.


Sean burst out of the outpost and onto the Helipad. He rushed over to Markus who didn't even bother looking at him. Sean unstrapped Markus' rifle and threw it to the side, he then took Markus' knife and threw it to the other side.

"Are you okay?" Sean asked
So you must be her weapons then?

Graal was intrigued by the blacksmith work on those two, they were incredible and they even rivaled Keeper. He was standing over Andl'at and was started to yank it out of the wall with all of his strength, after putting enough power behind it he yanked it out and placed it next to Relasta.

So what's with this one always getting stuck in walls?

You must have missed something. Relasta is currently holding Andl'at, who is also inside her arm. She got there after Relasta pulled her out of the wall and fell against the opposite wall, accidentally cutting herself in the process. Andl'at was also the one who spoke to Graal. Fyst is laying on the bench.

Andl'at = black sword

Fyst = red sword
Maybe I can help... and not flame anybody.

Andl'at has gotten stuck in many walls. Graal was just stating that fact.
Okay...just pretend that I put Fyst near Relasta this time...I don't feel good and I really don't feel like making an edit right now lol...but thanks for the clarification.
OOC: Well, Michael can wait a bit for being introduced, as long as the drone is with them, or in the Truck.

In one night, I go from somewhat oriented in the RP to totally lost. :*(

IC: Carrying back a nice portion of rations, Noct heads back to the Blade runner, taking a seat in the ship. With a motion, he opens up the visor on his suit and promptly decides to begin digging into his meal.
Sorry Morrjo, Its because this RP is going very fast.

All you missed is more hardship and depression. Markus is on the verge of suicide and Sean is trying to help him out since he went through the same thing.

The attacks are also getting worse and more frequent. Mike things if they get back to the Apparition they can send a distress beacon from it.
Maybe I can help... and not flame anybody.

Andl'at has gotten stuck in many walls. Graal was just stating that fact.

(Two. That has happened two times. And the first one was a door frame, not a wall. And I'm going to assume that this little exchange is going to confuse people, so I will have Andl'at's speech underlined from now on.)

Pff. Please, a wall is not the worst thing she's gotten stuck in.

Enough, Fyst. We need to help her, or this will drive her insane.

Fun as that would be, I would hate to be reduced to a babbling wreck. By the way, you're pretty cute.


Alright, alright! Cutey, put her hand on me, otherwise this ain't gonna work.

The runes covering Fyst's surface glowed like fire as Relasta's hand touched the hilt. The pain in her head gradually limited itself, though it remained intense and her shuddering continued, bringing Andl'at closer to the bone. She whimpered and gazed up at Graal with tortured eyes. "Please, just kill me. It hurts too much."

This will be close, and the wound will scar badly.

I heard somewhere that scars look pretty. Oh, wait, no I didn't, because I never hear anything!

Fyst! Enough!
Graal was startled by what he heard by he calmly answered back in a friendly tone.
"No...I will not kill you or harm you, we can help you through this but you just have to let us try to help you for we can make your life worth living. If you want I'll take your pain for you."

Can you two stop bickering, because now I can hear you two nonstop and she wants me to kill her probably because of the pain.
Sounds good.

"Who cares!? We're all doomed anyways!" Markus shouted. Sean brought him up by the collar.

"Listen! Mike found a way out! Pull yourself together! We can get out of this! You can save what's left of your crew, but you have to trust us!"

Mark didn't respond.

"Come on!! You're Markus Devroy! Devroy's kid! Get off the floor! We've got work to do!"
"Right, well, I'm assuming they're the ones who just ran towards my ship. Thanks." I hand Mike the supplies I'd gathered. "Find somewhere where they can only come from one direction. Hole up there. I'll contact you once we're done." I turn to leave then stop. "Oh and stay out of the mess hall for a bit before attempting to retrieve any supplies. They're all over the place in there." I head back to the ship, grabbing the man who had spoken to me. "Name and why you were on the Apparition. That's all I need from you right now."
"Phil... I was a miner." He responded.

Mike caught up to Torvus.

"I have some men I want you to take besides just Sean and Kyle. Stefan will prove worth your while to take, he knows that ship well too. Kit is a super soldier, but is missing her full suit. Once she acquires that, she could take the swarm. Salem also might prove useful. He can hold a position like nobody's buisness."


Markus stood up. "Where is Mike?"

"Where he always is, why?" Sean told him.

Markus didn't answer, he just took off running.
I nod. "Round them up and have them meet me at the door to the mess hall. All of them will know where it is." I then turn my attention to 'Phil'. "No bull sh!t. Are you Kyle or Sean? Cause you're going back to your ghost ship." I spot Mark running towards us and I stop him. "Mark, what the hell is wrong?"
"Sean knocked some sense into me. I am determined to get every last soul on this rock back to civilization whether you are with me or not. Where is Mike? Is it true someone thought of a way out?"

Phil interrupted, "I am neither Kyle, nor Sean. I dont even know who those people are! Unless you're speaking of the poor brothers who died several weeks ago..."


Mike walked into the room where everyone was. "Kit, where are you? I got an assignment you're gunna like! Anyone seen Salem?"

Kyle spoke up,
"Salem locked... I will get Salem."


Kyle walked to Salem's office and knocked on the door
"Salem! We found a way off this rock! Mike is requesting your pressence!"
What, and miss out? Please, I haven't had a chance to speak directly to her in years. Usually Mommy here keeps censoring me. Side's, ever heard of multitasking?

Ignore her. Passion is her name, and she will always live up to it. As for the pain, there is little I can do. Emotions and sensations have always been in my sister's domain.

Yeah, sorry about that. Can't do too much about it either, this disease, or whatever it is, is messing with her head. It's all I can do to keep her from wanting to end it herself. So, keep with the 'not kill her' strategy?

It would be easier if you concentrated on your task, sister, instead of antagonizing me. You never did have any sense of restraint.

As opposed to you, Miss Death, never-giving-or-taking-more-than-I-need?


Yay, I finally got through to you. Hang on, let me see what I can do.

The runes on Fyst's surface glowed even brighter, and Relasta's shivering suddenly stopped. She broke out in a sweat again, and her breathing grew ragged. "Hot. So hot. Stop messing with the temperature." she gasped.

Whoops! Not my fault, not my fault. Damn this thing is crazy.

Well fix it, otherwise I'm going to be too thirsty to continue.

Kay, sheesh. Lighten up, will ya? Hey Cutey, I'mma gonna need you to stick me in her other arm. Need a more direct connection.
I sigh. "Right sorry, I need the two who made it off the Apparition. I'm told one of them is already at my ship, I need you to find me the other guy." I then face Mark. "Yes, it's true. We're leading a strike team to secure the communications tower on that ship we saw when we got here. I'm gonna need you to go get your weapons back then man that minigun on the back of Bladerunner in case they go after it."
Graal sighed once more and Grabbed Fyst...inserting her in Relasta's other arm. Are you sure that this is going to work?
Salem unlocked the door with Rebecca walking right behind him, the lab coat was now hiding the one arm. "He did? Tell me about it and I hope you guys don't care for another passenger."

Rebecca pulls out a pistol and nods. "I don't care what Mike says, I'm going."
"Who is going to "go after" the Bladerunner?" Markus asked as Phil ran off to find Kyle.

"Markus, Wait!" Sean came screaming around the corner. He stopped where Torvus and Markus were standing.


Kyle sighed, "The Apparition is the worse place for loved ones. You clearly haven't heard the audio logs of-"

He stopped himself. Then sighed again.

"We're going to the Apparition to send a communication signal to someone."
kit zones back in from thinking about what has happened recently "im sorry what where you saying?"
Mike looked her in the eyes. "Get prepared to the best of your ability then go to the Helipad. You are going to be in the strike team leading the assault to retake parts of the Apparition. Your leading officer is Markus Devroy, but really you should just listen to anyone who tells you to do anything."
"Those damn necros. We still have three members of our party onboard." I look over Mark's shoulder at the man who had just ran around the corner after Mark. "You Sean or Kyle?"

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