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I'm gonna say it's a great read. Been keeping up with it since I got here. You're doing well. All my questions how ever are about plot reveals, so I'm gonna wait til you write the chapters.
I walk into the bar.

Suddenly, I put my hands together and a energy ball starts to form.
"ENERGY LEVEL.....OVER NINE-THOUSAND!" I say, as I convert the massive amount of energy into a banana. "Gotta love Einstein, eh?" I say, peeling the banana and eating it.
10/08/2012 05:22 PMPosted by Zarkun
I'm gonna say it's a great read. Been keeping up with it since I got here. You're doing well. All my questions how ever are about plot reveals, so I'm gonna wait til you write the chapters.

No questions about the characters? Or the setting? Or anything about the plot? Seriously?
I am starting Sinister Outpost tomorrow, so this is the last call to join! You are more then welcome!
Ok, maybe where you got the idea for the setting.
Dacder, I just remembered you are a general forum poster! I saw you frequently before I became a RPer and just remembered you

knowing me we probably engaged in this full fletched debate and I forgot. XD
I mostly just watch General. I've popped by the Story Forums, though, to debate feasibility of units.
We should make an RP abot DEATH KITTEHS!!!! It would be called Kittens of Khaos and it would be about super death kittens that shoot lasers and invade the korprulu
"Hell no."
KnaaarledOooooooone!!!!!!!!! Your threeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaad!

This has been a paid scream by the Minor Characters Association, Ltd.
*Walks in for a quick drink*
Hey guys.
*Orders a drink*
And welcome back once again Fantasy. You pop in and out, but its always a pleasure.
*Gets drink and swigs it down*
Well, I'll be seeing you around guys.
*Walks out of JRB*

EDIT - As I no longer am officially a member of the Bar, I choose to keep rights of talking about the bar to myself. And as for the linked thread, It was not about the Bar, but instead became off topic. It seems like some of you.... follow me.......

I've got ...plans..for the forums...Good plans...
NO, not serious changes, NO nothing like what you though when you read that.
You have relinquished your Bar citizenship. Therefore, you forfeit any designs on the Bar.
You touch nothing. You alter nothing. You are nothing.
That is all.
Well then, I recommend that you take a look at immigration policy, and tourist rights.
That is all.

~ Statement ~
I plan only to finish up what I've left unfinished here, and to come for occasional chats.

EDIT - Although I may not have been such an influence here, I have acquired respect, and some amount of authority over at the general, in a relativity small amount of time. I'm more gifted in analysis, logic, reasoning, and such than I am with your....Role Plays. Sure they are great and all, I just never really had the taste for it.
Also, I know what you want, and that is for me to shine a better light in the Bar.
I'll accept your request. Know that I rarely speak about the Bar, and when I do, it's in a neutral tone.

OH, and hello NickDaMan
Can a TOURIST make any changes to the setup?
The answer, before you go trying to dodge on me, is a resounding NO.
Therefore, you alter nothing. Attempting to convince us otherwise will only succeed in annoying us.

Oh yeah, and nobody likes double-posting if it can be avoided.
10/09/2012 08:25 AMPosted by Draconus
if it can be avoided

Well a I'm not a tourist per-say, I'm a former citizen, with unfinished work, which I still have the right to finish, other that that I simply chat...

I could see where you were going though my friend.
I meant if you're on super-rant and go over the 10,000 character limit, not just because of a change in subject. Edit in another section, divided by hitting the Enter key twice. It's an old tactic from the RPs that lets me address several people simultaneously.

Response to A

Response to B

F you to C

QQ to D

Ok then...
Anyone else see Duke's Sobstory in his latest thread?

10/09/2012 07:48 AMPosted by Duke
*Walks out of JRB*

Then quickly returns to debate with Drac
Hardly a sob story I should think, cinematized for effect.

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