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10/09/2012 05:04 AMPosted by MechaGhidrah
We should make an RP abot DEATH KITTEHS!!!! It would be called Kittens of Khaos and it would be about super death kittens that shoot lasers and invade the korprulu

WIN! Lets do it :P
Im serious too! Shall you post it or shall I? Screw it, you post it.

Zanon, we got a newbie in Sinister Outpost, Discussion. Give him your welcome... thing.
Hey CR, mind paying a visit to SOD? I need a character sheet for Graal and Linnzie. In SO, they are currently sleeping aboard the Torvus' Ship... the name of his ship escapes me...
His ship is Bladerunner and you already have Graal's...and I'm going to be making another character which is in my prison RP and he wound up on the planet...after the incident.
How come nobody understands that NOBODY else is on this planet except for those who live on the outpost and those who are crewmembers of the apparition. So you better have a D@∑N good reason for him to be there...

I still need Linnzies.

Also, you should make some "survivors."
Look...I could make a list of characters I have and it wouldn't be a pretty I'm going to use one of my previous characters who, crashed on the planets a couple years ago and so is that? And this person I'm bringing in is a Biological Engineer. :3
No, this planet is completely undiscovored and no terran soul was on it before The Apparition came.

You can make it so he escaped the prison or whatever, then began working on the apparition when the whole thing blew over, he was already on the settlement.
He was the doctor for the prison...and just because you crash onto a planet doesn't make it discovered. Think of it if a group of you got stranded on a deserted island. It just means that no one had charted it.
Crymson... How else do I put this... NO! I dont want him to be there before the colony is established. oh, he was the doctor, okay cool. You can make him a cheif medical officer aboard the Apparition?
I guess...just don't be surprised if he loses a arm and it disintegrate and regrows.
...He did some freaky sh!t to himself in AiH.
Okay, that is exactly what I dont want. Why cant you just make a few survivors and RP in harmony with Graal and Linnzie?
I think I have been serious enough to merit this:
@Mark, regeneration isn't that hard to beat, just don't leave anything left of him.
It's not that I'm worried about not being able to kill him, we have enough bad@sses to do that!

Its the fact that the whole idea is... not what I'm looking for in SO.
He's not a badass...he risked his humanity for...what he did.
No, Torvus, Sean and Markus are bad@sses. Any one of them could probably kill this doctor of yours, that's not what I'm worried about.

What do you mean he risked his humanity and what did he do?

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