The Invasion: Redux

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With the Queen of Blades nowhere in sight, the Zerg on Char fell into disarray, giving the Dominion and Raiders a much needed respite. In addition, Dominion ground forces are making strides in reclaiming the surface of Char. However, the battle for air dominance is still very much contested.

Despite the initial success of the ground forces, the Zerg show increasingly more resistance despite losing their Queen. Dominion intel has shown that various powerful Broodmothers have moved out of hiding to strengthen and lead their broods. Reports of casualties increased dramatically.

The fight over Char begins...
How to Start:
1) Only Terran in the beginning, standard applications. You will all start out riding in a drop ship descending to the surface, looking at the hell that awaits you.

2) Zerg RPers will be considered.

3) Protoss allowed with a reasonable reason. If not, refer to the first two.

Original Invasion:

Original Idea:

I'll reintroduce Rave in this, but not til a little bit later.
Terran Characters (Will only keep track of Terran, rest are you.)

Rave Mallard (Zarkun)- Currently on Overwatch.

Sergeant Diethelm (CR)- Taking a break.

Jake Carpenter (MarkusDaWise)- KIA.

Tyler Edwards (MarkusDaWise)- Reporting to Armory for additional weaponry.

Lt. Dan Marshal (smylez)- Returning to base after a successful mission.

John Stalwart (MarkusDaWise)- Returning to base with Dan.
The original idea I assume?
Fella's I dont think this is a good time to start this RP...
It's perfect Mark. I have a lot of the original RPers for this one joining.
Yep, no one bothered to read the wall of text so I shortened it into what you wrote in your OP.
Looks interesting... I might join once I read it. I mean, Zarkun AND smylez is in it, so it must be good!
Be glad to have you.
Name: Rave "The Shadow" Mallard
Race: Terran
Sub-Species/Unit: Spectre
Height: 6'2"
Characteristics: Quiet, calm reasonable person. Tends to keep his helmet on even on break. Thin and Muscular build.
Abilities: Psionic Lash, Hypersonic Pulse, Cloak, Ability to suppress psionic signature, unique ability among Spectres, he calls it Blast pulse. Kills anything 5 feet in front of it and repels everything outside of 5 feet.
Equipment: Prototype AGR-77 Gauss Rifle, Scythe Combat Pistol, Spectre MK. III Combat/Survival Suit equipped with hidden punch knives, saber claws, thermal and night vision, and emergency medical supplies, and a katana.
Backstory: Rave enlisted with the Dominion as soon as he turned 18. Almost immediately his psionic abilities were discovered by a ghost visiting his training center and he was slotted to become a ghost. He served as a ghost for 2 years, earning the nickname "The Shadow" during this time. Near the end of his second year as a ghost, Project Shadowblade was initiated and he became one of the early Spectres. He was one of the first Spectres targeted for capture when the program was shut down but was never found. For that reason, they killed his family hoping to draw him out. He killed the ghosts responsible, but was never actually seen. He remained anonymous until Tosh joined up with Raynor's Raiders. Rave quickly followed suit and has been a major asset to the Raiders since.

Combat appearance: Middle one with the visor closed.
Name: Sergeant Diethelm
Race: Terran
Class: Heavy Support
Primary Weapon: Portable Man Sized Auto Cannon
Secondary Weapon: Scythe Pistol
Equipment: Radio, Grenade Pouch, Built in targeting system.
Backstory: Diethelm survived on countless counter attacks against the swarm, he was also on the front lines during the start of the war. His prototype suit allows him to carry heavy equipment by hand, since it worked out so well they decided to equip him with a Auto Cannon. The only problem with the Auto Cannon was that he couldn't run and it took him a while to set up. (Think of it as the draw back of carrying a Auto Cannon.)

Combat Appearance:
I can't think of a unique character!!

But when I do I will edit this post
Name: Jake Carpenter
Age: 25
Race: Terran
Prefered CMC: CMC-300
Primary: C-14 Gauss Rifle
Secondary: Extra ammo
Backstory: Jake got caught in a "drug ring" they called it. The dominion just needed people to join the military and nobody can fight their power.
Appearance: Exactly like a regular marine, his mask depicts a smiley face. Out of a CMC-300 suit however, he has a buzz cut, is 5'11'' and has a medium build.

Name: Tyler Edwards
Age: 26
Race: Terran
Preferred-CMC:He's a reaper... sooo...
Primary: Duelly commando pistols.
Secondary: Extra ammo
Backstory: Tyler was accused of murder, then resociolized. He was immediately put into the military. Nobody knows if he really killed anybody or not. The resociolization didn't work, however, so he was implemented as a reaper.
Appearance: Exactly like a reaper. Out of a CMC-300 suit however, he has blonde wavy hair to his eyebrows, is 5'11'' and has a medium build.

Name: None
Age: Newly spawned
Race: Zerg
Brood: Tarantula Brood
Primary: Poison coated needle spines
Secondary: Brute strength and lethal claws
Backstory: Accidently got geneticly altered, is pretty much a "hunter killer" from BW. Maybe a little more powerful if need be.
Appearance: A large Hydralisk

I will edit or remove anything and everything. Just say the word
I'd like to try Zerg this time.

Name: Hel'grash
Race: Zerg
Unit: Broodmother
Weapons: talons, spines
Brood: Tarantula

The Tarantula Brood was relatively new-born compared to others of the Swarm, hidden away deep underground during the main siege of the Central Hive Cluster. Specializing in high speed raids through Nydus Worms and intelligence gathering, the Roaches of the Tarantula's had evolved to become the fastest tunnelers. The Broodmother of the Tarantula's, Hel'grash, was specially bred by the Queen of Blades for leading her brood, and was known for being exceptionally cautious and shrewd. Since the defeat of the Queen of blades, Hel'grash became dedicated to preserving her brood, knowing full well that the Terrans and Protoss, should they come, would not hesitate to eradicate both her and her brood. Secure within the deepest part of a relatively stable section of the Nydus Network, her primary goal is to preserve her brood and escape Char.
Take your time. I need at least four people anyways.
Zarkun, you'll need Zerg for everyone else to play against, it'll help drive the story I think. Plus, I haven't RP'ed Zerg since I created Digger in Cloaked Love, so I'd like to give it a shot.
You're good, I just need another person.
Anyone mind if I have a zerg AND a terran? The zerg could just be under TC's command :P Never played with a zerg before so it might be fun.

But at the same Time.. I want a regular Terran, so yeah.
That's fine. Just, make it your own brood. If you read any other RPs with Zerg, you'll see that Zerg RPers don't mesh well. Trust me, you'll appreciate it.
He wouldn't enjoy bossing me around? Whatever, you know better then I would.
Oh damn...Zarkun if that's the case, I can bring Diethelm back in this one and get him reinfested as the first one of the Brood because they are desperate for survival and would do anything.

The Brood I think you are already know, the Razor Hound, Strider, and Slyven are the units you know so far from them, and the Crelent which is a unique Hydralisk but it isn't one.

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