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I need a new computer. I have a dell inspiron 1750 and it has been the best little puter i have ever had, but times they are changing and the little laptop that could just cant anymore. (the comp i had before this dell was an old HP with windows Me... *shudders*)

Now, i was looking at a few desktops on amazon and i found this one

I have a very VERY limited knowledge about computers, so building my own is out of the question i will break something, all of what i know about them can be summed up like so= press one button lights and sounds happen, press another button and internetz and games!

Here's where the SC2 community comes in (that's you btw) all i really need to know is if the computer i linked above is a worthy computer that will last at least a year or two of gaming.

Thanks in advance,

DEE =3
seriously, build your own or get a friend to build your own. its a great learning experience!

roughly same things but its 100dollars cheaper. You should look for some local computer stores and see if they offer building services that isn't priced at 100 dollars.
@yui: honestly i would like to build my own as i know i could get a much better deal and really know whats going on in the computer. As of right now i feel the time investment of learning to build my own and the money for the parts i would potentially break is too great for me to deal with right now, but the next computer i get i will be building my own.

@onLe: woah thanks for the links! =3 ill check out those sites and i wasn't even thinking about computer building services i didn't even know stuff like that was available. haha...yeahimnottobright.
If you are willing to build your own, it will (almost always) be a far better deal.

Here is the guide, also has example builds with real prices you can get:


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