Possible CPU bottleneck?

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Hello all,

I've been having this problem ever since I started playing SC2, which was about 2 years ago. That problem is bad graphics. After I first bought SC2, I upgraded to an HD 5670 so I would be able to see better visuals and run the game at higher settings while playing. Quite sadly I was wrong. I was able to run the game on medium-high settings with AA on in the Catalyst Control Center with around 30-40 FPS, not a big improvement over my earlier graphics card. I was still getting jagged edgies, slow framerates and choppy performance. Due to this inconvenience, I stopped playing. About a year later, I picked up a Radeon HD 6850 1GB with a 256-bit Interface to better improve my visuals. I was happy to discover that my visuals had beengreatlyimproved, and that I was now able to run more modern games such as BF3 and Civ 5. However, I did notice one detail that bugs me to this day - Jagged edges. Even though the FPS spiked up even with the amplification of the graphics settings, I was still seeing tiny jaggies that bugged the living **** out of me. Sadly for me, this still deterred me from playing. I couldn't wrap my mind around this, however, as an upgrade from a 5670 to a 6850 is a sizeable leap in technology, and even with that I was still seeing some jaggies. Not as bad as before, but still seeing some. Then the thought occurred to me - my CPU. This had to be the problem. I had been running the pre-installed AMD Phenom II 830 @2.80GHz since I first picked up this PC, and expected it to run well. Unfortunately, this is a rather older and slower CPU, even for FPS games, and now I'm beginning to wonder if this is my problem - a CPU bottleneck. So, I reach out to everyone here at these forums with this question - is my CPU bottlenecking my GPU, preventing it from using it's full potential? All my software, BIOS, and graphics APIs are up-to-date, and the GPU is brand-spanking new, and I'm still seeing some jaggies as well as the occasional 15-FPS-performance-no-matter-what-setting-I'm-on in almost every modern game I play. My RAM is 6GB Corsair, PSU is 500W Antec, 1920x1080 and I'm on Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
There could possibly be a bottleneck, that wouldn't cause jaggies tho...just lost fps. Check your anti-aliasing settings in games and turn it up. Or I've noticed some GPU can manage anti-aliasing in its graphics control panel.. so check that to.
True, however if the CPU is slow enough and can't keep up with the graphics card, the loss of graphic quality as well as FPS can occur as well. My FPS drops when there's a ton of units fighting at once to around 10 FPS, as well as when my base size increases, or when I'm looking at a large Protoss base (all the shiny textures and illuminating lights eat the crap out of the CPU). Would a replaced CPU, such as a Phenom II 965 BE @ 3.4GHz (maybe a slight overclock) stop that?
Ya but the Phenom II isn't exactly THAT old... and if it is bottle necking the drop in FPS really shouldn't be so dramatic :/ Also if your Anti-Aliasing is set high to something like 8x or 16x you really shouldn't see jagged edges. I play on mid settings with my i7 and pny2000d workstation card and don't notice any jagged edges at all...

It really sounds like something else might be the culprit... try posting over at Overclock.net those guys will probably have more information then me.

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