Pankoprulu Academy, Part 25

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10/12/2012 01:17 PMPosted by Draconus
I shrug. "Nah. To be blunt, this timeline will spiral in a different direction, and I want to see that direction."

Maybe what happened in this timeline was supposed to happen. I mentioned this. Maybe the timeline never split.
It's been planned to be alternat the whole time.
10/12/2012 05:26 PMPosted by Zarkun
It's been planned to be alternat the whole time.

Quiet you. Just kidding. Fine. It is weird that we are in the same time period as we are in in real life.... Weird, I've never had to put two "in"'s right next to each other.
That is odd...That's just...out of place...
Brian had finally reached the Ferris wheel.

I see Brian and start mumbling, "Why couldn't he have stayed behind?"
10/12/2012 01:08 PMPosted by Draconus
I sit there with Umbra. "Hello, Ceas. Tired of Earth already?"
"There is little for me to do there. A good deal of the point of a vacation is to relax or have it be enjoyable, which, being synthetic, are fairly limited things for me. I did manage to add some information to the Protoss Archives, however, which may help in some way once we are back in our own time. Speaking of which, would you mind me asking how you managed to bring the ship back in time to this era? Even us Protoss are only in experimental stages when dealing with the timestream."
I show him a blueprint for a millisecond, so he can't get the specifics. "The human mind has developed weird stuff over the centuries. I can't work this personally, it takes someone with thinner arms and faster fingers to work the delicate knobs to get a precise read. Private Ginei can do far stuff like this, but specific dates are tricky for her." I shrug. "All it takes is one mind that doesn't think like the rest. This guy also developed the early versions of cloaking, Diamondbacks, and even the pre-lim for the Yamato Cannon. Freaky genius, way ahead of his time."
I walk into the building. We go past several rooms that have gang members in them. In one room I can hear them playing Battlefield 3.

One of those huh?

I continue on until we get to another door that is locked. I indicate the door and step aside.

I pick the lock and step out of Logan's way again so he can lead on.
We head into the basement. It's obviously the real portion of the hide-out. We go down and hear voices at the bottom of the stairs.

"Yo man, ya think this Rodriguez dog is telling us the truth?"

"He betta or he ain't goin' to be waking up again."

"But what happn's if he cuts off our supply from Orange county and Mexico?"

"Ain't goin' happen bro. Relax. I got this. Once we got the city by the balls, we'll be runnin' this !@#$%."
Ok so what are we looking for? I am careful about moving around the basement to avoid alerting the gang of our presence.
We got part of what we wanted from listening to them. Orange county is well known for its illegal mari juana problem and they must be talking about co caine from Mexico. They sell both. We just need proof that they receive such supplies. Don't expect a paper trial though. They do must of their business under the table.

OOC: Blizzard censors both drugs' names. Which is kind of funny since the drugs in the Starcraft universe are often times the same drugs (same side effect, symptoms, etc.), but with different names.
So we need to find the supply that they have here. How will that link them to the Chief?

I scan the room looking for where they might hide their stash.
We already have the evidence linking them to the chief. We just need to prove they are doing something wrong besides, you know, conspiracy.

I go in the opposite direction and search that way.
Ah ok then. I think I found something here. I look at a bag with what looked like fine white powder.
I found a vault that looks beat up pretty bad. I try to break the combination by putting my ear to it, but I am out of practice doing such tricks.
Need some help? I continue to look around the room for what we needed.
Whatever you can give me. I'm out of practice.
Finishing the song, I sigh and head to the combat simulator. Walking in, I grab the tech's attention. "Give me a fairly large sim please. Maybe Zerglings and Zealots."

OOC: Hint, hint XD.
I sneak over to the safe and examine it quickly. Well if I had my welding torch I could cut through it in no time. Maybe if I.... I try using my telekinesis to work the tumblers into place.
I'll look for the drugs. Did you find any green leaves or white powder?

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