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{Ha, fat chance. I've worked with Poltergeist since Shadow. I'm not about to turn on my friends.} There was a beeping sound on the terminal. {One second.} He hits the green button and says, "Go ahead."

{The APC's have arrived. Whenever you're ready sire.}

"Go ahead and send her in."

{Of course.} Cayl sighs and returns his attention to the comlink. {Gotta go.}
The APC arrived at the front gate...I stepped out with the bodyguards. "You know why were here?" No one will know my true race...not even the grunts or these Lorian's but only the Director knows. "Shall we have this peaceful talk?"
I feel I have to outline an extra tidbit, that has yet to come up in Reckoning, because I haven't found an opportunity to introduce them.

Poltergeist File
Serpent Soldier
A unique corps in the organization. Like CSAA Agents, these soldiers undergo genetic modifications and brutal training regimes. They are armed primarily with the Poltergeist "Night Rifle", which acts as a Negative Suit bound into someone's genetic code for a short eriod of time- all psionic abilities, healing factor, and gene mutations are suppressed, as well as paralyzing all below the throat. These soldiers are only to be called upon in times of dire need, and get their orders directly from the Upper Circle, the top 12 Poltergeist members.

Poltergeist File
Upper Circle
The most eminent 12 members of Poltergeist. Each member of this council must, upon joining, select their replacement. In event of a member's death or retirement, this replacement is promoted to council seat, regardless of current assignment.
Zaros looks at John Jr. "During my years of disappearance I found a group that was unaffected by the plague and unknown by even the Protoss and Zerg. Something happened, and I changed." Zaros looks at his claws.

I watch curiously. So he was the one who found us. Interesting.
Cayl chuckles. "First hand all your weapons to the guards. You know that."
I smiled behind the illusion disguise. "The blade stays with me..." I put my hand on the sheath. "As for the other stuff we'll just stick them in the that better?"
Cayl shakes his head. "Lose the blade or leave. You already know the answer to your question, so I'm doing this out of cordiality. Something I'm running out of."
Handing the blade over to one of the Collective I smile again. " I expect to see no weapons from your side since I'm giving you my trust and respect and you should do the same."

The Collective grunts take the weapons back over to the APC.
I chuckle. "I know you Collective types too well. You still have hidden blade or something on you, so as such, I'll keep my weapons. Now, throw your proposition out there."
I laughed at that. "Look...we could do a strip search and you'll find nothing on me that could be used against you. And I thought you would want to do this in the meeting room and not in here? Don't worry you have to worry about my bodyguard because they'll stay out here."
Cayl sighs. "I don't really care where it's done. The whole system know's what the Collective wants and not one of it's citizens wants to be a part of it. Get the offer out there and let's call this a day."
I sighed as well and they brought the weapons back. "You said it yourself...if we aren't going in then why should I give the weapons to you or to them?" Tapping my foot the blade was in my hands with the actual blade part in my hands as well. "You see...even you know that the system that Poltergeist is running by is outdated and is starting to lose effect. You just don't want it gone because of friends, if you didn't know anyone in there then you might have agreed with me."
Cayl shakes his head as four Spartans and two Knights, Trentath and Grenald, step up, hands on their weapons. "I also disagree with what the Collective stands for as well. Now," he rests a hand on his halberd and a razor sharp wind forms on his left, "leave."
I pressed the comm again. "Director...he said no and he has a couple of Knights and Spartans out...maybe we should fall back for now." Whispering in the device. I reach a hand out to shake hands with Cayl. "We might as well do a formal goodbye yes?"
He shakes the dignitary's had and pulls back. "Safe travels, and if I see you again, I'll kill you."
Smiling I headed back towards the APC and whispered to myself. "Next time you wont even know who I am..." The APC took off and I laughed at what I did. "Damned fool..." One of the tiny little spiders from the grenades had the poison in them that was on the knife by integrating the poison into its system and it was on Cayl invisible thanks to my illusions and the size of it.

It had crawled onto a hidden spot on the armor and was waiting for its move.
Cayl sighed and walked back into the main hall, removing his armor as he goes. "Good riddance to the bastards." Placing it back on it's rack, he returns to his study and resumes work on his reports.
One of the field medics had detoured from the rest of the guard and heading for a near by barracks. His orders were from the director himself and, not even Vilos knew, that if negotiations didn't fare well to sabotage a number of the Lorian forces.

He pulled out a large vial that contains a mix of different genetically engineered viruses and poisons. Their nanites wouldn't be able to keep up with several of the viruses and one poison caused their body to reject the nanites. He walked to water supply for this barracks and broke the vial over the opening spilling the contents into the water. He makes his way back to the APC trying to look lost.


{Viola you have done you task well. On of the field medics has deployed a poison to cripple the Lorians. It is a shame that they have brought this upon themselves. Return to Tarsonis as soon as possible. I will have another assignment for you then.}


Jr. looks at Zaros. "Well I am sure that your son will be glad to see you. I better get back to my father and see how he is doing."
He departs from Zaros and head back to the medical bay to see his father awake. Sr. tries to sit up when Jr. enters. John Sr. cringes in pain
"Hey dad take it easy. Your still recovering from the attack." John Jr. says hurrying over to help his father lay back.
"The blade was poisoned to inhibit your abilities. Joan is fine by the way."

John Sr. looks at his son and lays back.
"Collective wasn't it?"

"Yes dad it was. I think they are making their move now."

"Is Ivan and Leah ok?"

"Yes as far as I know. Cayl is sending his nephew to meet with Leah on Chau Sara. I will be leaving soon to take the Vengeance to pick them and the new recruits up. I was wanting to make sure you were up to speed on what was going on."

John Sr. nods and relaxes.
"Go get your sister and Kayle. I will probably be better when you get back."

John Jr. leaves the room and heads towards the docking bay and boards the Vengeance and readies the ship to head to Chau Sara.
From Fawwer:

Shortly after John Jr. had left, I hobbled in, pulling up a seat. "They grow up so fast, don't they."
"Yes they do. Him and his siblings are all twenty years old now."
Flint Sr. turns his head to look at his new visitor.
"Jennifer? I haven't seen you in what almost sixty years?"

The Vengeance departs from the base making its course for Chau Sara.

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