The Invasion: Redux

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Still airborne. Like I said, still no post from wfawwer.
Tell her to post if you can.....
Is this offically dead?

NO THIS IS NOT DEAD! Mecha, only the DM can declare a thread dead. Instead of waiting on wfawwer, take the initiative. You have two broods to RP as well, Mark, you can take the initiative as well, you have to characters you can use. Remember Tyler?
I was about to say... "Wait a second... how come you declare when it's dead..."

But then I didn't XD
"...Roger that commander. Come men! We are heading to Outpost Delta. Prep the dropships!"

[My platoon and I are in the air]
The Commander sighs and catches some strange reports from Delta. In fact, it seemed they were requesting firebats. {Lieutenant, do you have flamethrowers you can attach to your weapons?}
"I have four firebats, 11 marines, 2 mauraders and 4 medics in my platoon, over. They are in luck!"
{Good to hear. Ask the Outpost commander for details on your mission once you get there. He knows more than me.}
Tyler awoke to pain, lots of pain. Darkness. His head was throbbing so hard with his headache that Tyler didn't even know a human could withstand such torment.

He heard voices, but couldn't decipher them. They were talking casually, but rushed. Soon the voices became urgent.

Light flooded Tylers world as he started to interpret some of their speech.

"He's waking up!" A man with a high-pitch voice called out. Multiple other voices came murmuring things Tyler couldn't make out.

When Tyler opened his eyes he saw a doctor hovering above him.

He heard the sound of a heart-beat monitor beeping normally. He was alive, but how? Why?

"Jake!" Tyler shouted bolting up. He was still armed with his armor and weapons. As soon as he sat up his vision went blurry and his head became light. The world began to fade once again.

Before he knew it he couldn't complete a thought and pretty soon, he was asleep again.
"Roger that."

[The ship lands on the outpost]

I grab a marine by the shoulder. "Where's the CO of this outpost? We're the reinforcements!"
John stood up and followed the lt. He then checked his rifle to make sure the ammo counter was at maximum for about the hundredth time.
The Marine points to a decked out bunker. "In there."
"Men, make yourself useful around here while I check in with the CO!"

[Enters the bunker]
John salutes him as he walks away then looks off into the horizon. Millions of zerg will be overwhelming this area in a matter of days. John thought to himself thinking of his past. He then shook his head and began helping some soldiers move equipment.
Don't write the story for me, Mark *Eye twitches.*

The CO looks at the Lieutenant as he walks in. "You in charge of our reinforcements?"
I'm not writing the story for you, that was just the character's thoughts. I guess I should have made that more clear, my bad.

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