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Cayl looks them over and nods. "That indeed. But with the way they're armed, I'm not surprised that it takes that size of armor." He puts the file in an encrypted sub area for later review. "I'll have my nephew leave in the morning. As for me, I'll stay in touch. Say hi to your dad for me."
"I will when he wakes up. Oh and look at the schematics for the hammer and Storm gauss rifle. Our tests shown that those are rather... difficult to get around when functional. Have a good evening."
Jr. smiles a bit as he stand up closing the files and the comm unit. He returns to the medical bay and waits for his father to regain consciousness.
I'll respond in the morning. Night.
The cruise to Loria was a long and dreaded one, and I had dreamed for Feiur. The sky's glistened of blood that was soon to be and the disguise was ready as the illusions washed over everyone. In my comm as I made my way to the hanger I pressed a button and there was a ringing sound. "I'" Standing behind me were twenty grunts and five field medics. "We aren't necessarily here to kill...but that's a secondary objective."

Feiur was burning everywhere, smoke rising and my people killing each other. Their blood coating the streets and the meadows. They had been torn apart by three groups. The group that wants to join the Collective, the group that wants to join the Poltergeist and the final group wants to stay out of it and keep everyone from doing a terrible mistake. There were no official Poltergeist or Collective troops down in the field yet, but that doesn't mean that the people are going to wait.
I watch as Zaros smashes his fist into the wall when he learns about the attack. He quickly pulls it out and walks away, his faced clearly showing signs of rage.

My eyes flick to another scene after Korzis finished making sure Joan was okay going to look for his father. How interesting.
"Yes mam'." One of the grunts replies. "What is the primary objective anyway? We didn't get much out of briefing."
John Jr. was still waiting for his father to wake up. It has been at least two hours since he had gotten back from the comm room and his father was still asleep. Jr. stood up and walked to a near by vending machine. He passes Zaros in the hall as he had punched the wall. He looks at Zaros with a curious look.
"Was there something that the wall did?" He asks with a slight bit of sarcasm in his voice. He looks of Zaros real quickly. "You must be Zaros. My father has mentioned you several times though your appearance is slightly different from what I had expected."
Jr. grabs a candy bar from the vending machine and a water bottle from another.
...No direct attacks on Loria...Otherwise you might find your selves getting shot in the face...But whatever. No killing any knights or Spartans. other then that, feel free.

IC: Cayl had called me right after Getting off the vidcom with John Jr. and I had already been awake. It had been a rough night so I couldn't sleep. As I stood in line at the space port so I could get in, I had to wonder, what did the Collective have to gain from being such purists. Hell, if it was up to me, I'd have used the Vengeance and Endgame along time ago to settle this, but that was just me. As it was, the d@mn Alki were starting to pick sides, and it had me pissed off. Why couldn't they have stayed out of our politics? Oh well, I'd get to set things straight if the Collective made anymore attempts on Flint or Joan.
Zarkun I was going to attack the actual capital and silence the ruler of the planet, and then there could be a next in line thing but don't worry the weapons are loaded with tranquilizers in the basic sense. Hense why I said that killing was a secondary objective except for one.


Looking back at he soldier I sighed with deep regret. "The primary objective is to create diplomatic ties with Loria and to convince them that Poltergeist is outdated and needs to be removed."
The grunt sighs and shifts the weight of his heavy assault rifle.
"So you mean to tell me that I am hear to guard a diplomat. Well I guess that is an easy enough job to get paid for. Just let us know if you need something mam'." The grunt falls back into formation behind a field medic that is examining the area.

Viola's comm beeps. It was the Director on the other end.
I picked the comm up and placed it on my ear and clicked a button near the mouth piece. "Viola here..." I didn't like this, this was the first time the Director made a call like this.
Cayl was just finishing the last report when an aide knocked on his door. "Come in." She pokes her head in.

"The Collective dignitary and her escort are almost here." He sighs and nods.

"Alright, I'll start getting prepared." She nods and leaves and he puts on his armor and grabs his halberd. He wasn't taking any chances with this Collective scum. They weren't known for honesty.
"Hello Viola, I need to know how the diplomacy is going with the Lorians. It seems that Mir. Flint and Mrs. Joan of Poltergeist survived the attack and if we are to defeat them it will be easier with the Lorians at our side. Do inform Mr Rios that our raids have ceased and we are ready to send supplies to them for their aid in the war. Supplies that they cannot obtain with out us."


Location: Poltergeist Base.

John Sr. finally woke up in the medical bay. He looked around trying to figure out what happened. Trying to sit up he is greeted with a sharp pain in his chest and remains laying down. His mind races to figure out what happened.
"Hello Director...I agree and I wish my people would stop bickering over a stupid matter and that's why I took initiative. And I will inform him and he wouldn't dare do anything to a messenger for that would bring dishonor among his family." The craft had landed. "We have arrived on the planet and we will be in the capital shortly."
"Good. Keep me informed, if things start to turn against our favor you know what to do. I made sure the poison on your blade is one that their nanites cannot do much against. Consider it a last resort though."

OOC: No the poison will not kill Cayl. It will just inhibit the regeneration that the nanites provide while crippling his nervous system keeping him from reacting as quickly as he could. Also the poison only works if he is stabbed.
Hehehe, I have a policy to prevent stabbing.

IC: Cayl reached the meeting room and took a seat, a hand resting on the VMN he always had in the holster and keeping the wind at the ready. He didn't trust that they didn't have a sneaky plan in mind. He opened a long range comm to John Jr. {John, you there?}
{Yeah whats up?} He was still munching on the candy bar while waiting for Zaros to speak.
"Yes Director..." With that I turned it off and I had stepped out of the hanger. "Okay...let's get loaded up in the APC's and we should be at the capital soon." Stepping through the APC the rest of the men had started to do that and the APC's took off towards the capital.
{I'm meeting with the Collective dignitary again. Just wondered if you had an idea as to what they'll try to tempt me with this time.}
The grunt from earlier chimes in.
"So what we taking them a box of candies and a peace treaty." He laughs loudly. A few of the other grunts chime in with other snide remarks and laughs.
"Maybe they will learn to rely on something besides them damned nanites." One other mentions.
A field medic glare at the man. "If it wasn't for those nanites healing process would take longer you idiot. Not to mention it was those same nanites that saved your life not but four years ago." Following the medics comment the APC falls into an awkward silence.


{Well it could be any number of things. Though the resources that they have might be what they are relying heavily on. We haven't gotten and updates from our Infiltrator cell in awhile so I cannot be sure. I do know that they will try to convince you to side with them instead of Poltergeist.}
Cain Light-
Abilities- Angel's soul-A black core within Cain's chest, can emit a unique form of energy that can either reinforce his limbs, or vampirically eat psionic energy, it also has a unique property, that is vastly unexplored.

Art of the Lifegiver- The lifegivers can absorb life from the people they kill, and utilize it to expand their natural lifespan, Cause an explosive, exponential growth in power, speed, and psionic resistance, or animate inanimate objects.

Dominating pressure- Can create barriers, and walls with energy. Some can repel any attack. Emphasis on any. He can also increase the pressure in Any area, and is not affected by the increase of pressure

Cain was the child of Abel, and Sofia, and was named after Abel's elder brother. He inherited most of Abel's skills, but never truely reached Abel's full strength.
Abel, and Sofia left to be guardians of a strange Asteroid and he was raised among the other guardians, as a result he always felt inferior in sheer physical stregnth.
Cain left home fairly early, and traveled the world. He shares a strong physical resemblance of Abel.
Joining the collective so he could fight and expand his lifespan and regenerative abilities, Cain only fights out of the want to live longer. Although he feigns loyalty, he truely refuses to ground himself in any cause.
This is a test. I might quit, if I feel this doesn't feel... Right

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