The Invasion: Redux

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Yes, please, break it into paragraphs. There is a reason why everyone dislikes Walls of Text. It's hard on the eyes.
My eyes! Indent every four or five lines if you have no idea when to use paragraphs. Even if it is structurally wrong, at least it is legible.
Sorry my keyboard hates me a lot........ (im also a sh!tty typer)
It's called basic grammar. I'm, not im. Sorry, my, not Sorry my. Just pay attention and watch for your keyboard to miss something.
Type it, then read it over before you post. Use the button called Preview. It's right beside Edit.
A few Hydralisks start heading for the Cobra's position with Andaconda's close behind.
Hehehehehe...enter the Prowler.

The Prowlers saw the strange Zerg approaching and laid their trap. The acid mines would kill if not wound the majority of the enemy and those that didn't die immediately would fall to the rain of acid that they'd spew. The Hydralisks and strange creatures would never know.
"Andaconda's are supposed to be the equivalent of an Ultralisk, except more endurance and speed. I doubt it would deal that much damage to them."

The first two Hydralisks slither over top of the ground just to have their faces melted by acid explosions. "Sssswarm Banelingssssss." One behind them says in disgust. One of the three Andaconda's starts clicking together its mandibles and burrows under the ground. Soon the other two follow it. The Hydralisk looks at them. "And it all fallssss to the humble Hydralisssk." The remaining uninjured Hydralisks start to continue as the ones covered in acid squirm as it starts to melt their skulls.
I'm attempting to prevent a damaging blow just yet. I have a story plot waiting on smylez and I can't DM his person to get it. If you're gonna hide them, I'll have a Destroyer kill them from a cliff. When they unburrow of course.

The Prowlers unburrow, killing the remaining Hydralisks before burrowing again and shifting around where the strange Zerg had burrowed. Sending a report to a nearby Overlord Prime, the Brood Master dispatches a Destroyer to a nearby cliff, and there is where it waits, ready to kill it's prey.
"It is an unneeded forward base that I made up. It is unneeded for the plot what-so-ever."
...You didn't specify. I'll do this then.

The Prowlers soon sense a bigger threat that must be stopped from reaching the main Terran base, and move to intercept, the Destroyer being told to assist. The strange Zerg would be allowed to escape this time.
I walk into my room and fall onto the bed and try to get to sleep but my eyes wouldn't close. "Well I wont be able to sleep anyways." I mumble to myself "With all those damn Zerg." Suddenly the ship violently shutters and the lights flicker for a second before coming back on. "Here comes the welcoming commision." I mumble to myself and look out of the small window in my room and see chaos.

Right above the planet's outer atmosphere was a battle ground almost as hellish as the planet itself. Debris and blown up Zerg were everywhere and Wraiths and Vikings were dogfighting with mutalisks and Corrupters while Leviathans spawned endless waves of Scourge and Battle Cruisers were Yamoto cannoning critical targets. A swarm of Mutalisks freshly spawned from a Leviathan decided to attack this new foe but before they could spew out their hideous Glaive Wurms a nearby Raven launched a seeker missile which intercepted the monsters and blew them to pieces. As we finally enter this belt of fighting I see the usually dormant laser and missile batteries spring to life defending the ship and others from the Zerg.I stop looking when I see the gruesome sight of a dead body shredded open to were you could see the poor mans intestines. My head is ripped away from the window and as the ship rattles again I head into the bathroom, face white, and start hurling my lunch.
One problem, leviathans don't spawn scourge. They spawn more corrupters.
One of its attacks from Shatter the Sky was Scourge Swarm. It also spawns Mutas and Broods. (Anyways its a Leviathan its basically a Flying Zerg hatchery)
Shatter the sky was bile swarm, not scourge swarm. And it was corruptors, I looked.
Huuh. Well Scourge swarm must have been the attack it used in All In if you took down the nyduses
It's confirmed Bile Swarm is it's anti-air.
FUUUUUUUUCCCCKKKKKK. I hit the preview button and it deleted all the stuff I typed out............... Thanks for the suggestion but I will never click that thing again.
Didn't realize that could happen. I suppose that's why I don't use it.

The Desecrators moved through the caves, looking for odd signs of the suspected brood. They couldn't help but wonder what brood would hide down here. The sand shark shared their thoughts. They would soon find out.
As the minutes passed I noticed the explosions becoming less and less frequent. As I was wondering the loudspeaker crackled and the captain started speaking "This is the captain speaking we are about to start rentry, have a nic-" before he could finish an explosion racked the ship.

"What the hell was that!!!" I muttered under my breath as the alarms started to whine and flash. True to my last name I was curious and decided to head out and find out what happened. "Curiousity kills the cat." I though to myself but I still decided to see what had happened.

My room was one of the lucky ones since I had my own bathroom but using it to take care of more private matters was not the only thing I used it for, It was a way I could get around the ship undetected. I hopped ontop of the toilet, making sure I didn't slip and pulled off the cover of the ventilation shaft and crawled in. I made my way through the rusty passages by heart, having used it before to get to the more private areas. After about ten minutes I reached the shaft to where I could hear the chatter of the bridge and I watched and listened. "Sir!!!!" an advisor yelled "The back up engines have just gone offline, we wont be able to keep ourselves from plumeting towards the surface of the planet!!!" "Great...another thing going wrong. Have we found out what went wrong with the engines in the first place." The captain grumbled "Yes sir!! From the few surviving tapes I have found It appears that a swarm of about 30 or so Scourge rammed themselves into the engines!!" "Damn Zerg always f@ck things up!!" the captain yelled.

I suddenly felt the weight of the rusty ventilation cover that had always served me well had finally decided to give out on me and I fell undignified on to the steel floor. The captain whirled around and snarled "What the hell are you doing here little girl!!!!" "Sir the gyr-" Before the advisor could finish his sentence we were all thrown towards the wall as the Borealis tipped sideways and I was knocked unconcious.

"Ughhh." I groaned "Ive got a hell of a-" I didn't finish my sentence as I saw out of the bridge windows the black landscape of Char closing in at breakneck speed. I barely had enough time to finish the sentence of "Ohh Sh!t." before the Borealis hit the ground and I was knocked unconcious once again..

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