Official Switchover

Joeyray's Bar
Recently I've discovered my true calling. Not that I haven't enjoyed JRB, it's just that I'm needed elsewhere. You see I'm switching over to the General, where I will discuss SC2 and SC2 Beta, along with other interesting things. I have only recently frequented there, but the responses I've gotten about my posts are majorly positive, I've even had people recommend me as an MVP! I can also provide my technical knowledge there as well as as Tech Support.

I will not always be gone, I'll come around here every now and then. Once I retire in the GD & TS, I'll come back and live out the rest of my blogging days here, at the good ol bar. You people have been kind and forgiving, and a great pastimes, thanks for the memories, I hope to acquire more in the future.

I'll write a few stories, join a couple RPs, PRP a little while I'm at GD, so the point is you will see less of me. Although I'll be at Zanon's a lot.

Till my retirement folks! Thanks!
I sip the last bits of a psi storm, and put the glass down. I put a large tab down and walk to the door. I put my trench coat back on, and push my black sailors hat on my graying head. I look back at everyone, and wave. They wave back, and a few wish me luck and farewell. But I'ts not the end, just a detour.

I walk out of the bar, rain about me. It's getting dark. and I put up my umbrella. I look down the street and see the large general building. Before I begin to walk, Zanon comes up behind me and puts his hand on my shoulder. He says

"You know where to get a drink, see you around Duke"

I nod, and begin my long walk.
"I turn back once more, but realize, that a dark smug has begun to surrounded the bar. Now only a lighthouse would stop it"

Derived from Coast of Grey.

Farewell, JRB.

My path back is now covered with smug.
And you felt to make this official because...?
Eh, I had nothing better to do at the moment.
Eh, I'm gonna get a drink. Enjoy chaos.

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