Sinister Outpost, II

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"I did." Kyle reported, "It had no power and the hull didn't hold."

All the necro's were finally exterminated. Markus took a deep breath. "Is that what we're looking for?" Markus asked pointing at a strange looking mechanic's space suit in the corner.

Kyle nodded and approached the mechanic space suit.

"Okay, there are three space suits, who wants to go to the bridge? Graal, Kit, Kyle, Noct and Jackson already have space worthy suits, who else wants one?"
Relasta laughed. "And go where? Back to that paranoid moron? Who thinks that I'm just waiting for an opportunity to turn on everyone? Please, I'm just getting started here."

Turning, she ran down the hall.
I freeze her foot to the ground and walk up to her. "You know, running from someone with a sword that can control ice is a bad idea. Mark is more strongly affected by this disease then we are cause he's been exposed longer. Just ignore him."
(Mark? Thought it was Sean?)

Relasta glared down at the ice that trapped her foot, then bent down and struck it with Andl'at's hilt. A spider web of cracks riddled the impact site. Rising, she yanked her foot up, and a tinkling sound briefly lit the air as the ice broke.

"Easier said than done. You try getting suspicious glares all the time." She snarled.
"Look, I'm use to them. I'm an assassin. But sometimes you have to ignore it and move on. Come on, we're almost done here, then I'll take you to somewhere where you and Andl'at, and occasionally Fyst if you deem the situation right, can fight to your hearts content. And if you want, you and I can work on making it so you have more control while holding Fyst."
"I'll take a suit."
Kyle nodded and pointed at a strange machine. "Help yourself, just step in there."
Garret stepped in, not knowing what would happen.
the machine scanned him several times, grabbed his limbs and began attaching armor to him. It took about ten seconds before you effectively were suited like a boss.,r:39,s:20,i:278
Noct steps a little closer to the machine, a little curious of what it might do.

"I think we have one similar to it back at Mobius, but ours had a hell of a lot more needles attached... They liked sticking me in there. Repeatedly..."

After the machine was done its work, he looked at it disappointedly. "Well, its not as awesome as my armor, at least. That might take a few blows though... And its better than being sucked into the vacuum of space!"
Relasta burst out laughing. "Control? Fyst? Believe me, that is impossible. Fyst's very consciousness was made to have no control. That's the point. She arouses passions, breaks every form of control that is laid on her."

A growl sounded in the hallway, and her eyes flashed in anger as she spun around.

"Now what!"

A faint thud sounded in the air, and the growl came again, this time a great deal deeper than before. A dark smile crossed her face.

"Well, hello there. You come to play as well?"

You are being stupid.
"It's the standard issue for all space mechanics. It has every tool you need to fix ships in space, so that's what we're using." Kyle said, trying to take pride in it. "You want it or not?"
I sigh. "Everything can be controlled with an application of will." I face the Brute that came around the corner and sigh. "But we can have that lesson later. For now, let's kill." I leap forward, slashing it's chest and stomach open as I fly by.
"I'll pass on the armor, but if it has tools, see if you can get them out of the machine later. I can take nukes to the face with this armor, if the kinetic trials are to be believed..." Noct says, a small wry smile coming to his face.

"The nanites are fairly handy too, you know." On that word, a small cluster of them form into a little tower on the tip of his finger, before breaking apart and becoming a thin coating on his suit again.
"Your call." Kyle said, "Anyone else?"
Kit sits crosslegged in the middle of the room meditating for a few moments generating a psionic blast and then releasing it trying to vaporise the dead bodies of the necros but not harm the rest of the group.
OOC: Mark Dming required^ as to the success of Kits attempt better?
"Jack, what about you? You want a space-mech suit?" Markus asked him.

OOC: Morph, there are no necro's in the room. They were already all cleared.
Relasta laughed again as she danced backwards, the blow back from the thing's fist striking the ground ruffling her hair. Lunging forward, she thrust Andl'at into its forearm.

The thing gave an angry bellow and raised its arm. Relasta grinned as she tightened her grip on the black blade, flying into the air. Twisting around, she landed on its shoulders and locked her legs around its neck, pulling Andl'at free of its temporary sheath.

"Too slow! Now you die!" With a swift movement, she rammed the blade into the creature's skull, the force of the blow denting the surrounding bone with the hilt.
I shake my head. "No need for a suit like that. The tools would be nice though."
I sigh. She was definitely being affected by the disease outside of the headache. All that aside, I had to give her her props. I rush forward, thrusting Incendia and Glacies into him and flash freezing him and incinerating him all at the same time. Leaving a frozen and flaming skeleton. "Can we go now?"

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