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Name: Jenna Kitty
Race: Terran
Age/Description: Is about 14 years old and has a head of silky smooth black hair. Has electric blue eyes.
Job: Ship Cook
Backstory: When the Zerg attacked her home of Agria her mother helped smuggle her into one of the many Dominion ships evacuating the planet. She has some experience with a CMC suit (albeit limited) simply because of her often hiding in the suits and pretending to be a grunt so she could move around without raising too much suspicion. When the Battle Cruiser she hid on landed on Korhal for repairs she snuck off and quickly enlisted for service as ship cook, knowing it would provide decent pay and at the same time a home (hey even a hip is nicer than being homeless), she was put on battlecruiser Borealis. She has a tendency to sneak around which spooks the marines who sometimes call her "Black Cat" do to her tendency for sneaking around and poping up when unexpected and her last name but never the less are still glad shes their due to her being the best cook on the ship

Also heres two Zerg Brood suggestion

Sycalla and Charybidis Broods: The Queen of Blades had intended these two broods to work together the day they were created and they still do so even after she has been deinfested. Their main tactic is for the Sycalla Brood to attack from multiple paths, almost like a multi headed beast, and with the help of their special strains (will talk about these later) will cause the enemy to run straight into the Charybidis Brood which with the help of its special strains will pull enemys in and trap then their in which their forces would shred them apart almost like a whirlpool.

Special Strains Sycalla: These creatures are designed to scare enemy forces and cause them to run straight into the forces of the Charybidis Brood

Deaths Teath: These specially adapted Zerglings and much stronger and have a special frill which they will unfurl as a tactic to cause an enemy to retreat and have a deabilitating posion which tey can spray from their mouth at an enemys face.

Deaths Head: Specially adapted Hydralisks that have specially adapted Needle Spines that are coated in a toxin of an enemies skin it activates their brains flight instinct. They are also extremely aggresive and strong and are known for killing their prey brutally.

Special Strains Charybidiis: These creatures are designed to pull enemies into the main force of the Charybidis Brood and prevent them from escaping.

Whirlpool's Arm: These creatures are specially evolved Vipers that are much more durable and have two of the abducting appendages and are able to use them as whips to attack an enemy with. They are always emmiting a gas known as Blinding Swarm which is essentially a mix between Dark Swarm and blinding Cloud meaning the whirlpool of Zerg is always covered in this stuff so its almost unimpossible to assail from air and it adds to the confusion inside the whirlpool.

Whirlpool's Maw: These Infestors are located near the center orf the whirl pool and has an extremely powerful Fungal Growth which can spread from enemy to enemy. Its Nerual Parasite is evolved similar to that of the Choker's allowing it to brutally strangle enemies.

I hope you like these broods and you can use them as enemies, allies, brood your Zerg character belongs to, etc
Dark Swarm and Blinding Cloud are the exact same thing.
No Dark Swarm protects ground units in it from air and blinding cloud reduces all enemy units in it to extremely low.
10/15/2012 07:00 PMPosted by MechaGhidrah
No Dark Swarm protects ground units in it from air and blinding cloud reduces all enemy units in it to extremely low.
No, they are the exact same thing. Only difference, they switched damage with ranged.
Mecha, they're the exact same thing. I've been playing SC since the first one. Also approved. You'll be arriving with the next wave of reinforcements. And also read my application. It will give you an idea of what you can do. Age is fine, everything else needs a change.
Love your last name XD
Why does everything need a change (ill have plans to make her more combatish soon)
Maybe because you're being dropped into a combat zone.

Brood Master ??? listened to the Overlord's reports and chuckles to himself. The Terrans were clueless about his plans. Once the Harbinger was finished, Char would be his and his alone. The Desecrators he'd dispatched to the cave system were giving regular reports, still nothing odd. The Sand shark felt more tremors, and reported it. ??? told them to continue. The Matriarch simply kept watch over the eggs as numerous Exitium Brood strains were produced. Soon, they would launch an offensive.
Hey Mecha, I am writing another story and a ship in it is also named Aurora. Would you mind changing the ship name? That be much appreciated.
Name is fine Mark. Odds of the two coming into contact are slim.
"It doesn't matter Markus."

The Cobras star entwining themselves around random legs of buildings, keeping still to not be seen.
Err thing is shes stationed on a battle cruiser but truuuust me sheel be "dropped in" real soon. Or I could have her as cook for one of the bases but I would have to do a lot of editing.

Ill change it to the Borealis
Battlecruisers are dropping out of the skies and you are saying that nothing is going to happen...


Diethelm checked his Autocannon over again, the barrel melted from the heat of the planet and the constant firing from it. "Well ol' girl, looks like I'm going to have to fix you up."
You are annoyingly persistent sometimes. At the very least have her have some experience in a custom CMC suit so she isn't easily killed. Because I will kill off idiots with extreme prejudice. Not trying to be mean, just quoting smylez.
........ she definately knows how to use a gun and ill edit in the suit part....
I suppose it works. Approved until I feel something needs fixing.

Name: Adjutant JKE-7 (Jacky)
Unit: Adjutant
Appearance: The Adjutant is a light grey, currently overseeing the Char operation.

Has complete control over the D.S.S Aphelion, a research ship.

Characteristics: Contains many memory uploads extracted from military personnel. A joker at times, although programmed to try to keep as many troops alive as possible. Well-trusted by most of the troops.
Data Transfer- Capable of transferring between electronic objects, capable of advising troops on the battlefield or controlling vehicles and aircraft.
Detector- Receives input from the sensors scattered all around the bases, capable of detecting and sensing cloaked and burrowed units as well as predicting the path of Zerg forces.
Hive Mind Frequency- Capable of communicating on Zerg mental frequencies.
Waveform Indoctrinator- Capable of boosting neurology of subject, a modified version of the Psionic waveform Indoctrinator used in training ghosts and spectres. Boosts psionic powers or gives light psionic powers to those afflicted.

D.S.S Aphelion-
The Aphelion is a light ship, approximately twenty-five feet long and fifteen feet wide. The front half of it is a large sphere, in which much of the instruments that allow the ship to carry out its functions. The back half serves as a dropship, ferrying small parties of troops from one location to another.

Abilities- Barrier- Deploys an electromagnetic field, protecting troops from harm.
Psi Disrupter- Interrupts Zerg communications and slows all Zerg units down.
Perdition Turret- Deploys a Perdition Turret on the battlefield.
Land- Lands the Aphelion, in which it is capable of transforming itself into an easily defensible form, similiar to that of a bunker.

I hissed in anger, feeling the deaths of the Nydus Worms. The Terrans had clearly taken steps to protect against further raids. Thankfully, the Roach scouts had managed to remain hidden and untouched. They would prove useful later.

"Your pardon, Broodmother. Concealed scouts in the tunnels have discovered intruders. They does appear to be connected to the Swarm, however the brood is unknown."

This information made me pause. Another brood? This did not bode well. Given the nature's of the few broodmothers I was familiar with, this new aggressor would likely attempt to rest control of my own brood. Something that I could not allow.

"Have the Roach scouts keep an eye on them, and prepare the brood to move to a new hiding location." Obviously the old Nydus Network was no longer as safe as I had once thought. Nydus worms were already tunneling away, seeking new nesting grounds.

I chittered nervously. Things were moving too quickly, and my resources were still insufficient to leave.
As I finished serving Private Mark me and the marines heard the tinny crackle of the loudspeaker. I stifled a groan since the "Barer of Depression" as I called it always brung bad news. The loudspeaker crackled again and a loud gravelly voice came on "This is your captain speaking, we're being reassigned from Fleet Guard to Air Support." A chorus of groans rose from the crowd of marines and I felt a spike of fear go through me. Air Support was probably the deadliest role a Battlecruiser can be assigned to and the crew (including me) enjoyed the lazy duty of Fleet Guard which was basically staying behind to babysit the vulernable Science Vessels considering how not having an alarm blare every couple minutes was kind've nice. "Its th-the first time im heading into a combat zone since I evacuated Agria." I felt mixed feelligs towards the the Zerg who were interesting to read about but were the same creatures who tok my mother away.
"Well, stop dawdling and get ready for a bumpy ride!!!" The captain shouted as if knowing were were standing here groaning. I quickly cleaned up her and scrambled into the hallway. As I was speed walking I saw Mark and slowed down noticing something is wrong. "Whats the matter Mark?" I asked. "Its just that 50 percent of marines die in the first hour. How am I ever supposed to explain this to Ma, only reason she let me sign up is cause I told her I would get stationed on the safe ships.." "Ill bet you fiftey creds that you'll make it out and if you dont i'll give you fiftey." "Its a deal!!!!" he said shaking my hand. I slinked away stifling a giggle. As I expected a couple seconds later I heard him yelling "Hey what are fifty creds gonna do me if im dead!!!! You cheated me little girl!! Call off the bet!!!" "A bet's bet.." I giggle back to him as I snuck of towards my room.
Mecha, do one thing for me please...Please organize your text so it's not an eye sore. I'm not criticizing you. But it's my advice to you, and everyone will appreciate it. And don't forget proper punctuation.

Because with how you write, it can be very misleading and confusing. So many Grammar mistakes...

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