Sinister Outpost, II

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^Yeah, could you get back to that? I made a reply.
Later dudes, I'm going home. Hopefully DA Chat will be working tonight. Raven, you can run our thing how you want, Relasta is going to be pretty unresponsive at this point.
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"I don't really need to know. I just need to know if you can grow a pair and help us out, otherwise we're dead anyways."

Sean glared at Torvus. "It takes more then crass language to survive the Apparition..."

Kyle took a deep breath and looked around at the death and depression surrounding the area.

"I've seen a lot of nasty stuff on the Apparition that will haunt me for the rest of my life... Family members that attack you... I've seen brother feast on brother... Son feast on Mother. Mother watch in horror as her son goes mentally insane and bangs his head against a wall until you can see his brain..."

Kyle paused when someone screamed in pain nearby. Everything seemed okay though since he heard a little girl would have to undergo surgery, he assumed it was just her.

"I am willing to die to help stop that death and destruction from spreading... I am in."

Sean looked at him and thought about it for a second. He thought about his ten year old son waiting for him to come home in some appartment in Korhal.

"Im in too." Sean said quietly, with his eyes getting misty.
I nod. "Thank you. But we need to wait a bit longer. Anyone got a...wait," I search one of my pouches and pull a shredder grenade out, "nevermind, I got one." Unsealing the door momentarily, I open it, toss in the grenade with out it's pin and close and seal the door quickly. We can see the explosion clearly. "Ready to move in?"
Sean nods, "Let me at 'em!" He puts on his helmet and levels his pulse rifle.

Markus goes to unstrap his rifle, then realizes its still by the Bladerunner. "oops." He says rather cheerfully.

Kyle pulls out his pistols. "Lets do this."
The last of Relasta's skin was cleaned and the water stopped, Linnzie held her tight with her arms. "It's going to be okay now, you're going to feel better now." As soon as she said that, she had wrapped a towel around her.
Garret continued walking around, wondering where he was, he approached someone who had a radio and demanded it.
{"Is anyone on this frequency? Hello? Is anyone there?"} Bladerunner. Hidden weapons rule >:)

IC: "Right." I draw Incendia and Glacies and kick the unsealed doors in, kneeling to let the men with guns do their thing before I did mine.
Garret continued walking around, wondering where he was, he approached someone who had a radio and demanded it.
{"Is anyone on this frequency? Hello? Is anyone there?"}

No answer is given once again, but much gunfire is heard coming from the mess hall, giving Garret a clear path where to go.


Mark began searching franticly for a weapon while Sean put a sneer on his face and held the trigger down. He didn't care which necro he hit, just that he hit a necro. The squeals and dismembered body parts flying every which direction seemed to indicate Sean was hitting with the majority of his shots. He hid behind a wall to reload while Kyle substituted with a hail of precise pistol shots, keeping them at bay.

More started emerging from the vents.

Markus grabbed a bolt action hunting rifle and turned around just in time to shoot one in the face that was getting deathly close to Kyle. The bullet tore its head off but didn't slow the beast down. It jumped on Kyle and began clawing at his throat.

"Heere we go..." Sean muttered as a million flashbacks came. Remembering each detail of the Apparition was NOT a blessing in any way to him.
Garret heard the gunfire.
Naazarie, or just his servants?
He ran back and got his rifle, then he ran towards the mess hall.
"I'm comin' for ya', you demon!"
I join Torvus and his team. "Apparently, winging it works." I look through the door, seeing the Necromorphs, and fire the Penatrator round into the room, piercing through a good team of them. I replace the clip with FMJ rounds and unload into the room.
Which of the ships is the bladerunner? So many. i love the thunderbolt light fighter.
I spun around, kicking off the necro off of Kyle, then bringing both blades down and cleaving off the limbs. I throw a flurry of det knives into the mess hall, causing a chain explosion. Soon they're leaving the same way they came in, the vents. "Well, you sure like to cut it close." I offer a hand to Kyle. {Mike, get a team in grabbing the supplies out of the mess hall, I don't know how long we scared them off for.}

OOC: It's the one called the Mirage.
As Garret entered into the mess hall, and saw the chaos.
"Servants of Naazarie, your time has come!" He said, as he took his hunting rifle in his hand and blew the head off of a necromorph. "Didn't think I was that good at aimin'!" He said, but the second shot was off by roughly 4 feet.
love the bladerunner

kit continues to survey the area while waiting for the group to return form their 'errand'
Kyle accepts his hand and gets up. "You have no idea how many close calls Sean has pulled me out of. I hope to return the favor one day."


Wont be able to post for roughly five and a half hours.

lol at Garret. I love that character XD
I nod. "If things are as bad up there as you say, you may get that chance."
Alright... where's Stefan, and whats going on?
Stefan is in the mess hall. He has been recruited for a strike team along with Torvus, Markus, Sean, Kyle, Kit, Salem, Rebecca, Relesta, Graal(If he chooses) Linnzie(If she chooses) Jackson, and soon to be Trevor, nobody knows that except me though.

This strike team is going to board the Apparition and fight their way to the communication center, where they will attempt to send a long distance message back to terran space.
Lorian space to be specific.

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