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Well, I suppose I should say can your family afford it.
No, and it's a very long story once I add in the fact that a certain person quit their job because they worked second shift and they got to never see us, and they had to work with stupid people.

Well damn. That sucks. Keep us posted when you can and pick a warrior for Shade to gain the abilities and skills of. Ninja, knight, that type of deal. It's for PKA.
When I can? That could take up a month for all I know.
I'll RP it in and you just tell me now.
"I feel bad for you. I have a family that is semi wealthy so we can afford stuff like that. Now that I think about it, I alone could afford that too."
I'm just as capable to post it, just how am I going to put it in if I don't have am I going to get a hold of anyone so they can post it for me?

That is my problem, and I should just be glad that I can do this project right now.

And I'm sorry if I'm sounding a bit...meh. But as you can tell...I'm not in the best of moods.
Post it real fast while you're here. Take advantage of it. You got this thing called the Warrior discs in PKA, but they're only good for one warriors training and techniques.
Can I get a description on what they point in picking a something so random without knowing what it is.
Exactly what I've been saying, you pick a warrior and you get their training and abilities.
Well...what are their abilities and in what do I get for picking that choice.
Say you pick the knight templar. Anything They could do, you'd get to do.
Like any knight?

And I was talking mostly about the abilities.

Training I can understand a bit more...but what kind of abilities?
That's up to you. That's just how Drac described it.
This is all confusing...It also helps if I know what kind of Knights unless I can just pick one from history.

And this project...I can't find anything!

Benjamin Franklin's 13 Virtues, and I'm doing it on Industry.
And the person that I'm doing Industry for is named, Catherine the Great.
Not just knights, that was just the example I gave you. Any warrior in history. The knight, ninja, spartan, any of those.
Well...why didn't you just say that? Because you made it sound it had to either be a knight or a ninja...

And can you help me choose a warrior that I might like?
Sorry, I suppose for Shade, the Apache is a good choice, but then so is the Spartan. So I've narrowed it down to two for you.
Apache, Native American Warrior that were lethal and feared. They were good at a range, but just as lethal up close...

Spartan, bad !@# warrior that were not to be crossed. They have a high pain tolerance and are very nasty...

Well, when you put it that way, go Spartan.

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