The Invasion: Redux

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So....Mecha is going to escape from a medical lab where there would be several medical staff on hand plus guards waiting outside to make sure that the patients don't do anything stupid?

Any who...Diethelm asked Rave a question about the Drop Ship crashing down.
Oh, ok. One moment.

IC: 1 shake me head. "No idea. Looks like those damn mutalisks finally got lucky."
Diethelm then remembered what he saw on the Drop Ship, blood splatter all over from the inside. "I don't think it was Mutalisks per say. I saw blood all over from the inside of the cockpit, something was in there, something killed the men."
I sigh, frowning at the same time. "Then maybe an overlord got a ling inside or something. All I know is that it's that many less men in the fight."

Kitty suddenly felt a sharp pain inside her side, and then another. Every time she moved forward she experienced greater and greater pain. As if the air vents were speaking to her, a voice suddenly sprung out of nowhere. "Patient 523R- Please exit the air vents and report to the medical bay. Your ship to Korhal is arriving within several minutes." "You have tracking implements underneath your skin right now. In addition, you will not survive another thirty minutes without the chemicals inside the IV."
Diethelm shrugged off another round of the sound. "I'll go check it out, someone could have survived, along with any supplies. We need both at this moment." He left the autocannon on the tower near Rave. "Use it if you need to, don't be intimidated by it." He then pulled out his sidearm and made his way down the stairs.
I chuckle and shift nearer the autocannon. Might as well be ready.
Diethelm grabbed a Viking, its flight mode was damaged so it was stuck in Assault mode. "This should do for now, it should be able to get there with ease."
A woman's hand emerged from the wreckage, claws cutting through the metal as she gripped onto something. A bladed like tail came bursting from a nearby piece of metal, chitin covering her entire body like a shell.

While inside the actual Drop Ship were the dead bodies of several marines, as if they were carrying a vital specimen. And it was that woman.
Going to go ahead and bump this for ze ability to live.
Right, well, better do some DMing for the time being.

A Desecrator marked the crashed drop ship in his mind and reported it to Remus. Brood Master, an infested being of some kind has revealed itself from within the crashed Terran ship. Remus thought carefully before replying. This being was most likely a brood mother of some kind.

Keep an eye on her. I sense she is a brood mother. The Desecrator grinned

Yes, Brood Master. He begins moving towards the crash, intent to tail his prey.
Diethelm reached the crash site with the Viking and jumped out.

The woman's hand reached up and it looked normal, the first thing Diethelm thought of was to help her out. Running over, he threw a piece of metal off and he saw the woman, she was beautiful but badly injured. "What happened?" He asked as he helped her up.

The woman looked at him and saw that he was wearing a Dominion suit. "Stay away from me! You are just like the rest of them, murderers and you've killed innocents for your false Emperor!" There was venom behind her words.

He was shocked by all of this. "You hate him? I'm not surprised but not all of us who serve him have a choice. Now calm down and I'll take you back to the outpost where we can give you medical attention."
"Lt.! I see them! They are coming towards us on the south side and the east! They know we are here!"

I grit my teeth. "Men! We gotta hold out until our birds arrive! Shoot 'em all on sight!"

I grab and aim my rifle at the nearest zergling amongst the many Zergs. The beast was running quickly and leaped over the rocky terrain as if it was nothing. My trigger finger twitched with anticipation as they came close to the firing range.

"Sweet mercy, I thought there weren't so many Zergs left in the area," remarked a corporal.

"Concentrate cpl.! Steady...steady...let them come closer...FIRE! OPEN FIRE!"
My apologies, I haven't been as active lately. Could I get a summary?
You're with smylez under Zerg attack waiting for evac. If you're going to kill off Jake, now's the time.


Jake lay behind a rock reloading his rifle... again... It was a mystery why the thing always needed reloading. Its not like he held the trigger down when he wasn't aiming at something. Then again, he pretty much always put fifty more rounds then required to kill something into whatever he was shooting at.

Jake came up once again to shoot at an onslaught of zerg, but this time was confronted with a roach in his face. The blood drained from Jake's face as acid began overwhelming his body. Pain enveloped every part imaginable. He didn't know he had nerves in some area's until it was swarming with acid.

He thought he would make it until he realized he couldn't make a complete thought. No matter how much he tried he couldn't hear his own voice inside of his head. Jake had no other choice but to try and stand up. If he could make it to med bay before he lost consciousness, he might have a chance.

Unfortunately, he lost all control of his body and that was that. Before Jake knew it he was out of this world and into the the depths of his mind. Time seemed non-existent in the darkness of his own mind. He still couldn't think about anything, everything was dark.

Finally, Jake felt coldness and warmness, fear and peace, relaxation and weariness, until it was finally over.

Before he knew it, Jake was no longer on Char, or in the Korprulu sector.
Well done. Since he was underdeveloped out of a hate for his name, he shall not be remembered. Sorry.
dont blame you, I really didn't like him.

How would you have "remembered" him anyways?
A...plaque or something..
My shotgun blasts off the head of a hydralisk. I see Jake lying dead on the floor across from me. "Damn greenhorn, I told the kid to stay near me. Maintain position! I see the dropship heading over for us!""
{Coming in for a landing.} The dropship lands and lowers it's loading ramp, a couple marauders running out to offer cover fire. "Let's go!" Their grenades tore through the Zerg carapaces easily.

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