Sinister Outpost, II

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Ok, what have I missed this time?...
Go to your last post and scan every post after that, you'll eventually find my "---status updates---" After reading those updates, if you still have questions, ask them.
"Alrighty then, lets move!" Markus orders walking back to the tram.

Relasta lightly landed on her feet after jumping from the now hissing corpse. "Depends. Everyone else done?"

I sigh. "The sooner you come back with me to the ship, the sooner we can be done." This was getting to a point where I needed Andl'at to intervene. "Andl'at, a little help please? I'll even give you another drink so you don't have to live off the necros so much."

At this point, anything is better than this bitter stuff, though that last one was a bit spicy. Take the offer, calm down, and please let Fyst look at you.

Relasta glared at him. "You turning my daughter against me? Real nice, Casanova." She glanced down the hallway with an almost longing expression on her face. "Fyst stays in her sheath."

Touch her. You are not normally this blood thirsty, I know for certain.

She sighed. "Fine. But if that moron says one more time that I'm going to kill everyone, I will gut him. Slowly. With my bare hands."

Which is why you need to let Fyst look at your mind, because the mother I know would not mean that.

I sigh again. "Not turning her against you, bribing her for help. I'll keep my end of the bargain since it seems like you are keeping yours."
{Ah... Torvus? Does your ship have an airlock?...}
Stefan's voice came in sounding somewhat nervous.

10/15/2012 11:25 AMPosted by Zarkun
{We have one, Stefan, why?}

{I might just need to use it, I'm backed up into a corner here by half a dozen brutes. The only way out is through them, or through the ship's hull. I've got zero gee thrusters, so I can make my way over the hanger. Hawkeye over.}
"lets get to the bridge then get the hell outa here" Kit says as she starts walking back towards the tram
{Roger that. Let me know when you're close.}
Hey fella's Please visit the discussion thread, I have some important news.
Kit stops at the door and turns around "are we leaving or what? they'll be coming again soon we better go." Kit waits for a response from the group but turns around and watchs the corridor for necros.
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"Alrighty then, lets move!" Markus orders walking back to the tram.
10/15/2012 04:40 PMPosted by MarkusDaWise
"Jack, what about you? You want a space-mech suit?" Markus asked him.

"Space isn't my thing really. I'll just wait here and keep an eye out on you guys until you come back."

Meanwhile, he took the fuel tanks of his flamethrower off to check them. Useless. One of the tanks was damaged when he was fighting and was leaking, almost empty. He took everything off and got out his gauss rifle. Then his mind drifted to old memories of the last time he was in space. Space. A heck of a place.
He calmly waited for the group approaching the tram. I hope they got that thing working.
Markus just sat down and gave Jack a small glance. Kyle began to operate the controls once everyone was on board, the doors slid closed and the tram began to move.
"How many more times are we gonna have to traverse this piece of !@#$?" Graal sat down, he wanted a break even if he didn't need it per say.
"I dont know but damn id love my teleporter right about now" Kit says not realising she said something she perhaps really shouldnt have.
"I know right? I sure hope we are done here soon. I need to get rid of this fuel tank. This thing keeps making weird bleeping noises."
Kyle just looked at Jack for a second before he spoke, "If there is a fire in this tram it will stop and we will be trapped in here to starve to death."

Markus turned to Kit, "a teleporter?"
"Err well ... (starts to berate herself in an unknown language)" Kit says while walking into a corner.
"Kit?" Markus grips his rifle more tightly, he was becoming paranoid.

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