The Invasion: Redux

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I pick up Jake's lifeless body. "Move! MOVE! We can't stay here for long." I climb in with the help of one of the marines onboard. I drop off Jake's body in a corner and I provide covering fire for the rest.
John effortlessly levels his rifle and takes down a few zerglings before they got to him. One jumped him from behind but he tore it off, stepped on its neck and shot its head off.

John then runs into the dropship and sits down, he relaxes a little and takes a deep breath.
The marauders all make it back to the ship, keeping the Zerg away. The drop ship takes off once an all aboard is confirmed and heads back to base. One of the marauders, a captain, faces the Lt. "You did good out there Lieutenant. Sorry for the boy."
After backing away from the girl. Diethelm felt a presence under the ground, something was coming and Sol could feel it as well. " that? That is no nydus worm that I felt before?"

Even Sol was worried, were they coming for her?
The Desecrator assigned to watch the ship growled in annoyance. Another brood. Perhaps her brood. He'd let it go and use a nearby sandshark to track the Worm.
Diethelm grabbed Sol by the arm and pulled her closer towards him. "I need to get you out of here, even if you don't like it or not." The ground then split open. Sol breaking free spat on the ground as a Slyvan came bursting up through the ground and swallowed Diethelm whole.

Sol's back was against the metal, the beast seemed to ignore her as it came rushing back underground. The sweat from her forehead was surprisingly cold, even on Char.
The Desecrator laughed in spite of itself. The idiot Terran should have known better then to stand between a Nydus strain and it's prey.
The ground didn't shake at all and the sound could not be heard. By using tiny amounts of vibration and its snake like design, it effectively stayed fast and quiet.

Sol was panicking from all that was going on, she had never seen anything like this...Not like what happened on that ship and the planet she crashed on.
The Desecrator contemplated moving closer. The Brood Master had given them increased intelligence for that reason, to make crucial decisions. Instead it decided to wait and see what else might happen.
Diethelm searched around inside the cursed Slyvan, that was when it caught his eye. It was the Crelent from earlier.

Sol had spent a lot of energy to keep herself alive during the crash and to break free from the guards. She was vulnerable.
The Desecrator watched noting the weakness. However, he didn't want to reveal himself to the other brood. It would seem that the Exitium Brood was not the only one that faced a different challenge than the rest of the swarm.
Her weakness was made worse with the heat of Char. The heat making her tired as she slowly succumbed to both. Chitin was forcing its way out of the body and like a disease it was spreading across her body like a wild fire. Almost like a defense mechanism.
An Overlord from the Bahamut brood noticed the strange infested, and moved to pick her up. It never made it. The Desecrator leaped into the air, it's twin bone swords flashing as it cut it in half. The Overlord fell and splattered on the ground in front of the broodmother, the Desecrator vanishing over the lip of a nearby cliff.
This might be dead?


The chitin was completely encased now as she lay near the wreckage of the drop ship.

Diethelm was punching his way out, it didn't work. Instead the Slyvan released a gas that slowed his body functions but still kept him alive. They were heading to a swamp like jungle section of Char. Almost like the world where the Brood grew from.
I arrive back in the base. The lost of the private was unfortunate but this was the nature of war. "Mission accomplished commander, I have one dead but several wounded. Orders?"
John followed closely behind the ltn.

"Only one dead? The poor kid... That roach killed him before he had a chance to say "Oh, Sh!t."


I love giving epic deaths to characters.

I dont think this RP is completely dead, but mostly dead.

(Bonus points to whomever gets the reference, hopefully all of you)
The commander sighs. "Get your wounded tended to, then have the kid buried. Then gather what men you have that are still in fighting condition and have them prepare to move. Outpost Delta could use some reinforcement."
OOC: Time to get this RP back alive!!!

I groan as pain racks my body and I unhappily crawl out of the vents and back into the hospital bed, my curiousity unsaitable

OOC: Errrrr were is my char. Can you give me a description of were she is located???
Still in the med bay as wfawwer hasn't given us a post.
........I mean were on Char is she. A heavily defended base or small outpost.....

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