The Invasion: Redux

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I think for a moment and nod. "Might just work. Radio that into the Commander."
{Command this is Sgt. Diethelm. I have an idea that will allow us to be prepared in the future and to help soften the Zerg attack waves. What if we plant mines into the ground itself so when they burrow through them it acts a a preemptive counter maneuver and it will alert the men once a mine goes off.}
{This is Command. Well done Sergeant. We'll implement it immediately.} Diethelm and I can hear the sounds of drills as the mines are placed. I chuckle. "I think you just gave them a reason to test their new seismic minds."
He did a bellowing laugh. "Ha...that's nothing. But once those Zerg hit those mines, were having Zerg on the barbie."
I grimace. "Stay away from the Hydralisk meat, it's slimy no matter what you do." The Predators arrive at the cave entrance and draw their bone swords, slowly moving in with the Sand Shark leading them in. What ever was hiding would soon be found. The Brood masters special surprise would soon be complete.
I might join in.... might..
No Jukalisk. Messes with the established story. Feel free to develop others though.
Jake made it to the front lines and leveled his gun toward the enemy onslaught that was on its way here. He leaned forward and held the trigger down. His usual scowl complimented the hail of bullets that put down several zerglings that flopped and rolled around before dying.

In the corner of his eye he saw Tyler laying unconscious. He gasped and turned to see him clearer. He turned is rifle 90º and fired on zerglings from that direction. After that area was clear, Jake made a run for it.

He knew it would only be a matter of time before more would come, so he had to be fast. Jake strapped his rifle to his back so he had both hands available. Three mutalisk came screaming around a corner and all Jake had time to do was pull out his shield. Jake was blown back and the shield was destroyed and thrown out of his hands.

The mutalisk didn't stop to engage him though, they moved right on. He continued running to Tyler who started to wake up. Jake just picked him up, turned around and started running as if there was no tomorrow if he didn't make it in time.

In reality though, there was no tomorrow if he didn't make it in time. Jake heard dirt ruffle behind him and knew something was getting close. He looked ahead to see a seige tank turn in his direction. They must be right on my tail.

A large boom was heard and the siege tank reacted in the recoil. Dirt, rocks, debris, morter shells. Whatever they were, was lodged right into Jakes back. Pain spiked throughout his body as he fell to the ground. Tyler rolled across the floor with him.

They were about ten feet from the main lines, surely to get eaten by some zergling soon.

With permission, I would like to kill Jake but then create another character. To be completely honest I just hate the name Jake :S Dont know why I named this character Jake if I hated the name but... Yeah... I'm stupid
Permission granted but do it during the mission with smylez's group. Jake was assigned to it, remember? Go edit.
Diethelm then pulled out two cigars. "Look man, it's going to be a long day." He then hands the one cigar out. "Want one? Might as well have some fun before we all die...You know?"
A large mound of earth appeared in the center of the base. For a moment, nothing happened. Then, a ring of spikes shot out of the ground around the mound, moving outwards in a wave, skewering several nearby marines. The mound began to move, creating a large ridge of earth as it traveled. A Marauder strode in front of the approaching mound, and fired a grenade into it, blowing a small crater in the front.

From within the crater, a long claw tipped appendage erupted, stabbing straight into the Marauder's chest. The limb lifted the soldier into the air, and flung him aside before retreating back into the ground.

Roaches unburrowed around the mound, moving quickly to attack nearby marines. Several Nydus Worms erupted around the Command Center, and Zerglings and Hydralisks poured out, followed by a veritable army of Drones.
And the mines went off before all that and killed your nydus worms and weird little clawed appendage user. I do believe you missed the part where they placed subterranean mines.

I take the cigar and light it, sit back, keeping watch. "I see where you're coming from."
Then what exactly am I supposed to do? Raiding is what my character does.
Raid someone else. There are plenty of other bases. This isn't the only one.
How about you weaken some of the outlying outposts, so then you could take them out easier. Or you could take out supply routes and stop the flow of supplies, which mean that there will be less ammo, troops, and etc.

Diethelm just laughed. "I still wish that it was my life that Hydralisk took, and not that little girls...But it's to late now."
Zalra was a Zerg Queen, but she wasn't different from the rest, so was her Brood. After making it off that one Terran planet from her hatching area, she has evolved into a creature just like the Broodmothers, for all Queens evolved, but only some truly evolved past their peers.
Gonna join but what gender char I should do... (And dont give me some stupid whatever one you want cause I hate wen people do that)
Jake gets up and picks up Tyler, he continued running toward the base and dropped Tyler off in front of a medic, he then ran toward the Commander's drop ship. He got in and strapped in just in time.
Well, are you gonna be a Terran or a Zerg? Then if Terran, go with the one you feel most comfortable with.
Terran I'm presuming? It's hard but I try my best, it's fun to RP both.

Really, try to experiment with what you feel comfortable with, and see if you like the character. That's really all I can help you with.
Thks guys!!!!!! Ill try to post in a bit

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