Sinister Outpost, II

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Garret recieves no answer, Mike is directing people in a room just across from the mess hall. The mess hall has been taken by Necro's btw.

Zarkun, can you find a picture of the Bladerunner? (edit) Or at least of something similar?

Sean poked Torvus with his finger,
"You DONT know what we went through up there..." Sean objected.
Salem and Rebecca watched as Graal approached Sean. "This is going to be good." He said.
Graal approached Sean and stopped right in front of him. "Ya we don't..." He lifted Sean up off the ground. "But you don't know what I went through a couple of years ago!" He dropped him and Sean fell onto the ground. "You don't even know who I am and what I had to go through to see the next dawn of day!"
I walk out to where the Bladerunner was landing, only briefly stopping to kill a random Necromorph. Walking up to it, cloaked, I radio to Torvus
{You said you had a sword in the Bladerunner, right? Could you unlock it and show me where it could be?}
Agreed, though whether or not it can be done is not so clear.

Yeah, that may take a bit of work.
I'll see what I can do.

IC: "I don't really need to know. I just need to know if you can grow a pair and help us out, otherwise we're dead anyways." {Negative. We have a naked teenager in their who might appreciate some privacy.}
CR? That wasn't directed at Graal, it was directed at Torvus. I fail to see you Graal connects to that at all.

Plus, did you see how much armor Sean has on? No easy feet to make him look like a feather. Plus its usually a bad habit to get into to make other ppl's characters look bad, especially the DM's XD
She started to bathe her and she grabbed some shampoo and scrubbed her hair with her claw like nails. "Don't worry, it shouldn't take to long." Just please behave as best you can for her sake please?
Graal over heard him Markus, and if he's going up as well he might as well speak the truth. And you are forgetting that he has a arm that is made out of energy now.
"Damn!" exclaimed Garret. "I wonder if Naazarie got him...."

OOC:I don't have time to read everything, so can someone summarize what happened?
{Ah. Alright, I will wait then. Am I needed anywhere?} I ask, opening a communication channel to Markus prior to saying the second sentence.
It is not so much that we won't be able to let her sleep.....

And more a question of whether or not she will want to sleep, ya see.

Relasta could feel the nails against her scalp, and her eyes hooded slightly. "Nooooooooohhhh."
The hair was done and it just needed wash. "Relasta please calm down." Can any of you help soothe her? Water was washing over Relasta's head and the soap was washing away. "Next to clean your skin."
{Head to the mess hall with that SMG of yours. We're cleaning house.}
kit fires on a small group of necros that were trying to sneak up behind the group that was moving towards the mess hall. there would be a number of blasts that sounded almost like a siege tank firing. (not in siege mode)
No, you seem to be doing a good job of that yourself, all things considered.

She does appear to be enjoying this, which is remarkable in itself.
Linnzie than grabbed a scrub and started to clean Relasta's skin, cleaning the pores that were filled with dirt or blood. "If you want, I can help do your hair after were done?"
OOC:Can someone please just tell me the important stuff real quick? Sorry but I honestly can't read all of it right now.
pain and suffering mostly and theres a team getting ready to go back to the apperition
OOC: *Barely suppresses his Grammar Nahtsee complex*

"...Caps... Grammar..."


*Runs away gibbering and begins criticizing sister on her over-use of the word 'Like'.*


Noct was sitting right by the washroom, unaware of the two sitting inside. Munching happily on his first meal that didn't look like paste, even if it was a simple ration pack. With a smile on his face, he takes another bite out of something that looks just like a pastry-

Only to suddenly choke at the sound of moaning coming out of the bathroom. He quickly scrunches up his face in thought. Wait a second, aren't there two girls in th-

His eyes quickly go wide, a massive blush breaking out on his face. Flicking down the reflective visor on his suit, he gets up and stiffly walks to a more distant area in the Bladerunner. Still holding the pastry in his mouth, he mentally kicks himself for the unwanted mental images.
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Can someone please just tell me the important stuff real quick? Sorry but I honestly can't read all of it right now.

You haven't missed much. Sean and Kyle, survivor's of the Apparition are arguing with Markus and Torvus urging them not to fly to the Apparition.
{Alright. No clue where it is, but I'll wing it.} I reply, and start walking back to the compound, my cloaking off. Another Necromorph jumps at me, and I flick it away with telekenesis, with enough force to break both its legs and arms. I replace my SMG and draw my rifle, loading a Penetrator round into the chamber.

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