Sinister Outpost, II

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Relasta grunted, and slotted the bullet into the firing chamber, locking it in place. She figured it would be a good idea to always keep her gun ready for firing. Moving to a shelf, she pulled a fresh magazine out and clicked it into place.

"Long as I get to kill something, and help Andl'at keep her thirst under control, I don't care."
Mark, you are aware that I'm still at the ship right?
Sean looked Relesta in the eyes and gasped. He then looked at Torvus, "Relesta is turning! She is showing the first signs of insanity!"

Sean looked around for something but obviously didn't find it.

"Relesta, sit down and drop your weapons!"


Relesta starts experiencing extreme paranoia and irritability. Don't worry though, She wont die or anything its mostly Sean freaking out.

Zarkun, Yes I am aware, Torvus, Sean and Relesta are in the Bladerunner which is docked in the Apparition, right?
(Yeah, we moved past that already, Markus. Andl'at and Fyst to care of her infection a while back.)

Relasta leveled her gaze coolly at the man. "Lets get a couple things straight here, stupid. One: I'm not insane. I'm just still feeling the buzz from that last fight. Two, I'm not infected anymore. These girls more than took care of that."

She turned her head to glare at Fyst's hilt, then brought her attention back to the man. "Three, you aught to be thanking me, since it was my charging in that distracted most of the necro's from ripping you apart. So you're welcome."

She raised the rifle to her eye, checking the sights, making sure to point it at him, just to spook him for laughs, then laid it on her lap.
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Kyle shook his head. "The hole was made by a astroid, no lone mechanic can repair that."
"who said i was a mechanic? and i did say i needed to get to my room first." Kit says.
OOC: I am aware, but the symptoms are still coming back rather mildly. I just want Relesta to get the picture of how relentless this... mind disease is.

Sean moved out of the way when she aimed the gun at her. She might think she's fine, but Sean knew the truth. He sat back in his original seat, then looked at Torvus,

"She is dangerous, Ive seen family turn against family and she is showing the same symptoms!" Sean jabbed his finger at Relesta.


"If you're not a mechanic, then how do you plan on fixing a hole twenty times bigger then you." Kyle said as the tram traveled faster and faster.
Yes it's docked, but they're gonna need to talk via radio.

IC: "She isn't crazy, Sean. Just trust me on this one."
Kit smiles behind her helmet "well i dont call my armor Nano Replication Reflex for nothing" with emphasis on the replication
Markus looks at Kit, "Okay, you dont need a space suit, I get it."


Sean looked back and forth between Relesta and Torvus, but he didn't say anything.


I know... Markus and Torvus have to talk via radio because they're in seperate parts of the Apparition but sean and Torvus can talk without radio because they're sitting right next to each other in the Bladerunner.

I am failing to see why this is an issue? Sorry, its probably my bad J-:
(I'll make you a deal. I refuse to let my characters become paranoid, because I hate paranoia. I will agree to irritability, with the addition of an increase in sadism. Agreed?)

Relasta smirked at him. "Oh, I'm dangerous alright. Very dangerous. You should be very afraid of me." She languidly laid back on the bench. "So, as long as you don't give me a reason to kill you, I won't."
Agreed, thanks for talking it through rather then just... doing.. anything else XD


Sean looked at Torvus and pointed to Relesta with his whole hand, palm facing up. "Do you see this?"
Kyle said something to Torvus in one of your posts.

IC: I sigh. "Sean, her swords are strange. Just know that she's fine."
Sean threw his arms up and let them fall. "Screw it, I'm probably dead anyways.." He then began reloading his pulse rifle.
She smirked again. "How do you know that I'm not always like this? How do you know that I'm not just crazy to begin with?"
"That's even worse..." He said, moaning but not moving.

That was probably a typo, I seem to get my characters confused often XD
"No you're not. We're all getting off this place alive, alright?" Noct says to Sean, letting his chaingun cool down a bit.

OOC: Hard to follow, RP is.

Gah, ninjas!
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Markus looks at Kit, "Okay, you dont need a space suit, I get it."

OOC: umm not sure what this is referring to at the moment but i think i have an idea and yes that is true but mostly because her suit already acts as a space suit. also she now has more armor for bouts with the necros compared to before.
IC:"well that is true but not entirely my point" Kit says waiting for the tram to reach its destination
Jack, Garret, Rebecca, Markus, Salem, Kit, Stefan, Kyle, Sean, Torvus, Graal, Relesta, Jackson and Noct.

This list is everyone on the strike team.

Jack, Garret, Rebecca, Salem, Kit, Kyle, Graal, Jackson and Noct are being led by Markus to the Engineering deck to get space suits because the Bridge has no air. They are riding the tram.

Stefan is... IDK lol.

Torvus, Relesta and Sean are back at the Bladerunner. They plan on using it to get to the bridge and use its Space Repair field so they dont need space suits.
"Would you two quit antagonizing each other already. The necros should be all the reason to support each other." I was laying out the extra suits I had. My own armor and helmet was all air tight, but that didn't mean that a lot of others didn't need suits.
Sean said nothing in response, he just remained quiet.


"Then what is your point, Kit?" Markus asks.

"We're almost there." Kyle reported


Probably cant post for a few hours.

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