Sinister Outpost, II

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OOC: Torvus, is there a beauty shop on the Bladerunner?


"I am Kyle, what's going on?" Kyle says, clearly confused.
...Smart @ss...

IC: "We're going to the Apparition. We're gonna use it's long rang comm."
kit ignores the small group and walks up to the bladerunner jumps once does a flip in mid air and lands on top of the bladerunner. kit then surveys the area looking for necros to get rid of.
Oh, goodie, no tongue bath.

Shush. You will need to clean her yourself. I have been absorbing and restoring a considerable amount of her blood, so it will be some time before she is able to appreciably achieve motion. It would best if her clothing was burned as well, though any method of disposal would be suitable at this point.

Relasta's eyes widened as her feverish mind caught their words. "No, no no no no no."

It is for your own good. You cannot move on your own, not in your condition, and we must get rid of the source of your infection.

Much as I would like to argue, Mom, she's got a point. Linnzie, yer gonna need to ignore her on this one.
Linnzie shushed Relasta. Okay, I'm going to undress her now. Linnzie started to undress Relasta so she could give her a shower. "If it will make you feel better, I have some spare clothes that you can use."

Graal was waiting patiently outside. "Torvus it's going to be some time before they are finished, so we might as well prep."
I think for a moment before sighing and leading the group to the mess hall. Looking through the windows, we could all see the number of necromorphs in there. "We're gonna have to clean this up some if they're gonna ever get some supplies."
Sorry, I had too :P

"Why would anyone want to go back to the Apparition!? That place is worse then here!" Kyle explained.

"That's what I said, but they're intent on going back." Sean told Kyle
"The long range comms might give us some attention, but dont expect to get out alive." Kyle warned the group.

"If you come be sure you are ready for the death of everything you hold dear." Kyle continued

Sean nodded his head in agreement.
"The horror... The pure horror... I found an audio log of a nursing mother who lost her baby... She found him in-"
"That's enough, Sean!" Kyle shouted.
I shake my head. I wasn't sure that these two were sane enough to go. "Look, I know what you faced up there, but fear is ultimately what's gonna get you killed. Now, we're gonna clean out this place, then we're gonna see if Relasta is ready yet." I turn to Graal. "Tell Linnzie I have some spare armor that should fit Relasta in storage area in the shower compartment."
Just try to keep us within her as much as possible, particularly myself. Otherwise we won't be able to combat the infection.

Relasta shuddered slightly, shaking her head. "No, no no. Please don't."

(I'm going to let you run this part Raven. Linnzie should take notice of the scars along her arms and legs, because she has a lot of them. I'll have Andl'at or Fyst chime in when needed.)
Linnzie, this is Graal. Tell Relasta that Torvus has some spare armor in a compartment near the shower.

Okay, I was going to give her some of my clothes as well, it would be more comfortable.

"Relasta, Torvus said that he has some spare armor for you as well." With that she saw all the scars across Relasta's beautiful body. "What were these from?"
kit watchs the landing pad keeping it clear of any necros and slightly wondering why none of the group had noticed her jump onto the bladerunner.
Because the Bladerunner is supposed to be a bit tall...Hence the ramp...
OOC:kit does have psionic powers and she tends to use them in unusual ways
Still...You should have followed as I said I lead the group away.
Relasta simply mumbled in response.

Ah, that would be me. There was a period of time when there wasn't a opportunity to feed my thirst with others, so Mother did the job herself. She still does it in order to keep me under control.

I remember that. Took her a while to figure out the best way to do it. Nearly killed her the first time.

And I apologized for that. I had not meant to take so much, but it had been some time since I had last drank.
well someone should stay at the pad and keep the necros away besides she is a great sniper
OOC:Back from school :D

IC: Garret walked over to Mike's office, whose location he was made aware of by a helpful Samaritan. He knocked on the door "Is anyone here?".
hehehe...No need. I put the ship on lockdown so that anything that tried to get in died upon entrance to the vents. I is an evil turd. But what ever. Mark ultimately decides.
Linnzie had some tears in her eyes, she knew the pain that Relasta was in because she had the same problem before, well except for the blood.

Once we are done bathing her and healing her. I want the two of you to please let her rest.

She picked the naked Relasta up with the blades still in her and had carried her over to the shower and turned it on. It was lukewarm and Linnzie started to bath her. "Were here for you."
she didnt jump in she jumped on top of the bladerunner

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