Sinister Outpost, II

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Markus was still unloading each and every mag he had on that crowd of Necro's. Finally, they were all dead.

Kyle was breathing hard. He reloaded his guns and started looking around. "Everyone okay?"

Markus sighed and examined the body he just killed. It was a women who Markus could tell used to be beautiful. She had something in her belt, Markus reached down and picked it up. It was an audio log. Markus looked at it for a long while and then put it in his pocket.

{We're all clear of necro's. We need to group up.}
{Negative Mark, I can't leave Sean and Kit and Stefan is heading this way now. Unless I seal up the ship with them inside, they're at risk. And even then, I'll be traveling alone and that's risky in and of itself.}
(Assume that Relasta is with Torvus)

Relasta jumped backwards as a tentacle slapped the floor where she had been standing. Grinning, she slashed forward and took off another foot of the appendage. The creature hissed angrily, and reached forward with another pair of uninjured tentacles.

Relasta danced backwards out of their reach, taking a brief moment to clear additional room for herself among the other Necro's. For whatever reason, they seemed reluctant to be near her opponent.

Perhaps they are afraid of it.

"Don't know, don't care. Long as they steer clear for this, I'm good." she muttered.

You are losing this fight. You need to draw Fyst.

"Are you insane? We may be surrounded, but we're still too close to Torvus and whatever the other guy's name is. I draw Fyst, they both die once we carve our way out."

You don't need to keep her drawn. Use her to boost yourself close, kill the creature, then return her to her sheath.

"Nuh uh. I draw her, I'm not gonna want to put her back."

I will help to restrain her.

Relasta went into a spin, quickly slicing bits of pieces off the approaching tentacles. The creature snarled again, retreated a few feet, then began cautiously approaching her. It had the advantage of reach, and it knew it. "You know how she is! It's not gonna work."

You must try, or this creature will kill you.

She gritted her teeth. "Fine." She quickly drew the vibrating red blade in a smooth motion. "You had better behave."

I always behave.

"Bull!@#$ you do. We kill this thing, you go right back where you belong."

You are no fun.

A slightly sadistic grin appeared on Relasta's face, and she charged forward. Both swords hummed through the air in a blur, slicing through each tentacle that struck at her. Spinning around, she backflipped into the air, her booted feet slamming into the creature's back. She quickly thrust Fyst into its shoulder.

"Night night!" With a quick thrust, she stabbed Andl'at into its head. A whine issued from its mouth, then it collapsed to the ground. She held the pose for a moment, allowing Andl'at to drink her fill.

This tastes disgusting.

Get used to it sister! Yer gonna be tasting a whole lot more.

Relasta gritted her teeth, then pulled Fyst from inside the creature's shoulder and slid her into her sheath.

Hey! No fair! Come on, let me ou.... Her response was cut short as Relasta released her hilt.

"Well, that wasn't so bad." She was panting, feeling the extra adrenaline surging through her system.

One down, approximately 63 to go.
Markus was panting and examining his wounds.

{Yeah, you four group and come back to us. We'll be advancing to the-(Kyle's voice is heard swearing)}

"What is it, Kyle?" Markus asked him with frustration.

"The control tower... It is destroyed, we cant even get up there without full space suits and even then there is a 95% chance of death and even then, we dont know if the computers we need will be in tact!"
Kyle reported, almost shouting.

Markus swore.

{Negitive, stay where you are, Torvus. Until we get things figured out. The com tower is completely destroyed... We can go get space suits and try to access the computers from space but... it's certain death.}

"Kyle, is there any other way to access the long range coms?" Markus asked
"Yes, the bridge. But last time I was on the Apparition it, too was destroyed. We need a space suit either way. Except the Bridge isn't certain death." Kyle responded.


Sean heard Torvus' radio and swore.
I poke my head out the ramp as Relasta finished the tentacled necro and the others started to retreat. "Relasta, get back in here, we're clear for now." I listen to the radio and think before giving a response. {You guys hit the bridge, anything to get you all out a live. I'll take Bladerunner and use the out board arms to try and repair as much damage as possible.}
Sean looks up at Torvus. "There is a hole the size of six dump trucks in the bridge, how are you going to repair that!?"


{Good plan, except Kyle questions what you'll be able to do from there. We have to find space suits first, Kyle says his suit is air tight so, we only need a few more.}
I think for a moment, then grin before answering. "With my ship of course. Trust me, there are lots of tricks in this old girl." {Trust me, it could work. Just don't freak out when I park, alright?}
Relasta hesitated. There were still many necro's near by, and she could still feel Andl'at's thirst.

Now is the time for discretion. There are many enemies, and we do not want to be over extended.

She sighed. "Right." She gave one last look around the hanger, and couldn't shake the feeling that the necro's were watching her. She shrugged, then turned and hurried up the Bladerunner's ramp.

"Here. Any particular place we're going?" She slid Andl'at back into her sheath, then pulled her father's rifle around in front of her as she sat down.
Real quick summery? School kinda made this...confusing for me to say the very least.
Your characters are helping look for space suits

IC: I look at Relasta. "Fixing a hole. Could be fun."
Relasta rolled her eyes. "Oh, goodie. I just looooooove fixing holes. Can't we just go back to killing stuff, clear this whole broken crate?"

She paused at her words. That didn't sound like her. She wondered just what sort 'changes' Fyst had made to her while she was sick.

Shrugging, she pulled the magazine from the rifle and withdrew the single remaining bullet.
Graal creates a energy pocket around his mouth and nose. "I think I'm good on the suit."
Linnzie was trying to smell any Necro's but she couldn't, almost as if they didn't have any.

Salem kept a steady pace through the halls with the group, while Rebecca was still scanning for anomalies.
I looked at Relasta. "No, we can't clean this crate out, there are too many, not to mention who knows how many different kinds there are."
Kyle and Markus looked at each other.

"Is he always that crazy?" Kyle asked

Markus just nodded his head and approached the Tram.
Graal just chuckled. "I'm not crazy, but I'm just part Protess because of an accident with a relic. And since I'm part of them, I don't need as many essentials as you...two."
"get me to my room i can patch up that hole or hell just drop me in the bridge and tell me what ya need done" Kit says as she activates the EVA mode on her suit which causes armor plates to expand over what is usually fabric.
Kyle shook his head. "The hole was made by a astroid, no lone mechanic can repair that."

Markus sat in the Tram and the rest of the group followed.

"Well then you're in. Except you better know what you're doing. That little field goes off and you explode in the dead of space." Then to Kyle, "Where would astromech suits be?"

"In the Engineering deck." Kyle answered.

"Then that's where we're going."
I shake my head. "Don't worry, Bladerunner can handle it. Plus we can all evacuate at the same time instead of fighting their way through the ship back to here."
Graal and Linnzie enter the tram, while Linnzie was aiming her rifle out just in case. "How else do you think Protoss survive in space without suits? It's basically the same thing with me. I wont really suffocate but it will just be...uncomfortable."

Salem watched as everyone entered the tram and he closed the doors. "We should get this started before more show up."

Rebecca nods. "Yes, the quicker we get there...the better."
"The hole goes through the ship, so your space repair field would have to be really big." Sean told Torvus.


Kyle enters the tram and walks to the controls. He pushed a few buttons and the tram roared to life. The doors slid closed and the tram began moving.

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