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A rocket strikes the side of the APC, spinning it, but not destroying it. Viola can hear the Spartans and Lancers moving into position as the APC continues, and shots begin to get exchanged. Gretta was in charge, and she held her war axes with pride. "Kill the Collective bastards! They'll pay for the double cross!" Shot's only get more intense as the APC nears the shuttle.
A grunt opens the hatch on the top of the APC and stands there with his heavy gauss rifle laying suppresive fire into the group of Lorians. Another grunt appears next to the other with what looks like a large grenade. He lobs it at the Lorians and ducks back down into the APC.

The APC swerved through the nearby field as it went onto the approach. "OPEN FIRE! SHOOT EVERY DAMN WEAPON WE HAVE!" I threw many Spider Grenades onto the ground and they split apart until they were tiny little spider like mines. They turned into a proximity grenade. "SPEED UP!"

The Lorian's started to Sense Despair as the illusion waft over them.
Gretta laughed, realizing what the diplomat really was. "Cheap trick Alki!" She draws her Masterkey Grenade launcher and lobs a grenade into the back of APC, knocking it off course and killing a couple of the grunts with the force. Drawing from Gretta's confidence, the rest of the force attacked with renewed fervor, destroying one of the APCs. The Shuttle came into view and it stopped, it's door even with the ramp and itself between the brunt of the attack and the remaining forces. Gretta fired again, blowing up a pocket of defenders. "Run you Collective bastards! Run like the cowards you are!"
The Lorian troops ran right into the Spider Grenade Landmines and the explosives were powerful for something so small. The troops went flying into the air and several of them lost limbs that were blown off of their bodies.

Maya was drawn from my sheath and I held it out, it was powerful and the illusions got stronger while the wind around us picked up with ferociousness. "STEP ON IT!"
A wall of flame knocked Viola back, breaking the illusion. "Quit hiding, leave while I'm still distracted, or I'll turn you into mincemeat." Another explosion rings out, killing another group of defenders.
Why is this in the pre RP thread rather than the actual RP thread?
Story purposes...


I was unharmed by the fire but instead the one that used it against me was the one that was thrown back instead. "I'm not hiding! Kinda hard to hide when I'm not hiding yes!"
Gretta smiled, unmoved by the blast. "Then why produce such cheap tricks? Our resolve is much harder then any illusion!" Another rocket hammered the APC. More Lancer's moved into position, firing their plasma beams into a bunker. Gretta grinned. "Your APC is running out of places to go!"
The shuttle opened its hatches as it lowered to the ground and the APC slid into it, I had one final message for them. "What would you do if you were in my shoes and my life was yours?" The shuttle took off burning a Lorian that got to close to the thrusters.
Gretta helps to kill the remaining defenders and spits. Cayl wasn't going to be happy she got away.
I sent a message to the Director as we flew into the atmosphere. "Did I forget to mention that we already know that we are going to lose this war because the Lorian's have the strongest tech in the universe and it's better than the UED's or Poltergeists? They even have a ship that acts like a Deathstar -_-..."
On the outskirts of the Fringe Worlds, a Vaxarus ship exits. Its location was directly between Collective and Poltergeists territories. The ship alters it's course, heading directly for Tarsonis and ignoring the Poltergeists, for now.
Kazlak and Dar'Los head to the location they heard for the Poltergeist recruiting. They both saw nothing but then saw each other. Dar'Los sneers, "You."

"Is there no where I can escape to?" Kazlak asks himself. He quickly warps his Phantom over. He climbs in and activates one of the machine guns making Dar'Los have to run to cover to keep from getting hit from the burning hot plasma.

The Phantom transforms into it's aerial mode and he takes off out of the atmosphere as quickly as he could.

Dar'Los takes off back to her transport. "I am going to join up with them no matter what."
"Mrs Viloa, the EndGame is nothing more than a shuttle compared to what I have in store for them. We have the technology to counter the Lorians and their abilities. Now get back to Tarsonis and meet me in my office."

The Director closes the comm link and sit back down at his desk and starts reading the file on his desk.

The ship approaching Tarsonis receives a message from an orbiting battle platform.
{This is the Tarsonis battle station Grandeur. I ask that you slow your course and be ready for docking so your ship can be examined gain clearance to land on the surface.}
"But si...." The link was closed and I sighed. "Helmsmen take us to Tarsonis...I have new orders from the Director so hurry." I started to think more and more about Feiur everyday after the fighting had started to happen, all the sides were also split politically and in military.
The Vaxarus ship slows to a halt near the Grandeur, holding position.
"As you said, to make sure my family was safe. Our experiences with the UED weren't exactly...friendly. My granddaughter is coming here within the week; also a medic." I looked at the wall for a brief moment, then sighed, standing up. "Best of wishes, John. I've got business to attend to. Take care of my granddaughter."
{Alright we are sending a boarding crew in the airlock. Thank you for your cooperation.}

An arm extends to connect with the Vaxarus ship the boarding party is waiting inside.


John Sr. nods at Jennifer. "I'll make sure she stays safe. Sorry things on Earth didn't go well, and you take care of yourself."
When the team enters the hanger, some bots were waiting for them. Eight Blade Troopers formed a corridor to a huge machine, almost as large as the siege walker Odin. It merely watches, waiting.

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