The Invasion: Redux

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Adjutant JKE-7
D.S.S Aphelion
Ship Log
September, 2504, Char--

Thermal disturbance detected within region XII. Probe dispatched for basic reconnaissance. Estimated travel time: 127 seconds.

Thermal disturbance caused by crash of Minotaur-class Battlecruiser Borealis. D.S.S Aphelion rerouted to crash site.

Troop hangar undergoing conversion to medical bay.
Wreckage has been reached. Cause of crash Zerg attack, most likely Scourge. Went down over the Calmirian wastes at an altitude of thirty-seven thousand feet.

Estimated survival rate: 0.003 percent.

Results of biological signature scan: Three probable survivors of Borealis crash. Investigation currently being undertaken.


One survivor picked up.


D.S.S Aphelion en route to forward outpost no.3. Burn and shock treatment already underway.

-End Log-
Mecha, that is a glitch in the site programming. It doesn't happen very often. USE THE PREVIEW!
I don't and it looks fine. Personal preference I suppose.
Has Smylez' squad moved out yet?
"Men, stick in a tight formation! The nydus networks shouldn't be far off so keep our presence at a minimum and we'll get back alive. You there private! Hurry up and grab your gear!"

We leave the base.


Jake takes a few deep breaths and looks over to a battle hardened man with a scar across his face. The man was large, bald and had blue eyes.

"Im Jake." Jake told him
"John..." He replied.

Jake nodded then looked back out the window.


Name: John Stalwart
Age: 32
Race: Terran
Preferred-CMC: CMC-300 (Marine)
Primary: C-14 Gauss Rifle
Secondary: Extra ammo
Backstory: A space pirate who was finally caught. Wont say a word about his fellow pirates, or where he came from.
Appearance: 6' 4'' Blue eyes, Bald, Scar from forehead to chin going across his eye.
Lieutenant Dan was greeted by an beeping sound. Looking at the top of his helmet, he blinked once at it, the sides of his helmet lighting up with my visage. "Sir, we have located the Nydus Network. Several Zerg Air units have been detected around the area, so caution is advised." I blink out, leaving a map of the surrounding area and the location of the Nydus Networks on his HUD.
Wfawwer says that you are in the base...Your person was the only survivor and they already picked you up and are headed for the forward outpost.

Diethelm heard a screeching sound in his head, as if someone used a knife to scratch on a chalkboard. "This's irritating me. Can't you hear it?" Diethelm was the only one that could hear it.
Zalra was watching a new strain evolve, it was a...trial and error test.
OOC: Ohh woops thought she was comin to get me
"I have good news and bad news. The good news is that command found the locations of the nydus networks and they uploaded the images to our HUDs so we don't have to look around. The bad news is that our birds are very busy at the moment so they want us to destroy it instead before things get hairy."

"We are going plant charges on those locations and collapse the tunnels. We will split into 3 teams to expedite the process. Then, we get away from there and hopefully there will be evac."

"But Lt. Dan, won't they surround us if we are isolated units?"

"Either way, we are going to be surrounded. However, if we are quick and fast and plant all 3 charges simultaneously, we can finish the job a lot faster. That sound good enough private?"


"Good, then these are the unit assignments...Private Jake, you are coming with me."
The Broodmother was busy gathering intel from her scouts when she got a piece of intresting information. One of her Overseers had told her that Battlecruiser had recently crashed out in the wastes. She pondered over this and decided that that that the Battlecruiser could be useful and she sent out a few Overlords full of Death's Teath Zerglings and Death's Head Hydralisks as well as few Hydralisks and Corrupters as escorts to investigate the find.

The Aphelion docked at the base, a pair of medics rushing toward the ship as I lowered the medical bay through the bottom of the ship. Grabbing hold of the bed they proceeded to wheel her off, allowing me to lift the Aphelion off again. Noting the words of Lieutenant Dan, I sent word to high command requesting a Hercules for transport, all the while sending the Aphelion towards the strike party.

An Overlord Prime observed the crash and reported it to Brood Master Remus, who quickly dispatched Sand Sharks, Slayers, Shrikes and Fearhawks to the location. They were to prevent any other brood from securing it. None would leave and his Brood would reign supreme. As they went, he decided to have a group of Prowlers set a trap for the incoming brood that had just been spotted. Broodkings would then move in to finish their forces.
I woke up and looked around I mumbled "Whe-where am I." before I passed out again

The Overlords quickly unloaded their cargo through a hole cut through the bridge which the Overlord made note of. Suddenly one of the Death's Teeth smelled something. And he sniffed it again to see what it was. It excitedly realize that he was smelling a Terran with a gene code that was compatible with Zerg DNA as well as a minute trace of Psionics!! He happily reported this to the Broodmother and followed the trail until it disapeared right under the large cut into the roof of Bridge. The Overseer keeping watch suddenly alerted them that enemy Zerg were approaching and they readied themselves for battle.
So you know Mecha, you're about to lose all your forces. No one is allowed to gain too much of an edge over anyone til the Protoss are introduced. Not being an @ss, just keeping it fair.

The Shrikes move in quickly, taking out the corrupters and overlords before they could react. Next followed the Slayers while the Sand Sharks positioned themselves in place. They forced all the other hydralisks into a corner, where the Sand Sharks leaped from the ground, tearing them apart. Then they moved into the battle cruiser, taking out the odd little Zerglings. They then began to patrol it, keeping any other brood from making a move, while a Slayer reported. The other Broodsssss forccccessss have been sssssdealt with. We will remain here and guard the crash site. Remus chuckles to himself. The other Broods hadn't known of his own Broods existence until now, and it was serving him well.

Do that, my child. Keep me posted. He could feel the ground shake as the Harbinger grew closer to being complete. Soon he would be feared.

I patiently waited until one of the Majors answered. "Sir- we have underage personnel on Char with us at the moment. Evacuation to a core world requested." The screen flashes twice, the major looking over her papers. "Alright. There'll be a medivac for her in less than a day. Don't let her leave her room." I nod. "Yes sir."
The Anacondas return to the surface and slither to the human base. Their mandibles clicking together in excitement. They were going to feast well tonight.

As they arrive the first thing they did was dive at the Bunkers. The bullets flying harmlessly off their hard scaled shell. One grabs onto a Bunker's roof and with much effort pulls it off. It grabs the marines inside with its massive maw and throw them up in the air. It crushes them with next to no effort as their mandibles pull together.

Another smashes a Bunker and it occupants to a pancake with repetitive smashes of its tail on top of it. The one that got out in time was ran over by the third Anaconda, faster and more powerful than its two brothers it jumps upon a group of Marauders. The Grenades smashing against its powerful scaled armor irritated it and hurt it to a degree. It swipes and gets a hold of them with its tail. It slowly crushes them with the massive power of the tail.

Through the chaos the Anaconda's caused the Cobra's make their move. They slowly make their way over corpses and through the legs of those who fled, they get to the Command Center. The slither into the Command Center and start killing the engineers and other workers within with a powerful bite or a spit of vile acid.

They then head to the Reactor Bay. Once within they spit their acid upon the coolers. They quickly exit. Only two escaped before the Reactor over heated and blew apart the entire Command Center. When they came out the entire Terran base was in ruin.

When the Watchers returned from the wreckage and told Garblad of what happened he gave the best smile he could. He has the Anaconda's recuperate and heal underground, they had taken heavy damage. It would prove as a warning to the Terran's that it was in their best interest to not disturb him.
Jake nod's his head quickly and glances at John who was looking at him. Awkward...
As the last of my brood exited the Nydus Worm, I settled down beside the growing shape of the new Hatchery. The place that I had chosen for our new haven was located within a deep canyon, running through the center of the mountains that ringed the former Central Hive Cluster, the same cluster that had once housed the Queen. Though we were lacking the safety of the underground, the winding canyons and valleys would provide sufficient protection. The winding paths that marked the rock could be easily defended and ambushed, and there were many locations where Spore Crawlers could be planted to protect from air assaults. The Tarantula Brood would not be easily taken.

Broodmother, I bring news. The roaches that were left behind report a group of Terrans penetrating the former Network. It seems their chosen point of entry will take them perilously close to the old Hive Cluster.

I dipped my head. "That issss no concern. All our forces have been evacuated, and ssoon we will be esstablished here."

The Overlord who had approached me lowered himself slightly in the air. Of course, Broodmother. As well, we have discovered an old strain hiding within the canyons. They appear to be an evolution of the Hydralisk strain. However, the Queen's death has driven them feral.

This caught my attention. Lurkers? How interesting. They would be a useful addition. "I will deal with them myself."
The Overlord Prime moved through the skies of Char, unbothered by the way the broods fought. It only made them easier to control when the time came. He passed over the canyon and notices the new brood in the area. Making a mental note and informing the Brood Master, it moves along, keeping the location in mind should it attempt anything.

I look at Diethelm odd. "What noise? All I hear are Zerg dead, dying, or moving."

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