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I was wondering if purchasing Gunnars would be at all worth it. I frequently get headaches after 3-5 games of Starcraft 2, and I would like to keep playing longer. It feels like the strain from the screen is the cause. Do these glasses actually work?
Ask an optometrist. As far as I'm concerned, it's better just to stick with regular glasses.

That being said, it may not be such a bad idea to listen to your body's signals; taking a good break once in a while is cheaper than a pair of new glasses.
Well I don't actually wear glasses normally. If my eyes were just getting strained, I would totally agree that I should just take regular breaks. But as it is right now, if I play at noon, I can develop a headache that just throbs for hours, really making me not only have to stop playing, but also kind of screws me up when trying to do anything else.

This sometimes happens when I'm just on the computer too long (which seems normal), but it happens way more frequently when playing sc2. I guess I REALLY concentrate or I'm really tense or something so it gives me a headache faster. If these glasses could reduce the amount of strain on my eyes, maybe they would stop these headaches?
I still think you should see an optometrist; he/she should be able to tell what's best for you and also if there's something wrong with your eyes. You may not even have to wear glasses all the time.
No, they're useless.
Well, I actually have a prescription pair... and I love em to death. I'm in front of a screen for hours on end, during college I would have my eyes feeling strained at the end of every moth because we had 1 month classes soo those last 1-2 weeks are pulling 90hours+ in front of a computer getting work done lol.

Once I put to much strain on my eyes from staring at computers I had to take a month leave just to recover.. sat in the dark for weeks with my eyes closed cuz just looking at a screen produced throbbing eye pain... no headaches for me, just sore eyes.

Bought a pair of Gunnars and noticed my eye strain at the end of every month was gone to severely reduced... I will be buying another pair when I've got cash, mainly because this frame-less pair isn't holding up as well as I hoped.. but that's my own fault for wearing them everywhere and not just in front of the computer like I thought I would:/ I believer they have a return policy, try em and decide for yourself because they benefit everyone differently.

Ahh.. but first try reducing the brightness of your monitor to a more natural lighting setting.. I've noticed some people can sit comfortably in a dark room with the brightness jacked up to the max searing they're eyes off... I however can't.. My brightness RARELY goes above 50% and I only have a 250cd/m2 screen.

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