Pankoprulu Academy, Part 25

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"No wait. You don't know what to look for. There has to be another way!"

I let off a sigh. "Alright just focus yourself for a minute. That will help in finding my signature if the HUD is not able to display my location."
I sit on the ground and cross my legs. I begin to mediate. Within a few moments, I locate and lock on to her psychic energy. "I think I've got it."
"Right, now you can probably see me as well now." I start to feed off the energy from several people around here. I just take small amounts to keep my own energy up.
"I also sense you using your powers. What are you doing?"
"Just keeping my energy up. There are enough people around that I can collect energy. There amounts are small and I don't take much either."
"... I'm not sure how I feel about. As long as it doesn't hurt anyone."
"It won't, I've used this ability several times and never hurt anyone by taking only small amounts of their energy. Besides no one here has enough energy for me to take with out potentially harming them. Now are you ready?"
"That's why you're taken from multiple people. I'm ready."
"Right... Lets move then." I wait for Logan to take the lead.
"This way." I start sneaking towards the hide-out, careful to avoid anything that I can know over. Several of the gang members are playing basketball. I ignore and keep going. Eventually we come to a locked door.
I follow carefully and quietly behind Logan. Do you know how to pick locks? Also try using your mind to communicate it will help keep our cover.
I'll try. You do this one. I'll have to practice later.
I step up to the door and start to pick the lock. It takes me about a minute to get the door opened. "Alright lead on." I say stepping out Logan's way.
I walk into the building. We go past several rooms that have gang members in them. In one room I can hear them playing Battlefield 3.

One of those huh?

I continue on until we get to another door that is locked. I indicate the door and step aside.
IC: I check the area to make sure that I am away from anyone's field of view, and then deactivate the disguise and fly onto the warp pad. There is a flash of light, and I rematerialize on board the Vengeance.
I sit there with Umbra. "Hello, Ceas. Tired of Earth already?"
Me, Zaros, and Raven made it to the teleporter and we found ourselves on the Vengeance. I then saw Shadow. "Shadow, do you care much if something life changing happens in this alternate? Because my other half did something..."

Raven was whistling and walking casually and stops peering around. "Not entirely my fault for the last time..."
I shrug. "Nah. To be blunt, this timeline will spiral in a different direction, and I want to see that direction."
Akia Entered the vengeance through the Ferris wheel.
Raven then smiled. "That's good then, because I just let the doctor have a sample of my blood." He laughed.

I just glared at him. "You're lucky..."

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