Can't log in on starcraft 2

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So today ealier i was playing good with no problem, then later while in game it had said "Achievements have been disabled until further notice", then in a sec it said "Achievements have been restored" and after i finished the game(i lost =[...) i seen that none of my friends were online and i was playing with one of my friends so i logged out and tried to log back in, but it doesnt log in, the log in buton just gets shadded, like if its lloading, but it doesnt do anything.
plzzz need help, i had reinstalled starcraft 2 times before,before the reinstallations everything was working fine.
I am having the exact same problem. Help would be appreciated.

Edit: I tried deleting my shared folder and deleting the trash, but had no luck.
already tried deleting "" and then it downloaded it but didnt work.
same!! Can't login all morning!
UPDATE,UPDATE,UPDATE.....It is announced that they are trying to resolve the problem with the log in, and that there will be an additional update at 1:15pm can find this message by starting starcraft and the login
Im able to log in now....
This should be resolved now :)

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