Sinister Outpost, II

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"Holy !#@$ What was that!" Sean stammers to his feet as the tentical squirms back into its hole.
I get in position, readying my rifle. I signal to him to breach the door.
"No idea." I check and make sure Relasta is clear of the blast and detonate the knives I'd left behind, causing the hole the Brute had caused to collapse on it'self and close off. "Let's see it try something now."
Sean grinned, then spit on the floor in disrespect for the giant tentical.

"What's the plan? I am !@#$ing done here!"


Markus pushed the button and the door opened. Many Necromporphs lay dead on the ground. Markus looked around and saw that there were many Necromporphs(10ish) on the ground, either dead or sleeping.

Markus aimed his rifle at a Necro to shoot it but Kyle stopped him.

Kyle gave the military signal for "Kill" then he gave the signal for "Quiet"
"Once I calm Relasta down, we're heading to the bridge. The sooner we can get that signal sent, the sooner we can leave."
I sign back an affirmative, and slowly walk around the room, not making a sound.
Relasta casually moved down a hallway of the Apparition, barely paying attention to where she walked.

"Everybody keeps saying somethings wrong with me. I feel fine. Sure, my headache is still here, but it hasn't gotten any worse. Yeah, I want to kill something, but that's because Andl'at is thirsty."

I still think you should have Fyst examine your mind. I'm concerned that the infection may still be present, and is manifesting in a different manner.

She snarled. "I'm not drawing Fyst! Between your thirst and her desires, I'll end up killing everything on this ship!"

A growl drew her attention, and she paused. Turning to look behind her, she discovered that one of the Necro's had been stalking her. Her face twisted into an angry snarl. "You wanna die? Fine. I'll be happy to help you fulfill your death wish."

The Necro growled at her again, and leaped at her. She smoothly took two steps to the left, and brought Andl'at up in a vicious arc, cleanly removing the creature's head from its body. Four rapid slashes removed its limbs, and she stared contemptuously at the corpse. "Hardly worth the effort." she snorted.
lol... that poor necro.


Markus found a sharp plasma cutter and knelt at a necromorph. He quickly cut its head off so it couldn't screech and wake the others, then cut off all the other limbs before they could move and make a ruckus.
I look around the hangar and realize she isn't here. "Sh!t. Sean, I need to find Relasta, stay here and on the minigun and watch for movement. If you see something you don't think you can take out, hit the lockdown button. I'll close the ramp until I open it."
OOC: Can someone please give me a TL;DR?
Sean nodded then ran towards the Bladerunner He sat in the seat and operated the Minigun. Yeah buddy... I have got to get me one 'o these.


Dac, the Coms tower is destroyed. We can't get to it without space suits. The strike team has resorted to trying to send the signal via. the bridge, but it too, can not be accessed without space suits. Most of the group is in a room full of sleeping necro's. They're silently killing them.

Sean, Torvus and Relesta are in the Bladerunner.

Just keep scrolling until you find one of my "---Status Updates---"
Another growl sounded from behind her, followed by several more. Relasta glanced behind her, and her bored gaze is greeted by several Necros.

"Better, but not quite enough."

Two of them leap at her, and she smoothly beheads one while delivering a backhanded kick to the other. She knelt, driving Andl'at into the creature's skull, barely noting the third Necro that missed her head. Rolling to the side, she grins darkly and chuckles.

"Lets go girls, time for a little night out on the town."
Graal was curb stomping a few of the Necro's that were on the floor while also slicing off their limbs.
Linnzie was at the door keeping an eye out for any more that could sneak up on them.

Salem was at the door as well and Rebecca walked up to Markus and whispered into his ear. "How come we didn't just use the ship and have someone with a space mask and just use a welder to get into the comm room?"
I head out into the hallways, searching until I came across a group of necros with their back to me. I can hear Relasta say something, but I only catch one word; girls. Cursing to myself, I duck back around the corner and draw Glaceis and Incendia. This could get ugly.
"Because the Comm room main Console is probably destroyed, that room is so small that the chances of the console being in tact is not worth the chances of death to whoever goes in there." Markus whispers back, cutting up another Necro.
"God, I can't believe we went all this way.....for nothing.." said Garret quietly, as he was carefully stepping amongst the necros, trying not to wake them.
Relasta smiled as one of the Necro's jumped at her. She slid underneath it, cutting a long slit from its chin to its pelvis. Two more jumped at her, and she rolled to the side, laughing as they collided with each other. Scrambling to her feet, she somersaults over them, and easily beheads them both.

You are being reckless. At this rate, you will soon be outnumbered to a considerable degree.

She chuckled darkly. "Well, at least that'll be more fun."
Kyle nodded his head with a shrug. "That's life ya know?" A necro near by shot its eyes open and shrieked at Kyle, Kyle pulled his pistols and killed it but all the other necro's awoke and attacked the group.
I draw my sword, putting my rifle on my back, and ask
"Why didn't we just scan the room to see if the hull held and there was power?"
I start cutting away at Necromorphs, using telekinesis to rip more limbs off
I decide now was a good time to step in and come around the corner, blades swinging and chopping, turning the necros into piles of flesh. "Relasta let's go!" A wall of flame erupts from Incendia, turning a large chunk of them to ash. "Move!"

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