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Alright it is time for me to try again to run an RP.

I have made this thread here to start setting the story and the plot. It will also be used for character sheets to keep the main thread from being cluttered.

This RP will take place fifteen years after the events of Techsuit warfare just to give an idea of when the timeline is. All of Koprulu is under one government known as the Collective Triad, which replaced the KSA a few years after the plague had ended. There are two sides that can be joined in this RP and the is the fore mentioned Collective and the Poltergeist Mercenaries.

Now in regards to the character sheets. The format is as follows.

Loyalty:(Collective or Poltergeist)
Abilities: (This is more for unique abilities since your class and subclass will determine your other abilities. You only get three.)
Armament: (Again for more unique weapons. Class and subclass will determine your weapons.Only three additional at most please.)

Classes will be posted shortly.
Classes for each group will differ but there will be some overlap.

Poltergeist Classes are as follows:

Foot Soldier: You are the basic soldier but you have the advanced technology that Poltergeist has been working on for years.
Starting weapons are: Assault rifle, Pistol, Fragmentation grenades, Large combat knife.
Starting abilities are: Advance targeting optics (increased accuracy and range), Basic energy shield (only takes a little damage before failing), Psionic Dampener rounds (You only start with two clips of these powerful rounds. As the name suggests the reduce psionic abilities. Only for the Assault rifle.)
Available sub-classes: Standard infantry, Medic, Mech pilot, Assault Specialist, Demolitions team,

Mechanic: You keep the buildings and machines that Poltergeist uses functioning. You have immense knowledge of the all the tech that Poltergeist has developed.
Starting weapons: Shotgun, Pistol, EMP grenade, Nanite combat knife.
Starting abilities: Repair, Defense Matrix (like the science vessel's but weaker and only lasts for a short time), Mechanic's touch (You double the health points of a mech for a short period of time.)
Available sub-classes: Mech/Ship pilot, Engineer, Mechromancer,

Special Forces: You are the black ops team of Poltergeist, stealth is the name of your game. Your equipment supersedes that of known stealth tech but is still quite flawed.
Starting weapons: Suppressed assault rifle/Suppressed Sniper rifle (You choose which one you get.) Suppressed pistol, Flashbang Grenade, Special forces combat knife (Coated in a powerful poison that causes the target to black out.)
Starting abilities: Cloak, low light vision, Muscular modifications (Increases speed)
Available sub-classes: Black Ops team, Infiltrators, Special Operations Team, Demolitions Team, Commando,

Shock trooper: You bring in the heavier weapons that special forces and foot soldier just can't wield. Enemies have been know to route when they see several Shock troopers standing in the ranks.
Starting weapons: Storm Gauss rifle (Think heavy bolter from DoW but instead it fires a larger caliber gauss spike than a standard rifle. Takes time to set up.), Grenade launcher, Shock hammer (A large power hammer that delivers a heavy blow. Known to shatter bones in one hit.)
Starting abilities: Teleport (Short range but allows for a fast get away, Has a long cool down though), Suppressive fire, Incendiary rounds (Name says it all, Interchangeable with standard Storm Gauss rounds.)
Available sub-classes: Tesla trooper, Suppressor, Terminator, Heavy Grenadier,

NOTE: There can only be two Shiock troopers for the time being.

More may be posted this is a rough draft for the RP.
Name: Kayle Manassa
Age: 40
Race: Terran
Loyalty: Poltergeist
Class: Shock Trooper
SubClass: Terminator
Abilities: Specialization-Earth (Passive), True Strike- after facing an opponent for so long in combat, Kayle identifies their weak point and hit's it consistently, Integrated Jetpack
Armament: Ragnor, Claymore of Earth, VMN-200, XCY-300 Assault Rifle
Backstory: Was involved in the Techsuit War, which is where he met Flint. Now stands with Poltergeist against the Collective Triad along with all of Loria.
Classes for the Collective Triad are as follows:

Grunt: You are the front line soldier of the Collective you take the battle to all who oppose them.
Starting weapons: Heavy assault rifle, Dual pistols, Incendiary grenades, Machete.
Starting abilities: Suppressive fire (You unleash heavy fire from you rifle into your enemies}, Stim-pack, Heavy plating<passive>(Basically increases your health but slows your movement).
Available sub-classes: Heavy weapons specialist, Melee specialist, Grenadier.

Field Medic: You keep the grunts alive and fighting the battle.
Starting weapons: Assault Rifle, Pistol, Poison grenades, Surgical knife.
Starting abilities: Heal, Optical flare, Poison rounds (Can be swapped out with regular Assault riffle ammo. Only affects biological units.)
Available sub-classes: Poison expert, Field surgeon, Heal bus pilot.

Engineer: You are the mechanic of the Collective as well as designer for several field structures.
Starting weapons: Shotgun, Pistol, Detonator packs, Combat knife.
Starting Abilities: Place auto-turret, Repair, Place barricade.
Available sub-classes: Constructor, Heavy Mech Pilot, Demolitions specialist,

Watcher: You are the eyes, ears, voice, and silencer of the Collective. The Collectives will is what you serve and nothing else. You keep genetic mutations that may prove harmful under control by killing those with them.
Starting weapons: Snare rifle (Fires nets to contain your target), Silencer's pistol (a specially made pistol designed with efficiency in mind by neutralizing the target in as few shots as possible), Stun grenade, Silencer's combat knife (laced with a neurotoxin that will stun the target for ease of capture or for easier dispatching of the target).
Starting abilities: Cloak, Thermal vision, Toxic injection (can be used on self in event of capture or can be used to kill a target. Only have one shot though).
Available sub-classes: Assassin, Infiltrator, Commissar.
NOTE: There can only be two Watchers for the time being.

Note2: All Collective Triad members can pilot mechs if they are available.

Like Poltergeist more may be posted for added variety.
Name: Viola Harmdas
Age: ???
Race: Alki
Loyalty: Collective
Class: Watcher
Subclass: Commissar
Abilities: Illusion Disguise (passive/active), Sense of Despair (High level illusion that can break even the will of a Templar, breaks moral and causes suicidal thoughts.), Battlebarge Support.
Armament: Maya, Blade of Illusions, Spider Grenade, SAC-800 Suppressed Assault SMG.
Backstory: There is a civil war going on her home planet called Feiur. She decided to join the Collective when the rest of her people started to pit each other against one another. One side wants to join the Collective and Viola joined them because she believed that they were going to be forced against it anyway so she chose initiative and stayed loyal ever since. Second side wants to join the Poltergeist to help them fight the Collective. The final group wants to stay out of it and they want to stay secluded and to go back to secrecy. So far most of the population sided with the final group and the three sides have been at each others throats constantly.
Might join after I see the story. I dont like the idea of Terran, protoss, and zerg "uniting under one banner."
Name: Korzis Ravius
Age: 45
Race: Terran/Protoss
Loyalty: Poltergeist
Class: Special Forces
Subclass: Black Ops
Abilities: Psionic Barrier, Psionic Bolt, Telekinesis
Armament: Katana. (Assault Rifle, Combat Knife, Pistol, Flash Bang)
Brief Description: Deep Blue eyes, pale skin, medium black hair mixed in with long Protoss tendrils, medium muscle build. Skinny body, almost visible ribs, a scar coming down from the right side of his lower lip. His height is about 6' 5".
Backstory: Was born about a year before scheduled because of an AI. Had a bit of problems in mental development up until the age of 6. He was quickly taught how to use a blade by his father quite quickly. One day he accidentally cut his lip on the tiny shortsword he was given when he was ten.

At the age of 12 he had a tiny bit of resentment for his sister because of all the attention she got but it passed in a year. He found he preferred to be by himself. Still hung out with some people. Lacked his fathers original trait of trying to get himself surrounded with tons of people.

Sometimes yells at inanimate objects or a bloodthirsty quality in battle. He was also found out by a strange entity deemed 'the Demon'. The Demon made regular appearances throughout his child hood.

Whenever his sister was taken care of by a Zerg named Marduk he was taken care of a Nerazim named Malak, who was a good friend of his father. It is not the same Marduk as Draconus's. Now at 16 years of age he finds himself in very bad predicaments. One such was when he was on a ship filled with monsters.

He loves a woman named Joan and married her.

He commanded an army to secure a cure from natives and when he- Data lost.

Name: Zaros
Age: 65
Race: Terran/Ral'Zar (New race I came up with.)
Loyalty: Poltergeist
Class: Special Forces
Subclass: Commando
Abilities: Wide Ranging of Psionics, so far reaching it is unknown.
Armament: Katana, Silent Plasma Rifle. (Assault Rifle, Flamethrower, Pistol, Combat Knife, Flash Bang)
Brief Description: Light blue eyes, pale skin, short black hair, sharp canine teeth, claw like fingernails.
Backstory: No data secured on this specimen.

Name: The Watcher
Age: ???
Race: Ral'Zar
Loyalty: None.
Class: Is Without Need for One, Never in Combat.
Subclass: Does not have a Class even.
Abilities: Summon Creature, Change Environment, Arm Trap
Armament: None
Brief Description: Unable to be told.
Backstory: Shall not Share.

"This last one is to be used as something to make Korzis's and Zaros's lives harder and watching them."
10/03/2012 02:44 PMPosted by MarkusDaWise
Might join after I see the story. I dont like the idea of Terran, protoss, and zerg "uniting under one banner."

Not all Terran Protoss and Zerg are under one banner. Many Protoss and Terran have their own governments set up still but the Collective rules over them. Kinda like the Confederacy did over the other terran governments. As for the Zerg they had been pacified years ago and not much is seen of them anymore.
Now for a post regarding the story.....

Location: Poltergeist Base on asteroid KL69.

John Flint Sr. was in his office going over paper work from the previous day, most of it involved troop deployments, requisitions for supplies, ideas for new weapons or technology development, and so on. He took a deep breath and pushed away from his desk to take a short break before continuing.
He stands up and walks around his desk for a short minute to stretch his legs.
Ugh these nights seem to be getting longer and longer ever since the unease that the Collective has started with its increased push in purifying the genetic code of the Terrans and Protoss. At least I am trying to save those that didn't have much a choice in what they gained genetically and helped those that did choose to remain safe. He thought to himself.
He ran his hand over his bald head and walked back to his chair. He heard footsteps outside the hall, it must be one of the Internal Regulators patrolling the halls. He returns to his desk and start to go through the rest of the paperwork.
About an hour later he was about to finish the paper work and turn in for at least a few hours of sleep before he came back to the office. Just as he signed the last paper he heard a rustling behind him. As he turned a cloaked figure leaps at him knocking him out of his chair.
He kicks his attacker off and leaps to his feet. His left arm morphs into a blade and a psi-blade on his right arm activates. The attacker decloaks revealing a Watcher from the Collective Triad holding one of their infamous knifes.
"So I guess the Collective Triad has decide to kill me. If you don't mind granting an old man an answer as to why I am to be killed?" Flint asks looking at the Watcher making sure not to take his eyes off of the person.
"Oh mister Flint you very well know why we want you dead. The Director has decide that you and this out dated group are now longer functional and need to be removed. He knew that the best option to make sure that happened was to eliminate you and Mrs. Joan. Not to mention your children. Have to make sure that no one is to take your place or Mrs. Joan's"
A cold scream is heard down the hall followed by Joan yelling orders to the Regulators to quickly lock down the facility and search for more assassins.
"Well it looks like my partner failed. No matter I can still kill you and maybe one of your children before I die." The Watcher Charges stabbing with precision at Flint chest. Flint managed to dodge the initial blow only to have the knife cut back and the knife land into into his left lung. He quickly stabs the Watcher in the neck with psi-blade killing the assassin. The assassin falls to the ground lifeless and Flint land not far from him. The poison on the blade was unique in the fact it inhibited his rapid regeneration. He lay on the floor gasping for breath unable to draw any air into one of his lungs.
A Regulator entered the room to make sure Flint was unharmed only to find the dead assassin and Flint on the floor slowing bleeding out. The Regulator call into his comm informing the medical staff that he was bringing Flint down for emergency surgery.

End of this story post.
"First person character is The Watcher."

I flick my eyes across the holographic screen. A new image comes up. I watch as the man known as John Flint is taken to a medical bay. I was surprised by this data as he had regeneration as one of his many special qualities. My eyes flick to another screen as I watch Korzis rush to Joan. The young one cared much for his wife. Pathetic. I think to myself.

My eyes flick again as I see a 'new message' icon. I move my finger to it and the message pops up.
Subject: New Data
Specimen Zaros
He has two siblings and a son. This information you already know.
But what you do not know is that he had lost contact with his siblings
soon after the attack on his home planet. He soon saved one from the
clutches of a ruling power known as the Dominion. Only a year later he
attended an academy. There he met a woman named Bianca "Shade"
Ravius. She was recently split from her counterpart, Bryan "Raven"
Ravius. Soon enough Bianca had become pregnant with Zaros's
child. As the incident of Shadow's sister Umbra attacking her during
a mission and Zaros protecting her and Bryan as they made an
escape he suffered near fatal wounds. He was unable to move for a
week and needed a wheelchair for months after that. After not being
able to contact Bianca he soon developed a minor case of depression.
This is the information we have gathered so far.

Interesting. I think as I watch as Zaros re-entered the Poltergeist base. His new claws very apparent because of his lack of gloves.
Several hours pass as the doctors operated on Flint Sr. The poison had removed his ability to regenerate almost completely and his left lung was filling with blood. They managed to stop the bleeding and seal up the puncture wound, they couldn't remove the poison since it had attached to several crucial cells altering his genetics. His body would process it out but it will take some time before that happens.

John Jr. walks up to the bed where his father lay sleeping.
"What happened Doc?"

"He was attacked and poisoned by a Watcher. It seems the poison is specically targeting his regeneration and that is all we can tell right now. It might also prevent him from using his psionics and his morphing abilities but we won't know until we run tests." The doctor replies.

"How long would it take before we know anything?"

"Maybe a few hours but it could be a day at the most."

"Thanks Doc." John Jr. looks at his father again before heading to the communications area. He had to let his sister and brother know what was going on. He also needed to contact the Lorians since their leader was a personal friend of his dad.

He arrives and sends a message to his siblings Leah and Ivan. Ivan was off on a mission that Joan had assigned him to and Leah was on Chau Sara recruiting.
He pulls up the personal comm number for Cayl Rios and starts a live feed to him.


Location: Tarsonis, Current capital of the Collective Triad.

The Director was sitting at his desk reading the paper when a message came in. It was one of the Watchers that were dispatched to kill off John Flint Sr. and Joan.
He answers the call leaving after making sure that the area was clear.
"Is the job done?" He asks

"No sir Joan still lives as does Flint. Flint is mortally wounded though. He managed to kill Ulrick but not until after he was inflicted with the poison that you had chosen for him. His powers are now almost useless." The Watcher replies.

The Director frowns. Both of them should have been killed and now there was chance for civil war because they lived. Flint and Joan would soon gather theirs forces and retaliate.
"They were both supposed to die why is Joan still alive?"

The Watcher cringes slightly. "She... She overpowered Yuri before she could strike. I couldn't do anything once the base was on full alert. I am sorry Director I have have failed you."

"You have and will never again." The director pushes a button on his display.

"No sir please I can stil....." The Watchers voice cuts off and is followed by screams of agony and pain before silence fill the comm. The Watcher had been killed as such was the price for failure.

The Director sighs and return to the article he was reading before the transmission. As he read he was trying to figure out his next move.
Cayl was sitting in his office, running over the reports. Ever since the system had declared it's support of Flint and the Poltergeist Mercenaries, things had gone down hill in the war department. However, thanks to the ever present threat of Endgame, things were remaining on the borders. As he reads a report on enemy numbers, his vidcom beeps. He answers and looks upon John Flint Jr. "John, how are you? I hadn't expected any word from you yet. What's wrong?"
"Dad and Joan have been attacked. It looks like the Collective Triad had tried to off them in an attempt to bring down Poltergeist. Dad is now in post op after being stabbed in the chest with a poisoned blade. Joan is fine I think, she managed to overpower her attacker before anything could happen."

"I sent messages to Ivan and Leah to check up on them as well as let them know what was going on. I am just hoping that they are ok. Has anything happened over on your end?"

He takes a seat in a chair near the display. Worry and lack of sleep show on John Jr's face.
From wfawwer:

Name: Jennifer Atel
Age: 29
Race: Terran
Loyalty: Poltergeist
Class: Foot Soldier
Subclass: Medic
Abilities: Defiler (Has a "pet" Defiler, obtained from a changeling)
Armament: Restorative Nanites, Optic Flare, Medic Shield
Cayl shakes his head. "Nothing odd outside of the war. Had a few Watchers try to get me and my family a couple weeks back, but they never got inside the gates. How'd they even get in the facility?"
"I am even puzzled by that myself." He runs his hands over his face as he thinks if the chances and possibilities.
"Has the Collective already declared war on the Lorians? Dad never told that had happened. He has just talked with the Director about something yesterday. I over heard him yelling at the Director for his blind error in the Genocide that the Collective was preforming."
"They haven't officially, but we've been staving off attacks from them for sometime now. I do agree with Flint. They're getting zealous. Need me to send my nephew?"
"He would have to meet up with Leah on Chau Sara. No gets in unless they are a recruit diplomat or one of the inner circle. Really it is up to you whether or not you send him. Anyway I hope the battles go well for you. You know that we here can support you if need be. We have recently started out Shock Trooper program. I can send you the details if you would like. It was dad's idea for demoralizing and uprooting our foes."

"As for dad and his opinions he is probably right on the fact that they are getting out of hand. Heck Me and my siblings are alive because of him and Poltergeist. If it wasn't for either we would probably have been run out of the sector or killed." He sighs looking off to another screen checking all incoming and out going communications.
Cayl nods. "I'll send him to Chau Sara in the morning. Make sure Leah meets him. And I'd appreciate the data on that. Maybe we can get some extra muscle to demoralize them, not that the Spartans don't already do a good job at it." He sighs, remembering the first time Flint and that Director crossed swords. "Need any additional troops? We can spare them."
"No the new recruits will becoming in with Leah. They should prove sufficient for the time being. As for Leah meeting with Kayle she cannot leave her post until I arrive to take her and the new recruits back to base. She is at the bar that my dad owns on the side for when ever he needs a break from this place. It won't be hard to find just look for a sign with his over modified walker drawn on it. The name I think is the Pilots Rest."

I pull up the Shock Trooper data and transfer it over. It covers the new Tesla modifications as well as the other armaments.
"The Tesla modification is more recent. Figured a little electricity wouldn't hurt to add to their weapons. Their suits are massive and cumbersome though so they can wield these weapons with ease. Guess for every good thing there is a down side. " He reviews the files himself to pass some time.

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