Sinister Outpost, II

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Salem just stared Kyle down. "My fiance is a doctor and she would be very useful up there, don't worry though. Everyone is leaving that ship alive."

Rebecca went back inside and took the coat off and putting on a Kevlar like vest while putting the lab coat back on.
"Yes Sir!" kit turns around and starts making her way to the helipad loading her rifle and pistol on the way there and always ready for necros to pop out and attack her
The hell if I know, but it can't hurt, can it?


Oh. Right. Well, I'm in here anyways, so, lets see what fun I can have.

Just help her.

Gradually, Relasta's temperature fell, and she sighed slightly. Blood began leaking from the fresh wound that Fyst had caused.

Okay, progress I assume. Keep chugging away, sis.

I hate you right now.

Well, that's better than your usual self, so I'll take it. Next step, get all this blood off her, since I seem to recall you mentioning that that is why she's reacting so bad. Or is that just what I'm picking up through her? Kinda jumbled at the moment.

Yes, that is correct.

Goodie. Okay Cutie, you'd better wake your wife up, cuz I don't think that Mommy is gonna appreciate some random dude seeing her naked. Plus she's gonna need a new wardrobe, cuz she's not gonna want these back.

It would be best if you managed to keep us connected to her, so that we can continue or work.
"I am Sean." He said, panting. "Who are you? Where is Kyle?"


"You dont get it, if either one of you die the other will loose sight of all forms of sanity. Love ones feed off of each other to the point of death. Trust me, I have seen this happen too many times."
Graal just looks at the two swords. "What did I get myself into." I woke Linnzie up. "I need your help."

"What is it?" She does a wolf yawn.

"Well, I need you to stay here while I leave so I don't intrude on any privacy. Stay here and do what the swords tell you to do." With that I left the ship and contacted Torvus. {Torvus, close the ramp up to Bladerunner and lock it up, I'm having Linnzie stay up there with Relasta because something private is going on and I need to keep the others from seeing what's going on.}

Linnzie just shrugged. "Well...this is going to be interesting.
Rebecca just put a new clip into her pistol and got a few antibodies and a syringe. "I don't know who you are, but nothing will happen to us."
Kyle sighed and shook his head. "You have lived in the backwash of their lives for months and you still dont understand the power of insanity?"
"You don't need my name right now, but I do need to know what kind of ammunition you need. We're going to the Apparition and using the comm tower to send out a message." I look around. {I can close it, but if I lock it, only I can open it. But whatever.} The ramp raises and you can hear a clicking noise that sounds like a lock.
"WHAT!? You are going BACK to the Apparition! That's suicide! You... Cant... No.. No... NO!" Sean was shaking his head in disapproval.

"It is seventy seven times worse then this!!" Sean said.

"It's the only way, Sean!" Markus said, putting his hand on his shoulder.

"I... just spent... hours of the most painful blood sweat and tears getting off that piece of metal and now you're going back!?"

"Sean!" Markus yelled

"WHAT!?" Sean yelled back


"They need you." Mark said gesturing to the group of survivors.

"We need you..."
I sigh. "Well, that doesn't matter. We need to send a signal or we're all as good as dead anyways."
Salem and Rebecca ignored him and went to the helipad to wait for the others. "Then you don't know who we are and how we work together?"
Kyle sighed and followed them out. Passing by Sean, Markus and Torvus he stopped,

"Hey, what's going on here?" Kyle asked seeing as how Sean was hysterical.
Kinda wishing she would get over here, right about now.

I think I will take over here. You can't seem to concentrate very well.

Hey, I'm the reason that she hasn't driven one of us into her head yet! Give me a little credit.

Give you credit, and you will irritate Mother for weeks about it, and irritating her is the last thing she needs.

Oh, come on. I'm not that bad.

Relasta clamped her eyes shut against the pounding in her head. "Shut up. Shut up. Shut up!"

No can do, Momma. Busy trying to save your life.
"You Kyle?" I started walking again, forcing the group to follow me back to the Bladerunner.
kit would walk onto the helipad as this argument is going on and simply raise an eyebrow at them (vulcan eyebrow raise) and she is holding her rifle across her chest as if she was just in a fight
Linnzie scampered over to Relasta and her her chin on her cheek. "Please calm down, were doing all we can to help you." What do you two need me to do since Graal had me stay for your privacy?
Morph, first or third person plz. And capitalize when possible.
We require you to clean the Necro blood off of her. It is the source of her infection, and she is no physical condition to do so herself. She also requires new clothing, since her current attire is heavily permeated.

Hope there's a shower on this crate. And please keep us inside her, otherwise we can't help her.

Relasta pulled her knees up to her chest, pressing her head into them as she curled into a ball. "I just want the pain to stop."
Linnzie almost gagged at the smell. Maybe I should lick it off, once we remove the clothing, it will be more effective even if we don't have a shower. I'll ask Graal to ask Torvus for us.

Honey is there a shower in Bladerunner? Ask Torvus.

I nod my head to myself. "Torvus, is there a shower on Bladerunner?"
I nod. "Just behind the left side of seats, closest to the cockpit."
He nods. "Thank you." With that he signaled Linnzie.
There is a shower, behind the left side of seats closest to the cockpit.

Linnzie smiles. Thank you...Fyst and Andl'at, there is a shower for her to use.

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