Sinister Outpost, II

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Kit scans the tram for a computer terminal or atleast a halogram projector. "my point is that i can repair the damage that the bridge has taken if i can get my armor back.However its is currently sitting in the middle of a decompressed area that i damaged further with a grenade."
"If we are going to just sit here and argue about who will go to the bridge, then I'll go." I say, then pause. I say something, almost inaudible.
"Nobody is going to the bridge alone." Markus assured, "we are all going to the bridge and then we will find out how many of us can actually enter the bridge to sent the transmission."
Relasta's smirk remained on her face as she studied the man intently. For some reason, a part of her just enjoyed seeing him so afraid of her.

She pulled Andl'at from her sheath, just to see what effect it would have.

You are acting strangely.

She snorted. "I'm fine."

It is not normal for you to antagonize someone like this.

"How can I help it if he's getting paranoid? I'm fine."

The impression she received told her that her eldest daughter didn't believe her.
Sean gripped his Pulse rifle tighter.
I sigh. "Sean, go check the perimeter, should get you away from Relasta. Relasta, go...take a cold shower or something to cool off."
She noticed the motion, and scowled. "Oh, calm down, already. If I wanted you dead, you'd be dead already." she snapped, unaware that she had just quoted her father.

You need to calm down. Perhaps Fyst should examine you again, perhaps there are still some traces of the infection present.

"Fyst has done enough! I'm fine!"
Sean just stood up and walked off the ship, he began patroling the Perimeter.
Morrjo, look at post #418. Noct isn't with Sean.
I face Relasta. "Maybe putting those two down for a moment and taking a shower will help clear your head."
She turned a baleful glare towards Torvus. "I'm fine." she muttered testily.
I shake my head. "No you aren't. Go take a shower, hot or cold I don't care, but go do something. You're a little testy."
The tram slowed to a halt and the doors opened. Broken glass, blood and debris lay scattered on the floor, but still no necromorphs. The doors slid open and Markus led the way out.

"Kyle, where would the space suits be?" Markus asked

"Follow me, its too hard to explain." Kyle then led the way to a door. He pushed a few buttons and it opened. Markus and Kyle cleared the room. "CLEAR!" Markus yelled and the rest of the group poured in.
Relasta snorted, then stood up and left the ship, Andl'at idly hanging in her hand.
I sigh. "Relasta, please. Unless another sparring match is in order. Perhaps that will help more."
I reload my gun with a Penetrator round, and glance around.
"Anyone else feel that?" I ask
"So, what now?"

OOC: Back from school, anyone have a summary of what happened?
Markus turns his head and nods. He then puts his finger vertically on his lips. Markus then motions with hand motions indicating he wants Jackson to move to the right side of the door to breach it.

Markus then goes to the left side of the door and puts his hand on the panel, ready to open it once Jackson is in position.


Sean was walking and thinking. That girl is going to get us all killed, she better be highly supervised by someone at all times or else- He was cut off by the sound of something slithering, like a giant snake or something. Sean took a few steps back and a giant tentical thing came out of nowhere and gripped Sean's leg. It pulled him to the ground and started dragging him across the hall. Sean yelled for help and Torvus barely heard it.
I hear the yelp and run in it's direction, finding him being dragged away by a giant tentacle. Leaping forward as I draw Incendia, I cut Sean free, dragging him back to safety. "That's it. I'm closing this off."

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