Pankoprulu Academy, Part 25

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"I'm not buying anything. They don't have what I need anyway." I walk up to Logan. "So lets go."
{I'll introduce you to them if you ever visit Loria. Well, I'll see you when you get here, I'm gonna finish eating then get a workout in.} I lean back, enjoying the Pops. I was taking back a souvenir for everything we needed, including some recipes.
We walk down the street disappointed with the weaponry. I dial up Cayl, {Have you seen the primitive weaponry they have?}
I answer the phone. {Yeah, I bought a couple ARs and a .50 caliber sniper rifle. Souvenirs are awesome. That .50 cal could turn a Zergling into mulch from two miles out.}
{Most of their weapons available to the public would only tickle Zerglings and a Hydralisk wouldn't even feel anything. Don't get me started on their ineffectiveness against Roaches.}
"Okay, it should be this way."
{"Okay, I'll be there soon."}
I chuckle at Zaros's lack of teaching. {That's why you go to the military base as a 'tourist.' They have all the good stuff. ARs are definitely effective. And so are .30-06's. Go to a store called Cabela's. They have the good stuff.} I start doing one handed push-ups, keeping the phone balanced in my other hand.
{I'll make sure to do that.} I respond. {Do they have any knives?}
{Should. I heard they have bowie knives for sure. Think large combat knife by the way.} Now I was doing sit ups. I could tell why he came here.
{'Kay thanks.} I hang up and head towards Cabela's.
I chuckle and close the phone, setting it down and getting into my more advanced segments, getting the katanas and practicing my forms with them. I hope he payed for them.
I walk through the front door this time.

Worker: "Where is your pop culture costume, sir?"

"I'm sorry, I forgot it in my room. I was drunk last night and see-"

Worker: "Oh yes, I remember you now. Your friend brought you in. Go right up."

"Thanks." I head upstairs and look for Cayl.
I spot Markus walking past the kitchen and call out. "In here." I finish up a form and sheath the swords, storing the armor. "Care to see my new toys?"
I prepare myself for the worst. "New toys?"
I lead him to the replacement room and pull out the AR15s and the .50 cal from my pack. "Don't worry, I bought them at Cabela's."
I gaped at the arsenal. "Where the hell did you get a gun license?!"
"Same place you did." I chuckle as I pull out the license. "What you think I did all night, beat up gang members?"
"Yes. Yes, that's exactly what I thought you did!" I pick up the AR15, glad that he didn't use that last night.

I really shouldn't be surprised.

"D-do you have ammo for this?"
I shrug. "I didn't even have it til earlier today. But yes, I can make ammo for it." I could see the worry on his face and sigh. "Look, they're for use on Zerg and Tal'Darim only, so don't worry. Oh, and Dominion Marines."
"You better. Marines? Wouldn't their armor be too advanced for these weapons?"

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