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"We are hear to make sure your ship isn't harboring any fugitives or assassins. If you don't mind we are going to sweep the ship thoroughly before granting you land access." The Watcher leading the team says stepping forward.
The diplomacy bot looks at them, then turns around, pointing at something. There is no doors in the hanger, and two transports wait. A crane awaits above them, with a railing leading to a massive set of sealed doors, also where the bot is pointing.
"I take it that is where we need to go then." The watcher comments as he steps forward to the crane with the squad in tow.
The crane lowers down with a platform. The door opens, and the bot jumps into the door and to the other side easily. The Blade Troopers stay where they are.
The Watcher and the boarding party follow.
When the team was put down on the other side of the door, the diplomacy bot was now roughly 7' in height. It advances down a large hallway, with the team in tow. They arrive at a three-way intersection, and the bot speaks, its voice monotonous, deep, and rumbley, says "The path-way across from us leads to the other hanger."
It walks to the side hallway, and follows it, the team in tow. They stop at a large room with 12 platforms above the normal walkways. There was no gaps or any way for someone to hide.
The bot turns around and regards the group.
"Is there anything else, organic platforms, that you need to scan for?" It asks.
"No your clear. Once we disembark the landing clearance codes will be sent to your ship. Again we thank you for your cooperation." The Watcher turn to disembark as does the rest of the team.
The bot gives no reply, and returns to the hanger.
The boarding party departs and the arm removes itself from the ship and the clearance codes are relayed to the ship

{Have a good visit planet side.}
I'll start posting when Cayl, and the rest returns to a ship, with more Poltergerists. He would have infiltrated, but he would be perfectly ordinary. Except Cayl never saw him before, and doesn't recognize him.
A transport flies out of the Vaxarus ship, heading for the star-port of the most important city. When inquired about clearance, the codes were sent and they landed planetside. The Diplomat bot, now at full height, is accompanied by four Blade Troopers and two Saral vehicles.
Two guards meet them at the docking port.
"State your business please."
A Blade Trooper, it's voice low, monotonous and growly, says
"We are here to meet the organic-platform leading the consensus known simply as the Collective. If said organic-platform is unavailable to be spoken to, another organic-platform of similar level would be sufficient."
Fantasy, two different Cayl's. The one I'm using is spelled Kayle. I realized a bit late that they were identical names.
The shuttle finishes warping over Tarsonis and flies over the station to fuel up and rest before approaching planet side. "This is Viola...One of the Watchers and I am here to fuel the shuttle up and rest up before I see the Director. Are we authorized to land?"
I had reached Chau Sara in a little over 4 hours and was still looking for Leah. Finally spotting her a computer, I walk over, my hand on Ragnor in case the Collective tried something. "Leah, my Uncle sent me to help out your dad."


Cayl could tell something was wrong almost as soon as the poison hit him and his nanites couldn't pinpoint the source. B!tch had tricked him. Soon a report came in that the entire Red Hawk regiment was sick, something had been slipped in their water. He cursed. That was a whole regiment out for a month, and that meant the regiment they were supposed to replace would be there for another 3. The Collective would pay.

Sorry, I was just a little bit confused.
I know, I know. I realized too late to change it though.
{Access is granted Ms. Viola.}


"The Director is available now for a meeting. I will lead you two his office." The guard turns and lead the blade troopers towards the offices.
The Blade Troopers and Sarals stay where they are. The Diplomat bot shrinks down in size and follows the guard.
You can move it to the actual RP now Jester. The Director is already waiting for the Diplomat to enter his office.

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