The Invasion: Redux

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I wake up again, finding myself in a hospital bed linked up to an IV, my head throbbing. "Wh-wher the heck am I??" I moan, aching all over.

The Broodmother considered telling her sister, leader of the Charybidis Brood, and makwe a joint attack but she decided against it, knowing that a Terran with a compatible Gene Code and possible Psonics was much much more important and she decided to make a new strain that could track the smell through the air. She used a Mutalisk's genetic code as a base and added enhanced Olfactory receptors and added an extra pair of wings for better balance and speed and she added an enhanced carapace as well as the ability to launch a Locust egg at an attacker and the ability to fire a Broodling egg inside of an enemy. She the created her first batch and she dubbed them "Death's Wrath"
...Did you not read the part where you aren't allowed an edge like that til after the Protoss show up.
He clenched his head, the ringing was getting louder deep within the cortex of his brain. "No...I don't know what's going on. Maybe a walk will take my minds off of some things."

A single dropship was seen overhead of the outpost, blood covered the cockpit as it came crashing down. For some one was piloting it, but it was on autopilot to crash into something.


Blah, blah, blah...will post the character sheet for later. Kinda useless to do it here and I just don't know when I'll get internet back. Hopefully tomorrow.
I know shes just making a new strain to track the sent and to combat the amount of special strains you had durr
Hehehe, not special strains. Meet the Exitium Brood, also known as the Destroyer Brood. You're screwed buddy. SCREWED!

IC: I nod. "Go ahead. I can handle things around here for a bit." The two Overlord Primes hover over the sister broods, debating on whether or not they should detonate. Finally, Remus grows tired of the wait and gives the order. The Sycalla and Charybidis Broods find themselves being covered in a true acid rain, damaging any caught in it's storm.

OOC: Just to slow you down a bit. All my strains were predetermined prior to the RP.
So were mine buddy, and hence the name in's Latin for Reborn, so there can be some interesting things going in within the strains.

Diethelm nods, and was heading for the stairs when he saw a Drop Ship crashing towards the surface of the planet, blood was splattered all over the cockpit window, the engine bursting in flames. "What's going on?"

The Drop Ship rocked as it hit a few miles from the outpost.
"Charlie, charges planted in site one."

"We're moving into position in site two."

"Roger, Alpha and Beta. We are beginning to set up our charges. Stay on the lookout for hostiles."
The leader of the Charybidids Brood, Broodmother Cerberus felt the mental screams of many of her Brood dissolving into puddles of goo. She mentally called to her sister, Hydra, leader of the Sycalla Brood, and asked her if the same thing was happening to her Brood. Hydra frantically responded yes. As the mental screams of both Broods were going down the two Broodmothers began getting busy healing their Broods up.
I lied in my bed, my throat parched. "Hello." I called out hoarsely "Anyone know were I am and can I have a glas of water."

The television flashes twice, startling Kitty. On it a message scrolls across the screen- "Your transfer to Dominion airspace will be inside two hours. Please remain calm."
"Alpha here, charges are set and primed for detonation."

"Beta here, we are ready to collapse the network."

"This is Charlie, detonate on my mark...MARK!"

Several spectacular explosions light up the air.

"Alright ladies, the natives will know we are here so meet up at the hill. We are going to hunker down...This is Lt. Dan to command requesting transport for 20 at coordinates 111584. The nydus networks are down. I repeat, the networks are down."
{This is command. Good job Lieutenant. Birds are inbound. Unfortunately, it seems the Tiamat Brood is converging on your position. Hold out for about 5 mikes.}
"We got birds incoming but a brood is after us. Set up the last of our mines and hunker down. They'll have to come to us. I just hope evac arrives before we are all dead."
OOC: Wait isnt the Tiamet Brood Daggoths Brood????
There aren't any cerebrates left, Mecha, so the Tiamat Brood would have been under Kerrigan's control, and therefore now feral.
Errrr Kerrigan dispensed with the old broods from what I remember.
For RP's sake, we're using old names. For all we know, that's all that happened.
It just feels odd but whatever.

IC: "Greeeat, im talking to a robot." I mumbled to mysef. One thing I hated was talking to a robot annd being kept restrained. "Dont do it Kitty." I thought to myself "Dont do it." but true to my last name curiousity overtook me and I saw an air vent and slowly took all the IVs out and swiftly hopped up, pulled the cover of with a bit of effort. As I crawled in I noticed that instead of being rusty like the Borealis it was clean and shiney.

Back at the Scyalla Hive Cluster As Hydra was inside the main Hive tending to it and healling up any wounds from the acid rain she noticed the eggs of her first batch of were pulsating and about to hatch. She went over to the egg and stroked it as one of the first of the Death's Wrath poked its head out.
Mecha, I hate to kill your plan, but your character is not going to be able to pull out multiple IVs without alerting medical staff.
Yeahh shes still probably gonna do it. Anyways it shall be revealed later that she is slightly Psionic and she (unwittingly) uses it to help her sneak around

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