The Invasion: Redux

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I head butt the Hound in the fae and roll over, running it through the heart. Kicking it off me, I stand up and cut down the Striders, then take cover from the spines. {Diethelm, mind giving me a hand real fast and killing that weird flyer.}
You're not in this RP...
Garblad looks from his mutated Leviathan. He had left Char. But now he was coming back.

The Hydra peeks his three heads out into space for a second before pulling them back in. "Cold."

Insidia makes sure the drop pods are ready.

Dominion BCs are in the area. And you didn't post a character sheet.
"I'll repost the char sheets when they reach the planet. And they haven't reached that close to the planet yet."
SF, we are on char...
"No sh!t sherlock. I was stating Garblad, the leader of a rouge brood of snake like Zerg, was returning to Char."
I rose from my resting place and moved to where my Nydus Network rested. The Overlords kept me well informed of the battle, and I decided that it was time. The Terrans would react quickly to my intrusion.

Dozens of Roaches leaped from their tunnels, and three Nydus Worms burst from the ground around the Terran Hive. Several Roaches and Zerglings charged at the Terran Drones, as well as their Extractor. From the Nydus Worms poured a veritable army of Drones, some of which instantly burrowed into the creep that oozed from the skin of the Worms to begin their evolution into Spine Crawlers. The rest split into two groups, one charging towards the mineral fields and Terran Drones, the other for the Terran Extractor. The accompanying Roaches and Zerglings slaughtered the Terran Drones and quickly broke into the Extractor, allowing the Drones to steal the canisters of vespene gas stored within.

The mineral Drones picked up the minerals and gas canisters dropped by the dead Terran Drones, those that did not quickly began cutting their own loads from the mineral fields with their sharp claws. Within seconds, the efficient Drones merged back into one loaded group, and retreated to the Nydus Worms.
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"No sh!t sherlock. I was stating Garblad, the leader of a rouge brood of snake like Zerg, was returning to Char."

10/10/2012 03:44 PMPosted by ShadowFury
And they haven't reached that close to the planet yet."

soo... you're trying to make me look stupid when you're the one posting retarded things??
10/10/2012 04:05 PMPosted by MarkusDaWise
"No sh!t sherlock. I was stating Garblad, the leader of a rouge brood of snake like Zerg, was returning to Char."

And they haven't reached that close to the planet yet."

soo... you're trying to make me look stupid when you're the one posting retarded things??

Yeah, that was kind of uncalled for, SF.
Thank you Thunder, I appreciate that. Shadow has been doing that to me ever since Umoja's Plains. Im glad someone finally noticed :)
Leave the pissing matches out of my RPs. Period.

IC: As the Nydus worms emerged, a trio of Thors was dropped off, along with the arrival of a small of banshees. Working quickly, they finished off the remaining Zerg and destroyed the nydus worms.
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Terran Hive
(Jes tryin' to be helpful)

The last of the Drones disappeared into their Nydus Worms, all of which then withdrew back into the ground. The Roaches under my command soon followed, leaving the Zerglings and Hydralisks I had deployed to continue fighting the Terrans.

I hissed in pleasure. Some of the resources I required had been safely collected, with no loss of the Drones. Of my warriors, should any of them perish, their loss was acceptable. New warriors could always be spawned.

As the Nydus Worms retreated deeper into the earth, the unstable tunnels they had created collapsed above them, sealing off any pursuit. The Drones themselves quickly vacated the Network with their precious cargo, moving to store them with the rest of the collected resources within the Hives, then returning to their regular duties.

I hissed again. The return was pitifully small, but any contribution was needed. This would be but the first of many raids.

(In response to you, Raven, the Terran Hive is the Command Center, and the Extractor is the Refinery. I figured that the Zerg wouldn't know or care what the Terrans called their own structures and units, and so would compare them to their own.)
"You can see Mars from Earth some days. So what I said isn't retarded. And yes, I said planet, but who the hell cares about that? He is returning. But doesn't mean he is right there."
Diethelm had finished firing his rounds into the next wave and then he got the transmission. {Okay...} Turning it around he spotted the Crelent, it wasn't a flyer like Rave said at all, it was something else. "Your mine..." There was a clicking sound and it was jammed. {'s jammed so just hold out!}

The Crelent fired a neuro toxin laced spine barrage at Rave and they were locking onto his target, they were armor piercing just like the Hydralisk's and was going through the cover.
I roll out of the way, dodging the spines and cursing. "What the hell is that thing?!" I draw my pistol and fire it at the beast, hitting it's spine spewing mouth and crippling it. The last of the Zerg forces were finally eliminated except for the Crelent, it however, soon died anyways from the lack of air. The commander stood up from behind his cover and looked around.

"Get started on repairs." The base burst into activity and soon guards were being posted while the engineer corp started repairs.
A snake like thing came bursting out of the ground and swallowed the Crelent whole, it then quickly burrowed before a single shot rang out and it left as if there wasn't a hole there at all.

Unjamming it he felt a slight pressure from behind, a Razor Hound snuck up to him and he grabbed it but it was to late. They were already falling off the guard tower. "DAMN IT, I'M NOT DIEING TODAY!" He spun around and grabbed it by the neck and they landed on the ground with a loud thud, he was crushing its throat with one hand as the other grabbed its tail and ripping it off.
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You can see Mars from Earth some days. So what I said isn't retarded.


Jake turned around to see hell once again, he reloaded and ran back to the front lines.
"That's supposed to sum up the entire paragraph."

All the Zerg within the Leviathan enter the drop pods and the Leviathan boosts itself in a suicide like pattern and fires off all the drop pods just before the first blast hits it. Many of the drop pods are destroyed in the descent and the one holding the Hydra is hit and opened up. He falls out of it and smashes a crater into the ground. "Raw." He moans. Insida's and Garblad's drop pods were fine.

Name: Garblad, King of Hydralisks
Race: Zerg
Sub-Race: Hydralisk/Mutalisk/Queen
Age: 5 years.
Description: A 7 meter tall Hydralisk with wings and four Sickle arms.
Personality: Proud.
Weapons: Spine, Sickle Claws.
Abilities: Transfusion: Spits a salve that heals a friendly biological.
Neural Worm: Allows Garblad to spit a parasite on an enemy that finds its way into its mind. Allowing Garblad to control it.
Glide: Allows Garblad to glide from one place to another.
Burrow: Allows Garblad to burrow under the ground.
Burrow Move: Allows Garblad to move while burrowed.
Switch to Shatter/Piercing Spine: Allows Garblad to swap to either his Shatter Spine, or his Piercing Spine.
Spawn Infected: Allows Garblad to spawn an Infected.
Backstory: The Hydralisks were always semi-intelligent. But one was actually intelligent. He was strategic and showed emotion. He won the loyalty of many Hydralisks through his willpower against the Overlord containing him and 3 other Hydralisks to win a battle that was surely suicidal. From the on the Queen commanding him then ordered a single Overlord to keep entire concentration lest he go feral.

When he did break free he led the Hydralisks of his Hive attacked the Hive cluster and he took the genetics of a Queen and placed it into his own DNA he then started creating his own Zerg. And after much time and energy he birthed a Zerg only known as 'the Hydra'.

Name: Insidia, Queen of the Hydralisks
Race: Zerg
Sub-Species: Queen/Hydralisk
Age: 2 years.
Description: A Queen with the head, modified tail, and lack of legs of a Hydralisk.
Personality: Loyal.
Weapons: Sickle Claws and Spines.
Abilities: Spawn Snakes: Insidia spits egg sacks filled with snakes on to the Hive.
Transfusion: Insidia spits a healing salve on another friendly biological.
Neural Worm: Insidia spits a parasite at an enemy that finds a way into its mind. Allows Insidia to control the enemy.
Burrow: Insidia Burrows under the ground.
Burrow Move: Insidia moves while burrowed. Passive.
Spawn Infected: Allows Insidia to spawn Infected.
Backstory: She was birthed to handle Garblad's brood with him.

Name: 'The Hydra', Prince of the Hydralisks
Race: Zerg
Sub-species: Hydralisk/Swarm Host/Mutalisk
Age: 6 months.
Description: A giant (Roughly 8.9 meters tall) three headed Hydralisk. It has many egg sacks on its back. It has 3 pairs of sickle arms and 4 large wings on its back.
Personality: Childish and proud.
Weapons: Three foot spines. Sickle Claws. Acid Spit.
Abilities: Switch to Shatter/Piercing Spine: Allows the Hydra to swap to the Shatter Spine or Piercing Spine.
Burrow: Allows the Hydra to burrow underground.
Burrow Move: Allows the Hydra to move while it is burrowed. Passive.
Glide: Allows the Hydra to glide from one place to another.
Spawn Locust: Allows the Hydra to spawn locusts from its egg sacks
Backstory: Spawned to destroy and lead, 'the Hydra' destroyed a Terran base with the support of Cobras. He his intelligent but childish.
The sudden boom of the Leviathan's impact shakes the cavern, and I hiss. The Roaches who remained hidden in the ground kept constant watch on the battle, and whatever strange brood this was, it couldn't be good for me.

More scouts reported in. There was another Terran Hive cluster, one that was more vulnerable, that could provide more resources.

I moved to the Hydralisk Den, where several cocoons were arranged. These were special members of my brood, creatures that were normally only used as escorts by the Queen. Now, they would be mine to control.

At my command, several Nydus Worms began burrowing towards the new target, and Roaches were already closing in on the Terran Hive cluster. I hissed in pleasure as the first of the cocoons began to hatch. With hope, this raid would prove more productive.

(Markus, you can make your entrance here if you like.)

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