The Invasion: Redux

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I sigh. Ignorance was gonna get these guys killed. "Sure, sure, even though he only defended the core worlds, leaving the rest ya'll to burn as far as he was concerned. Then when Raynor came around, you tried to kill him even with the Zerg breathing down your neck. Zerg he fought off. Yeah, Mengsk is a swell guy." The drop ship rocks as we land and the rear loading doors open. I rush out, not waiting for the all clear from the pilot, and get my bearings. Looked like the forward base was under attack. "Let's move ladies!" I bring up my rifle and fire, dropping a Zergling mid leap. Another group of drop ships touch down and unload their contents; marines, ghosts, spectres, tanks, walkers, just about everything the two groups had. Red and blue mixed into one unit. It was both exhilarating and depressing.
Diethelm ran out, barreling through the troops and opened fire with the Autocannon just firing chunks of rounds at any Zerg that ran past, he was yelling into the battle. "WHERE IS THE GUARD TOWER?!" He was going to avenge the death of someone that he promised she wouldn't die but she did anyway.

The Brood was finally back with the Swarm but not for long it seemed, it felt like they were going to be cut off again but they can survive just like before.

At the main outpost, Razor Hounds were bursting out of the ground like they did in the jungles and ran towards the walls, cutting down any thing in there way.
I point at one that had just been taken by a hunter killer. "Kill that bastard and it's all yours!" I move forward as I fire, gaining ground to help secure the forward base. "Let's do this!" A roach unborrowed near the tower while the hunter killer acted as a sniper. It was determined to keep anything from getting too close and reclaiming the tower. It could prove disastrous for the attack.
Tyler flew out and jumped up a cliff, about five zerglings were down below, he made quick work of them.

Jake followed the crowd of marines that were just dropped off, he made it to the front lines and leveled his rifle at oncoming zerg. He squeezed the trigger angrily with a scowl and didn't care what it hit, streams of bullets in the direction of the zerg lay at least ten dead before Jake ran out of ammo, he ducked behind a rock to reload and glanced at Rave. Jake wiped the scowl of fase face just long enough convey the eject the old magazine and slam in a new one.

He raised again and got pounced on by a zergling He engaged in a wrestling match with it. Tyler noticed, spun around and put seven rounds in the zerglings back. It squeeled, then died. I hated zerg...
Reaching the front lines, I sling my rifle and draw my saber claws ( leaping over the barricade and engaging in melee combat. It was easy moving from ling to ling, but the hydralisks were a little tricky. I was careful to avoid the banelings though. Another hunter killer slammed his way into the trenches, engaging Jake in hand to hand combat and other marines trying to stop the inflow of Zerg through the new hole blocking Tyler from getting a clear shot.
Jake levels his rifle at the beast and pulls the trigger, All he could see was blood, muzzle fire and the beast getting closer, finally it got close enough to claw him. It raised it claw to do so, but Jake quickly shot it off It squealed and fired a spine at him. It was a direct hit, knocking Jake down onto his butt.

Jake spun around and made a run for it. More spines came flying toward him. He ducked around them and dived behind the same rock he hid behind before.
The hunter killer follows in pursuit, spines peppering the rock heavily with spines. I couldn't do anything to help and Diethelm was still working on securing the tower. {Hey Tyler, give your friend a hand!} An Infestor unburrowed near one of the other walls and spawned a large group of infested marines. The fight was heating up.
The shock had come as suddenly as it was unexpected. All of the broodmothers were aware of the Queen's concerns regarding the artifact, after all, it was nearly impossible to keep secrets in the Swarm. There was no many, there was only one.

But with the sudden disappearance of the Queen's thoughts and control, one became many, quite painfully in fact. Some broods reacted with panic, some with almost calculated anticipation. And one with fear.

I was resting near the Tarantula's primary hive cluster, hidden with the Nydus Network. The first indication I had was sharp, blinding pain as the artifact's energy wave obliterated much of the Queen's personal brood. The pain was so great, I couldn't stop it from passing through me, to the countless overlords that were nested with the hives, and through them to the nearly two hundred underlings that I commanded. The collective screech of pain and fear was so great, that for a moment I thought that it would pierce the layers of rock above us, exposing my fledgeling brood.

As quickly as it came, the pain vanished, leaving a curious hollow feeling. Normally I was always aware of the Queen's presence, but now, she was gone, like a part of my own brain had been removed from my head.

Shaking my head, I wondered what could have happened.
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{Hey Tyler, give your friend a hand!}

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other marines trying to stop the inflow of Zerg through the new hole blocking Tyler from getting a clear shot

You were sending my mixed messages.


Tyler turned to see Jake behind a rock with a scowl, no supprise. He always scowled in combat, not sure why. Probably on old habit. The rock he was behind was getting a nice shower from spines, spines from a hunter killer.

Tyler flew forward with force, he took aim with the hunter killer in his sights and pulled both triggers about ten times, finally it lay dead with a hole in its head, the corpse lay in the middle of the trench, effectively plugging it up.

Jake stood up, wiped his scowl off and nodded to tyler, he picked up his gauss rifle and continued back in the fight.

Hm... that was friendly Tyler thought to himself as he flew back to his original position.


Normally just randomly killing !@#$ is extremely boring but this is hecka fun XD
There is a story to it. Just be patient.

IC: Suddenly all the new arrivals get a radio transmission at the same time. {Attention all new arrivals, Infestors are attacking the east wall. All available soldiers reinforce that area. Diethelm, hurry up and get positioned, you'll offer more assistance that way.} The radio cut out and I use blast pulse, buying myself some breathing room to get back over the wall and head to the east side, sheathing my claws and drawing my rifle. Infestors meant infested and I didn't like that thought.
Diethelm saw the Roach unburrow and he unloaded a barrage from the Autocannon, it's rounds were designed to even penetrate the armor of an Ultraliks. "GIVE ME COVERING FIRE!" He bellowed out as his cannon was aimed at the Hunter Killer and blew its head off.

The Razor Hounds leap over the walls and landed near Diethelm, they were snarling and they weren't like a Zergling at all, smarter, stronger, more cunning.
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Normally just randomly killing !@#$ is extremely boring but this is hecka fun XD

(Then obviously you haven't been doing it right. You gotta get creative in your deathdealing.)

Long moments passed, and I still felt nothing from the Queen. I had commanded my brood quiet, for a semblance of peace was needed.

Finally, I arrived at my decision. If the Queen was gone, then obviously the invading Terran's held an advantage that they had not previously had. It didn't concern me too greatly. The Swarm would adapt to the new threat, just as it always had.

But to adapt, first it would need to survive. With the potential death of the Queen, the other broodmothers would begin wrestling for control of the Swarm. I was young compared to them, having only been born some months before. The Queen had not meant for me to arise until later, hence my hiding place within the Network. Char had become too dangerous for me now. I would need to leave, before the Network was infiltrated and damaged. Char was not known for being stable.

Gathering my thoughts, I released a screech into the caverns. Overlords relayed my commands, and Nydus Worms began burrowing through the rock, aimed directly at a human hive cluster. To leave Char, I would need greater resources than were currently available to me. Raids were my specialty, and my aim would be the minerals and vespene gas that the Terrans possessed.

As the Worms burrowed closer to the Terrans, many Zerglings and Hydralisks moved into my personal Network, ready to emerge and attack. Behind them came a number of Drones, for they were crucial to the raid. They would acquire the resources I would need, if only a small amount.

Hunkering down next to the primary Tarantula Hive, I waited.
I hear Diethelm and whip around. Those weren't normal Zerglings. I open fire, killing three of them before they noticed the danger. "Diethelm, go!" I kept firing as eggs from the Infestors were lobbed over the wall and they hatched, spewing forth Infested Marines. Soon there was pressure of some kind on every wall, but we couldn't let this base fall. Hydralisks were swarming the western wall of Valorian Forward Command, and the lings were hitting the north wall hard too. If those siege tanks weren't in position soon, we'd be over run.
I wasn't complaining =)


Tyler flew to the east wall where nothing was in sight... yet. He flew behind a rock on a cliff where he might hope to ambush them on the High ground.

Jake altered coarse to the east wall, he was the first to get there and when he did, nothing was there. He walked out to the middle of where the zerg should be coming from, but found nothing.

{Sir, I think you were misinformed, I'm there right now and-}

Jake was interrupted by an egg spewing out of the ground and landing right in front of him. Jake's eyes widened as he slowly started backing away. He leveled the gun and fired multiple round at it. It seemed to not take any effect.

Tyler saw all of this and realized Jake was soon to be a dead man. {JAKE, RUUN!!} Tyler screamed into the radio,

Jake heard Tyler and saw how unaffected the egg was, so he turned around and began to run, but it was too late. Jake heard something unburrow behind him and instantly he was covered by this green goop that pinned him to the ground. It started suffocating him and his suit began breaking down.

The egg bursted open and the infested terran inside started firing in all directions. Luckily, none hit Jake.

Tyler swore and flew to the middle of the battle zone right above Jake. He began firing on the infested terran, eventually killing it. Something large, slimy and tentical like, flew in the direction of Tyler and latched on to his face. Tyler could feel his mind loosing control of his body as he spun out of control. Finally, he crashed into the nearby wall and was knocked unconscious.

Some zerglings started to accompany the Infestors. They can running and All Jake could think to do is yell.
Diethelm nods and smashes through the door of the tower, knocking it completely off its hinges and he ran up the stairs and set up shot. A scope was on the cannon as he prepped it. {Sgt. Diethelm reporting for duty, Raider you can't tell me what to do, but we need to work together. So tell me what I have to take out from here right now and I can help soften the next wave that could be coming.}

A Razor Hound was sneaking past Rave as three Strider's came up with a Crelent.
The Worms tunneled rapidly through the rock and earth, following cracks and fissures to speed their passage. They flexed their muscles, bracing the newly made tunnels with their thick ribs as they drilled. It wouldn't be long.

The first of the Worms burst from the ground, stretching high into the sky with a bellow. Quickly settling back down, the lengthy creature concentrated on flexing the smoother muscles along its gullet, various stimulants coating the passage as its brethren joined it on the surface.

Zerglings began flooding from the Worms, leaping from the relaxed pit in the Worm's throat and charging towards the now panicking marines. Roaches quickly burrowed just beneath the surface, streaming towards the center of the base. Hydralisks joined the mayhem, growling angrily as volleys of spines shot from with their carapaces.

I was filled with satisfaction. Once the Zerglings and Hydralisks had thrown the Terrans into disarray, the Drones could be released, protected by the Roaches.
I see the worms and curse. That wasn't any good. {Get rid of those bloody worms. That's the last thing we need right now!} I shift back around and fire on the lings and Infestors, freeing up Jake to move. {Go get some armor from the armory. You'll need it!} I run forward, firing until the last moment and then drawing Stetman's katana. The blade ignited and I went to work. The other Zerg forces suddenly fall into disarray however, as a sniper had just killed their brood mother.

OOC: Thank you Jake XD
Jake ran off with all his strength, when he finally turned around he saw that he was being followed by three zerglings. He turned around, aimed his guass rifle at them, put on a sneer and pulled the trigger. After they stopped chasing them he continued running.
He opened fire upon the next wave, they quickly fell into bullet ridden husks of once living flesh as they fell. "Keep them coming, keep them coming."

The Razor Hound pounced on Rave from behind and bit into his armor, its claws holding onto him while the Strider's came rushing towards him with a Crelent firing weird looking spines that seemed to lock on to him.
Garblad looks from his mutated Leviathan. He had left Char. But now he was coming back.

The Hydra peeks his three heads out into space for a second before pulling them back in. "Cold."

Insidia makes sure the drop pods are ready.

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