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Was my character accepted?
Looks good Fantasy.
Looks like the Watcher positions are filled.
Still have one available spot for Shock Trooper. No cap on the other classes btw.
From Fawwer:

"Yeah. Was busy with other things, namely the Changeling. Started a family on Earth- they'll be fine without me. Anything you plan on doing? Retiring isn't an option."
"Your right retirement isn't an option. I plan on making sure my family and this organization are safe. Why didn't you stay on Earth with your family?"
I smiled as we trekked down the road in the APC. "Director...I also latched a tiny spider with the poison from the knife onto Cayl as we shook hands in farewell."

The spider walked off the armor and crawled to Cayl, climbing over his boot it walked slowly as to not disturb him. After crawling all the way it was on the collar of Cayl's clothing, and like that it jumped onto his exposed neck and bit his skin and flesh, the poison was entering his body.
"Good. Now the Lorians will have trouble keeping up their defense. Once we press the attacks on them and Poltergeist their forces will be unable to support each other. This may prove to be an easy battle after all..." He knew he was getting over confident. Flint always had one trick up his sleeve, that is one thing the Director remember when they both served under the UED.

"Stay alert Viola. Once they figure out what you and the medic done they will be pursuing you. Get out of the Loria system as quickly as you can."
Name: 4N9D2-K0L39-3S4B6
Age: Unknown, Program age assumed 8350, Platform age assumed 80
Race: Vaxarus
Loyalty: N/A
Class: Diplomat Platform
SubClass: Offensive Specialization
Mode Swap: Swaps between Power and Performance, with Power increasing durability and damage, and Performance increasing agility and reflexes.
Nanite Refinement (Power): Uses nano-machines to break down nearby vehicles, replacing them with Ohm Bots.
Overdrive (Power): Allows the Platform to tip vehicles over, and increases the strength in the servos
Lightning (Performance): The Platform charges the generator, shooting bolts of electricity out at nearby targets.
Flow Beacon (Performance): Platform taps into the flow at huge ranges, allowing troops to re-enforce his position.
Armament: Heavy Pulse-blades (Power) Light Pulse-blades (Performance)
Backstory: A Vaxarus Platform, specializing in multi-role combat. It is usually seen with a task-force of infantry units, and is usually sent for communications between the Vaxarus and other races.

Stupid internet
The Director stood up from his desk and turned his comm on.
"It is time."

"Copy that Director. Beginning out transit to Agria."

"Good you know what to do when you arrive."

"Yes sir, the colony will be a smoldering heap by the time we are done."

The comm link closes and the Director walks over to a window peering out into the capitol city. What was about to happen was going to shock the people of Koprulu and cause panic in the masses. Agria was just a small sacrifice to create a chaos that the people of Koprulu will unify against. Poltergeist will not longer have the support of many of it allies since the attack on Agria will be blamed on them with plenty of evidence to prove it.
By this time tomorrow Flint will wish he had stayed in line instead of being as out spoken as he was. He brought a war on himself that he couldn't possibly win.


Over Chau Sara the Vengeance exits warp and begins orbit. A shuttle deploys and head towards the surface where Leah and Kayle are supposed to be.
I had reached Chau Sara in a little over 4 hours and was still looking for Leah. Finally spotting her a computer, I walk over, my hand on Ragnor in case the Collective tried something. "Leah, my Uncle sent me to help out your dad."


Cayl could tell something was wrong almost as soon as the poison hit him and his nanites couldn't pinpoint the source. B!tch had tricked him. Soon a report came in that the entire Red Hawk regiment was sick, something had been slipped in their water. He cursed. That was a whole regiment out for a month, and that meant the regiment they were supposed to replace would be there for another 3. The Collective would pay.
Leah was sitting at a table filling out information for a new recruit. She hated this job but it is the one that her father always sent her on. She doesn't even look up at Kayle but continues to type.
"Name age and position you wish to join. Also take a seat if you would like."


The shuttle lands outside of the bar and John Jr. steps off and walks into the bar to look for his sister and Kayle.
I chuckle. "Try Kayle Manassa, nephew to Cayl Rios. Man, you Poltergeist types are too up tight."
Leah looks up at Kayle.
"Not up tight just despise what I am being told to do. How would you like to spend a month recruiting people while being hit on by drunken idiots?"
"So your Uncle sent you. Did he tell you that the only way to get on to Poltergeist is to be either a current member or a new recruit. Dad and Joan locked the place down after what happened."
John Jr. sees Leah sitting at a table with a man talking to her. He hoped the man wasn't foolish enough to try anything. He walks up to the table and greet Leah.
"Hey sis, How did the recruiting go?"

Leah rolls he eyes at Jr.
"You really need to ask? Besides all the cat calls and occasional drunken person that cannot take no for an answer we managed to gather another hundred people." She glances over to the t.v. and sees the news report.
"Hey turn that up."

{Today Agria was suddenly and with out any reason was attacked by Poltergeist Mercenaries. The Collective had sent a ship to support the colony and preform negotiations to try to convince the mercenaries to cease their actions only to be shot down. We have not been able to contact the Mercenary leader John Flint or Joan Molina. The Director had this to say about the indecent.
*Feed cuts to a press conference that the Director had set up.*
"What happened to Agria was uncalled for and I have now declared Poltergeist mercenaries to be a threat to the public. It's leaders and members are now wanted criminals of the Collective and a bounty will be posted for each one brought in dead or alive. Anyone seen aiding known members of this group only bring the same punishment upon them as will be distributed to the mercenaries."
*Feed cuts back to the news anchor*
More when the story develops further.}

Leah's face shows horror when the news cut to commercial. John Jr. stood there in shock.
Ragnor was in my hands. "Now would be a good time to leave." I look around watching the crowd start to turn and face us. "Now would be a really good time." I was really kicking myself in the pants for not bringing the other Golden Shadows with me. A bounty hunter stepped forward, a big grin on his face. "Look buddy, back off."
"The shuttle is just outside." John Jr. says starting to make his way to the door activating a beacon on his wrist.
Leah grabs her computer and bag and follow John.

The crowd blocks the door and several start to draw weapons. Others begin to surround the three protecting them from the bounty hunters.

John Jr. sighs.
"Three... Two...One..." He mutters

A loud crash is heard outside followed by the sounds of hydraulics moving. The sound stops a few seconds later. One patron looks through the window on the door curiously and facial expression changes to one of horror. Before he could move the door is sent flying into the bar and a large power suit comes into the bar. There was a large pack on the back of the suit with a chain feeding Gauss spikes into the large rifle on the right side of the suit and various other weapons are visible on the suit. Two more are seen just outside the door with the same equipment. The bounty hunters start to back off slowly as does anyone else that had planed on trying to capture Jr or Leah.

"Now we take out leave." Jr. says heading for the shuttle that was parked just outside with Leah close behind.
I follow them back towards the shuttle door, Ragnor glowing with energy as I wait for one of the bounty hunters to make a move. "I'm guessing those are the Shock Troopers that you mentioned to Uncle, John." I sheath Ragnor and draw my assault rifle. That made them hesitate a bit more.
"Yep. I was almost hoping that someone would try something. All the simulations show that they Shock Troopers would win but simulations and reality are two completely different things."
Just as John finishes a small group of heavily armed bounty hunters approach weapons drawn.

"You know why we are here. Come peacefully and we wont hurt ya." One of them calls out.
One of the Shock Troopers wielding the Shock Hammer looks at Jr.. Jr. nods to the person and continues to the ship.

The small squad of Shock troopers turn to the bounty hunters.
"Mr. Flint Jr. will not be leaving with you nor will Miss. Leah. You have five seconds to turn back before you will be eliminated."

The bounty hunters laugh and draw their weapons. One fires a shot right at the lead Shock Trooper.
"That was a poor choice. Now you die."

The Shock Trooper teleports into the group and swings the hammer right at the lead bounty hunter. The hammer lets off a sicken thud it crushes the man and contacts the ground. The other bounty hunters fire on the Trooper as he teleports away again. The other two stand in place and begin firing their Storm Gauss rifles into the group.

Jr. turns to observe what was happening the continued onto the ship. Leah was already on board and getting strapped in.
I stop at the door to look back, watching the group getting torn apart then look at Jon. "If I have to join, I wanna be one of the guys with a hammer."
"Welcome to Poltergeist Mercenaries then. Leah will have you fill out the paper work for joining on our way to the base." John says with a small laugh.

The Shock Troopers finish up the bounty hunters then board the shuttle. The shuttle departs and returns to the Vengeance.

Soon after the Vengeance exits orbit then enters the warp stream.
Name: Kazlak the Outlaw
Sex: Male
Age: 567
Race: Ral'Zar
Loyalty: Poltergeist
Class: Mechanic
Subclass: Engineer
Abilities: Piloting. Warp in Phantom, a medium sized mechanical wonder able of switching between a spacecraft and a mech, armed with plasma weaponry. Build Shade Turret shaped much like a sentry gun except without the tripod this turret rapidly fires burning hot plasma to take out enemies.
Armament: Ral'Zar Energy Cannon, a large weapon that fires a blast of energy but takes a fair amount of time to cool down. Ral'Zar Plasma Pistol, a small weapon that fires small bursts of plasma and very easily able to vent out when over heating allowing a fast cool down.
Brief Description: Claws, dark grey skin, crimson irises, sharp points on edge of elbows, short white hair and scars across his back. Also pointed canines.
Backstory: Being part of the Ral'Zar he was an incredible mechanic, but he was greedy. Soon enough he was caught stealing from his own tribe. He was not put to death like most would be, but whipped, given a Phantom then exiled. The Phantom having warp capabilities allowed him to get out of many situations that would usually have gotten him killed or incarcerated.

Name: Dar'Los, the Fighter
Sex: Female
Age: 697
Race: Ral'Zar
Class: Foot Soldier
Loyalty: Poltergeist
Subclass: Standard Infantry
Abilities: Banshee Scream, a high pitch scream which can cripple anything with ears.
Armament: Blood Rifle, fires crimson metal shards at opponents which explodes into minute shards after 15 seconds.
Brief Description: Pink irises, long brown hair, claws, dark grey skin, and pointed canines.
Backstory: A girl who just found her tribe boring and took off. When she found the tensions rising in the Korprulu she needed to join a side, there was no neutral. She quickly adapted to reloading weaponry instead of letting it cool down and is one of the most ferocious fighters you'll every find.

I watch as two Ral'Zar arrive on the planet of which the Poltergeist recruiting. I would expect it from Kazlak, but Dar'los? On the bright side this will be extremely interesting of a turn out. Especially since the recruiting has stopped. I would have a good laugh over this if it were possible.
The APC took off at top speeds as to hurry towards the shuttle. "Driver step on it!" They had to get there quick before the Lorian's caught on and sent out a detachment after them. "Okay men...and women...We are heading straight for Tarsonis once we leave this planet, and once we get to the shuttle get on as fast as you possibly can."

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